Heavy As A Really Heavy Thing (1995)

1. S.Y.L.
2. In The Rainy Season
3. Goat
4. Cod Metal King
5. Happy Camper
6. Critic
7. The Filler-Sweet City Jesus
8. Skin Me
9. Drizzlehell
10. Satan's Ice Cream Truck
11. Exciter

1. S.Y.L.

i am the coming of a new age
past your shit by far
i was a puzzle in your sick life,
but will never be a piece anymore.
because i worked through your fucking bullshit
and i worked through your fucking lies
now i'm working on the edge

with a thousand times the stress,
so i can damn you down to size.

i worked in your fucking warehouse

i worked in your fucking dream
i worked on the edge of the product community

and found that nothing's what it seemed
i fucking hate you....

devy worked in the corner of the piss yard
bored and plagued by pain,
devy got a taste of the corporate community,
and never went back again.

i worked for you fucking bastards
i worked for your fucking lies
i went and pissed away too may fucking opportunities
to try and make you fuckers feel right
and i fucking hate you...

i am the coming of a new age
stained we still stand tall
i am the coming of a new age
and i will never fall
i bear the questions of a new time
seen but never heard
i've seen the comings of a new time, get ready...
coz here it comes.

pushing your incompetance,
and racial views aside
and never now,
until death again, is there anywhere to... hide

it starts here my friends,
my brothers and sisters,
the courage to show what is brave, and not to be weakened
to stand it through, by any length

to look into the eyes,
and have the strength of men who say "fuck you"
i won't do what you tell me...
i don't care who you are...
i'll never stop believing...
and i'll never be the one who takes the heat in the name

of the remorse that isn't pushed into a hole
waiting now, and packing down
into the open spaces we must go and not be frightened
as children we came,
as children we go,
so never look behind you, never look behind... "fuck you"
it isn't a decision.
it's a sign of greater things.
and a loss will never matter...

2. In The Rainy Season

he's trying,
to tempt me, take me, down me, rape me, fuck her...
fuck yourself, you'll never take me live,

goddamn this sun,

go, he's not the one

take this away... july, july, july
bring me rain.

keep calm,
these are only just illusions
and whatever has been said
it has now gone completely wrong
but keep your head, don't freak...
keep your eyes upon the road,
and just don't think about that room... oh holy fuck
oh holy fuck, oh holy fuck

goddamn this heat
christ, goddamn this shit

take this away... july, july, july
bring me rain

he said "i know that you know that i am the one"
"you know that i've found a way..."
don't die on me, don't leave me alone!!!
give me this chance and i'll make it the last,
i will never succumb
i will never succumb.

3. Goat

work expectations bind the holy to the wrong
reflecting what they'll never be
sing out, pay out another day has come and gone
get used to the feeling of rotting

just watch it, goat boy
you watch it, you're a goat

down in the rust steel yard a goat boy loses limb
no need to feed old nan and kids
old buck he pumps it up, to keep his life from getting low
then back to compo when he's home

just watch the goat boy
just watch it, you're a goat
let me hear the goat boy talk!
don't judge me, goat boy

you watch it, you're a goat.

4. Cod Metal King

bleeding hearts will never stop
what bleeding lips will start, i'll make your mother
take your friends, and take your hands,

and ride the feeding cart...

your little dreams are nothing now
your dreams are nothing to me, i'll make another
piece from all the crap around and keep the best for me.

i seem never to get the message through
that shit should mean something to you,
i tell you brother, it's easy to hold the imaging

of the cod metal king

falling, we're falling... back at beginnings
don't mean a thing when you come to the cod metal king

you can't deny the power of the millions who are weak,
they never bother to take a look,
at what it takes, to get us through the sheep

3 am
i drive alone
i drive where no one will follow me
i keep it low
inside my coat,
i keep it there for me
and i can't believe

we've passed the point,
i can't believe we're through, i take another,
look around
and track it down
and disease was right in you

5. Happy Camper

you pretentious fucking losers
you've got nothing at all
you've got your fingers in your asshole
and your hand on the call
and you talk such fucking horseshit
that it's hard to believe
that you almost make careers out of being naive

you, you are a fucker coz you sold my guitar
you, you are a fucker, seeking fortune in bars
you, you are a fucker, coz you say such stupid shit
i've got a better line in pocket lint

than what you've done with it

so if you are an asshole who pretends to be a friend
then get your ass in music, you'll be set to the end, ending,
and now you've got the nerve to ask me about my temper?
why yes, i have become a fucking happy camper!

i hate your fucking faces and your trendy cut hair,
i hate the fact you think your job will go anywhere
because it's use is just the same as what i shit into the bowl
just like the mess between your ears is like the mess in my hole

i hate your loser friends who only come out when it's right
i hate that when it's down you run instead of fight
i'm set to think you lot in life to test the stronger ones
will just require some chicken shit and also sneakers for the run.

i dig it away, the shit you puked instead of swallowed,
in an attempt to try and find the dick instead of the load,
so when you move and stand aside my mood will hamper,
and yes, i will become a fucking happy camper!

stuck in endless winter with your press to keep you sane
wait for useless numbers to grow useful once again

where the heat will come again, your flaw grows sick,
your flaw will send, the shit you call your business

to the place that is your end

stuck in the winter, cold and wet,
your stupid friends have come and went
and you've left behind your idiot job,
and it's far from a prize, you fucking dink

...your'e a fucking dink...yeah!'s this for punk? dink!!!

...suck my cock , you pathetic excuse for a human being...
you're a neurotic, homophobic, racist dork... you've also got a lot
of balls to dick with someone else's life, you fucking pseudo ghetto
"boy in the hood" middle class white spoiled rotten bored "gangsta"
wanna-be hunk of regenerated red neck bullshit! thank christ you don't
have to rely on that staggering intellect or dynamic personality to
intimidate others, shit for brains. shut the fuck up, and get out of
your parent's house and get a real job, you putz, and for god's sake,
quit being such a fucking sheep!!! now grow the hell up!!!...dink.

i let it get me down because you're in it for the glory
and i'd rather leave with reason than go dying for a story
and this whole l.a. rock thing

that the malls are buying up
it doesn't work, it doesn't work,
it's so inbred i might throw up...

and now i'm put into the middle

with the contracts and the bunk, and i always end up

hearing "hey, man, punk... let's have more punk!"
so here i am to do a favour, save some hassle kiss and tell,
that either way my music's shit and it ain't ever going to sell

so if you've got the gall to take this shit blown up your ass
and youv'e got the cash and balls to pump the same crap out in mass
then hell, i'll stand aside and with your plans i'll never tamper
i'll sit and write you songs and be a fucking happy camper.

yeah, send me out a contract and in clauses you will lurk
the smaller points so i can give it all and save you work
you say an album's not an album without issues left to hamper...
well then, fuck,
...i guess i am a fucking

6. Critic

all is calm, and all is right

you took the call, you took the fight
i'm finished here, i'm on to the next
this time, this time, this time, this time, you call
all you are, is all you are

all is cold, and all is dead
it's time, it's time, i need, i need you


help me end my nights in here
and help me get this water clear
all is calm and all is lost
you call, you call, you call, you call me


critic... you're the critic... you're the critic

in the night i lay awake

i know it's cheating baby,
but i know i have a right
and in the dawn i see the question
a bleeding wrong forcing right

sometimes night i can't stop thinking
and i'm calling it a soul strike

7. The Filler-Sweet City Jesus

i warned you
i want you...
i've come back for you
go, now, far,
i wait in the rain for her, stop? no...

i'm quite calm, calm, come, come, calm down,
i wait your pal, life equals death, love equals death,

so, you are...
tell me, i'm your filler boy
so, you are
call me, i'm your filler

silly girl, spit it out
we are trying slowly...
still we try...
fucking it

pushing you
loving life
packing down
packing love

pushing you...
into you...

loving life...
pushing you

rushing you... bruising you
all these calls and rotting lies,
packing down to the bobby girl,

"i woke up... i woke up to reach daddy-o"
will she come?
pushing now
pushing love
pushing you...

pushing you
pushing you
pushing you.

so... you are...
you can tell me, who's your filler now?
all i am, helped me, i'm the filler.

8. Skin Me

sit here
blue light
washed out

pin me up and boil
welcome to the wrong me...
silent filter

sucks in the resting
posture frozen god.
hungry muted nations me...

it's just a feeling i have
it's like a feeling of death
you can't be in it for the cash
you must be in it for life
and if your houses i need
and if the payment is real
and if your mind is at ease
that is the death of music.

9. Drizzlehell

i watch the way you move,
and i count by the way you press your eyes
and by the little things that put you down,
ride the rails to where you are - help me thank you all,
let me fuck you all, and by the way you bitch and masturbate,
the bold ones carry on and on the way your prayer come up
and have fun - the way to carry on

i'm a dog, i know, i'm a dog

it's the only way, it's the corner stay
push the freight along and grant them all their little

goddamn shitty things
in the light it grows, slower than before,
"ten-four, they've got to burn, the 9.3 will come to carry on..."

gimme some of your good loving,
i need your good loving

dog, i'm a dog, i know i'm a dog,
i'm a dog, i know i'm a dog...

oh, elvis yer just standin' there and completely naked

and i's jest thinkin' to m'self
"goddamn-it boy! you've come a quite a little while for

such a little country doggie..."

and now he's touching himself in private
how may people do you know who can make it through

life without ever buying a goddamn vowel

10. Satan's Ice Cream Truck

c'mon little kiddies
have i got a treat for you.
at first it tastes all yummy,
then you start to turn blue

i'll be back again next week.
bring your friends, we'll have an ice cream treat
mom don't like it, but he don't give a fuck
kids come running for satan's ice cream truck

come on, and ask you mommy
your pennies are in hand
if you need more than your tummy,
you can get inside my van

[repeat chorus]

11. Exciter

[original by Juday Priest]

Racing' cross the heavens
Straight into the dawn
Looking like a comet
Slicing through the morn
Scorching the horizon
Blazing to the land
Now he's here amongst us
The age of fire's at hand

Stand by for Exciter
Salvation is his task
Stand by for Exciter
Salvation bids to ask

Everything he touches
Fries into a crisp,
Let him get close to you
So you're in his trip,
First you'll smoke and smoulder
Blister up and singe
When ignition hits you
the very soul of your being will cringe.

Stand by for Exciter
Salvation is his task
Stand by for Exciter
Here he comes now
Fall to your knees and repent if you please

Who is this man?
Where is he from?
Exciter comes
For everyone.
You'll never see him
But you will taste the fire upon your tongue

He's come to make you snap out
Of the state that you are in
Looks around and make you
See the light again
So much self-indulgence
Results in shattered eyes
Predominant complacency
Leads to beguiling lies.

Stand by for Exciter
Salvation is his task
Stand by for Exciter
Salvation bids to ask

When he leaps amidst us
With combustive dance
All shall bear the branding
Of his thermal lance,
Cauterizing masses
Melting into one
Only when there's order
Will his job be done.

Stand by for Exciter
Salvation is his task
Stand by for Exciter
Here he comes now
Fall to your knees and repent if you please

Who is this man?
Where is he from?
Exciter comes
For everyone
You'll never see him

But you will taste the fire upon your tongue

Racing past the heavens
Straight into the dawn
Looking like a comet
Slicing through the morn
Scorching the horizon
Blazing to the land
Now he's here amongst us
The age of fire's at hand

Stand by for Exciter
Stand by for Exciter

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