1. Pyromania

A growing passion, a burning desire
I'd like to set the whole world afire
A strong impulse to start another blaze
I like to feel the heat on my face

I feel the urge to burn everything down
Each time the impulse comes around
Excitement grows each time a new flame rise
Or when the ember glows before my eyes

There's nothing wrong inside my head
Everything's fine I am seeing red
There's nothing wrong inside my mind
Just want to burn everything I can find

A control disorder I really like
The tension grows before I strike
I seek no gain or self-expression
I only seek my own satisfaction

2. Terror

Tactics of violence, civilian targets
Creating fear and discord, general chaos
Dissident acts and brute force, pain and horror
Demoralization, fright and terror

Civilized barbarian invasions arise
Industrialized and third worlds collides


Achieving hateful goals to transfer controls
Primal war, self-sacrifice, time to pay the price
Primitive warfare well organized
Immoral, illegal? well... just kill them all!

3. Hypocritely Correct

Black is black, white is white
Simple facts and the words are right
Some are blind, some handicapped
There's criminals and parasites
Winners win and losers lose
No questioning which terms to use
No one's equal, no one's the same
Conformity now rules the game

Pathetic leftist dreams
Manipulating what words really mean

There is good and there is evil
There's the rich and there's the poor
There's the strong and there's the feeble
The wealthy and the disabled
Weak is weak, strong is strong
How could these words ever be wrong?
There is the abusers and the abused
While liars lie and rulers rule

Pathetic leftist dreams
Manipulating what words really mean

Political correctness
Paranoid social madness
This might offend your delicate ears
Or make you cry out a little tear
If we're supposed to have the right to choose
Why is there words we should not use
With integration all over the place
Integrity is turned into shame

Pathetic leftist dreams
Manipulating what words really mean

4. F.O.A.D.

Die all you bastards
Pathetic miserable rats
Shame on you cowards
Your time is running fast
Suffer all you traitors
Torture is never enough
Burn in an endless fire
We'll throw your ashes in the dust


We hate all you liars
May you regret all of your words
Endure a painful death
Your screams will not be heard
We reject all you losers
Revel in mediocrity
Hide inside your sewers
Recluse in fear eternally


Anger comes and anger goes
But hatred stays and grows
To all of you that we despise
You can all fuck off and die!


5. Stand

Can you preserve some integrity,
are you ready to try?
Can you maintain some stability
and make something of your life?
Can you protect yourself and your home,
are you ready to fight?
Can you survive on your own
and stand the test of time?

Or will you go on sitting still
and keep taking the pills?
Won't you get up to finally rise
and for once feel a little pride?
Will you forever shut yourself down
or will you shout it and cry it out loud?
Will you keep on serving quietly
or were you created to obey?

Will you stand and defend your cause
and face the enemy alone?
Will you stand against adversities
to turn your dreams into realities?
Can you stand for your opinions
and make them hear your voice?
Can you talk about the truths you trust
and speak aloud your mind and thoughts?

Or will you keep on moaning silently,
argue against the same thing endlessly?
Will you keep your loser's morality
and blame it all on your destiny?
There won't always be a guiding hand
It's time for you to make a stand
Here is a line to explain it all:
You better stand or you will fall

Can you stand?

6. The Eagle in the Wheel

Nothing will ever come easy
Determination is always a key
Accomplishment is a lifetime work
Struggle defines freedom's worth

Nothing is yours without a price
Each gain comes from a sacrifice
Life is not always as it was meant
Each burden reinforce your strength

The symbol of the eagle in the wheel
The eagle in the wheel

7. Discount Planet Earth

Profits and gains, macroeconomics
But who will really share the benefits?
Multicultural multinationals
Globalization might ruin us all

The trade expands to the whole of the planet
Turning the world into a market
They justify and hide the hypocrisy
With the promotion of democracy

High-income risk-less credit vultures
Cashing in on struggling and dying cultures
Insured in case their system fails
Mass consumption increasing sales

8. The Cult of Victory

Fight until the last one falls
In the noisy clash of the blood-stained steel
Adding up victories to enjoy the final strike
No retreat... the cult of victory

Win or loose with dignity
Inside the chaos there must be strategy
Strike with accuracy, show no mercy
Annihilate... the cult of victory

Merciless killing machine
Lock your jaws and your claws
The battle plan has no flaws
There is no pity... the cult of victory

9. Witch-Hunt

Always looking for new suspects:
Modern heretics of the intellect
Making crimes out of natural laws
To lock you down and impose their morals
Fighting evil hysteria
Anyone with a different idea
Searching for new enemies
To ban all forms of alternative

You might give no confession
But they will keep the accusation
And whatever you'll say or try
They'll ridicule you in the public eye
You'll end up burning at the stake
Whatever the agitation you make
And perish like all the others
Who stood for their pride and honor


10. Quatre lys noirs

Il n'est plus possible d'entrevoir
Dans l'ombre de l'aigle américain
Emprisonné dans une tour d'ivoire
L'avenir prospère qu'était le miens

Culture occidentale désabusée
Consommateurs enchaînés a leurs télés

Nation fragile au coeur perdant
Avide d'éphémères aveuglements
Peuple ouvrier, peuple marchandise
Honneur oublié et sans franchise

Je me souviens d'un rêve souverain
Auquel nous avons tous osé croire
Mais il n'en demeure plus rien
Seul un étendard aux quatre lys noirs

11. Outbreak of Evil (Sodom cover)


It's time to die
Death stands behind the door
Satan sends his warriors
Demons break out of Hell

Shrill cries
Angel dies
Shrill cries
Outbreak of evil

With swords and axes
They fight hard
In a massacre
They feel the hot smart

Shrill cries
Angel dies
Shrill cries
Outbreak of evil

No one survives
People will destroy
Souls like hell
Where demons make a toy


Don´t need no blind belief
Don´t need no comic relief
Don´t need to see the scars
Don´t need Jesus Christ Superstar
Don´t need no Sunday Television
Bet your life you don´t need religion

Don´t need no time for prayer
Don´t save no knee-pads for me up there
If your head´s alright, ya don´t need binoculars to see the light
Ya don´t need no miracle vision
Bet ya life you don´t need religion

I don´t need no Santa Claus
Don´t believe in fairies no more
Don´t need to go to confession
I´m already trying to fight depression
Don´t need no exorcism
Bet ya life you don´t need religion

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