Suicide Forest
Suicide Forest

1. Kingdom of Solitude

Isolated without hope, Haunted by dreams
Alone in the morose silence, Unable to speak
Locked away, From this loathsome world
Far from all whom I despise
Cold air infects my lungs, As I gasp my dying breath
All consuming, this atmosphere of endless plight
Engulfing my poisoned mind
All that once was, Never again shall be
As I enter my Kingdom of Solitude

2. Auto-Immolation

As you stand rooted in the Earth before me
I gaze upon your branches
Who once were the instruments of my demise
Suspended, my feet above ground
Nearly lifeless I swing
Only when the all consuming blackness began to set in
Did your sturdy arms fail to hold
Robbed of my freedom, my young mind defeated
With the twine still firmly constricting my throat
I opened my eyes, With the cold, solid Earth at my back
I look upon your branches
With bloodshot, innocent eyes

3. Longing for Nothingness

No Cold Steele, no course fibers
No Intoxicating liquids will heal me
Here I stand beneath cloud covered skies
Lamenting all that is.
Though I long to drink my last drop, Though I welcome my end
I remain upon this wretched world
Until this existence destroys me.
All that I am, All that I've had
Is tainted and robbed of its essence
All that remains is my persistence to be
The architect of my own demise.

4. Baptized in Pools of Despondency


5. Sea of Trees

Alone, far from all
I revel in solitude
Beneath grey skies
Amongst the trees I shall be
Away from this world, I exist
Far beyond the reach of man
So that I may rest and have piece
Cast away on this island
Upon the Sea of Trees
A figure cloaked in mist
Alone in the silent darkness
Barely a human remains
Merely the shell of what once was
As emptiness is all that remains
Cast away on this island
Upon the sea of trees

6. Cold Dark Comfort

This barless cell of solitude
So cold, so bleak
Yet it’s blackness
Brings me the comfort
That life could not
Frozen stone
Gelid my pale flesh
My icy breath
Fades into blackness
I dare not attempt
To escape this unfeeling tomb
For the morose stone walls
Shield me from the loathsome world

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