Spectral Wound
Terra Nullius

1. Under a Purple Moon

Endless northern days
Where the night is but a blade
Dragging the dusk
Between the days of summer
Darling, do you wear the mark?
Do you walk beneath a purple moon?
Those who bring the battles to the liminal
Walk between the smiles of the night
Is this real? Is this corporeal?
To be spacious singing flesh
A body without organs
Against bios, against life
What lies between the logos and the void?
What lies betwixt the phallus and the wandering womb?
Do you wear the mark?
Do you wear the mark?
Do you wear the mark?

2. A Nobler Rot

Drink deep
Deem not my spirit fled
Over mountains, through the years
For we have lain beneath a living veil
That whispers of the world
Buried, but not forgotten
Buried in tombs of blackened oak
Return to this forgotten grove
By time and light transformed
Smultronstället, wet with thinning blood
To taste the fruit long forlorned
Left to lie, but not to die
Left to lie on skeletal remains
Beneath the veil, we have waited
Beneath this living veil we have lain
Those who decry dark masses
Fear to summon what will not be tamed
Fear to summon what can't be contained

3. Winter Light

Sickened weakened
Wrapped in the stillness of ontic fear
This is the silence
Not of speech
But the silence of meaning
The silence of the grave
A frozen river
A frozen cross
The tumult of escape
Clutching to evade the empty space

4. The Hammer and the Flute

Come maenads, come bassarids
By grape and grain enthralled
Pour like blood, the blood you spilled
Flow like blood, stain the forest
Run wild o'r the hills
Bless this carnage
Bless this wrath
Clad in fox and faun
By serpents crowned
With twisted wands
And tearing claws
Drape the trees with the remains
Of the unfortunate ones
But you know, it was no young god
With laureled brow and staff
That brought this fire to your countenance,
Put this fury in your breast
This is the dance
Let your tresses flow, and the moon caress your throat
No seduction
No come hither stare
Tonight you feast on satyr's flesh
Come maenads
Come bassarids
Bless this carnage
Bless this wrath

5. A Cool Dark Place

Awaken beneath burning gaze
Of the of the cursed star diurnal
Nocturne rituals
Flowing oaths
We sought oblivion and won
Poisoned, weakened, broken, fully bowed
Writhing in freakish misery
Cowering behind the glass, darkly
Monstrous vermin dream of corpus vacui
Consumed by sickening dread
Waiting for the darkness
Weaving toward the night
To cloak with violet loaming
The loathing that pervades all
Poisoned, weakened
Wreathed now with vesalgic wretchedness
A cool, dark place

6. White Heaven in Hell

As you wander in your dreams
Through these forests, through these fields
Feel the earth salute you,
Hear the stream speak your name
Child dry your eyes
For the ghost and the storm outside
Shall not invade this sacred shrine
Nor infiltrate your mind
Empty, but for the wolves
Empty but for the wild
Restless vestiges of the past composed
But whose blood nourished these the furrows?
But whose bones lie beneath the pines?
Terra nullius renwed
In the violence of seizure
Terra nullius regained
Terra nullius - regained
The founding fiction of empty space
Witness without conscience
Witness without consequence
Terra nullius renewed
In violent erasure
Terra nullius regained
The founding fantasy of the settler state
To repair to a state
Of perpetual, inaugural grace
But they are not absent
Not erased
Not idle
Not erased

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