Aquis Submersus

1. Atlantis

I drown in bloody hands
as I bury the withers of human kind

Cold but fluid the spiral stygian tears
The birds once wept in waters still blind
Sombre the spectrum glows in the snow
Nothing but dust bleeds on your shoulders

Thine bizzare twilight - still asleep
but crimson scars echoes through silver seas

Unending - Still your God -
uncertainly expands your tears

Dead rain falls unto saphire chair
Standing on horizon like tears in God
Dream in cold embrace - Desire what will be
Clouds in spirits of aeons drown in thy last breath

I drown in bloody hands
as I bury the withers of human kind

The sun crimson explores
me in mourning of her depature gold
The divine kind that drowns
in second art surrounds me
The horizon bleeds, the sun is dead
and still the ATLANTIS cries

2. Scargod

Shameful and obscene thou are standing before me
Obsolete and stygian thine tears are bleeding

Drain the curdled blood of sorrow from a culm
and abandoned tears will be by your side
Why an angels dart splits my heart,
neither nightshade nor sheeps

SCARLET I weep through mirrors enshrined
FADE WITH ME like with the Scargod you did

The burden of azure beholds my profundity
Progression is pathetic
when staring in silver tears

A wish absorbs his embracing,
like a stone in the water bleeds
Recapture of confession will be your throne
Beheaded revealing - still my frozen aeons cascade

With teary eyes, I see the hand before me
Before me, that holds my astral tears

3. The Spirits Wept

On the other side I opened the hand before me
I walked across tears on which angels are nailed
I cut down the weeping face
but the spirits tried to weep again - in my breast

...and through oceans and sheeps
I stare like a philosopher
Constant I crawl across the mud of the aeons ice
and above the nightfall
there lies a symbolic hand
like dewdrops on a withered leave - spirits weeps

The sun leads your cold and dying hand to a dart
and like with other tears you pull it in my heart

Now, come closer to me, so I can put myself away
What do you expect from me,
while standing on my position?
Last words - a play on tears - depature of cosmic God

I dream your dreams - I breathe the different kind
I stay on a small chair, but for you its a serpent world

Costal angels on depature not drowned
I am afraid of the outside paradise,
when watching into waters
but with an astral knife I split my heart
My flaming tears will be flattered - by wept spirit tears

4. Aquis Submersus (Prologue)


5. Aquis Submersus

In frozen cascades of molten aeons
through served clouds I danced once
at one with the tears now I stay
and the silk of serpent blindness betrays
In welkin slumber that gallowed me
I wept the crimson unhallowed sea

But rivers still flow within bloody tears
once I wept for many years
Thine mouth, I lay my cold hand upon thee
Your crimson ocean still bleeds into me

Serenade sculptures in veins opened wide
like heaven cried in spring desires
The dustdew of flowers felt down
like tears cascaded on my burial crown
Caressed by marbled gales but none
to depart the croon what had begun

Across crimson waters I danced
once while the welkindew passed romance
In spiral tears caged scarlet fears
within bloodstained pain only memories sears


6. Farewell... In Welking Dust

In dawn of the moonweb sleep
I spread my embracing weeps
from aura dismal hunting veil
those serpent autumn thorns stand still

I am off the edge of frozen sun
and the scarlet whispers gone

Dying in slumber, when the candle silent failes
The prelude of dust is the carrion moon across the sea
Once spiral waters, but the river never flows

my Love in welkin dust

Symbols and relics the drowning water in different seas
Lying and waiting in dust of no ones desire, when tears cascade
I'll feel like you - sear my scars in drowning eyes


[PROLOGUE:] In dawn of the...

Warpath across heavens shoulder -
Where dead poets die
Unseen and forsaken, the spirits of molten aeons
The marionettes - once fragments of silent fallen stars

my Love in welkin dust

7. Carrion

Cut down your tongue in my cosmic fortress
when silence is passing on
Carrion angel - sing a croon
of your weeping
So thou reach me - the wounds will never heal again
Is this my desire?

The scars will gather across my breast
How can I bury the pain?

another scar on my astral bleeding body cries

Close your serpent eyes and embrace
I am standing above, but weeping below,
while watching your pride

Silence the carrion tears
another scar on my astral bleeding body cries


8. Transcend The Second Twilight

Blessed deviation of departed scars
Edging relic the blast of one tears immaculateness
Converting twilight
that obscure those carrion caresses!
and. gentle pure the blood on my tongue dissolves

where tears stand still

The candles obscure
the tears inside their soft sleep
and the naked night cries cold beside
Equilibration, golden stream of moonweb so pale
Stygian welkin monument that frozen trinity tears

where my tears stand still
Where my tears only invisible flows

and gentle pure the blood on my tongue dissolves

where tears stand still
Where my tears only invisible flows
invisible hurts!!!

9. Transcend


10. Shadow

Follow the brainsick widow in her last show
She s the dark side, the bitch of my soul
The hidden side, a force of destruction in my head
She will rest only when I am dead

Survive is my taste, she hopes I will fail
Too many excuses for her inner cruelty
She knows my dirty thoughts and vile secrets
Criticises my every flow with all signs of perversity

SHADOW let my sins fade away
MOON my only bride
forgive my coming acts, don t force me to survive

She likes to place me in the most deadly situation she can
and forces my will to indulge in many terrible acts
Her ultimate goal is to shatter my will with terror
loving my disbelief, when I see what I have become

Survive is my taste, she hopes I will fail
Too many excuses for her inner cruelty
My final breath dies in the water
where I slowly drown to kill the damned whore

11. De Profundi


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