Dimorphic Cynosure


believe it, i am broken! with the fall of serenity lies
i cut out my eyes, but i see all moments clear
imagine, it would be you, instead of me, pendulating
hate and mourn, i think it would be you who would
kill me!
hell - what more do i have to take?
the pain goes on and on
through sorrow i embrace the loss of every-
thing we had!
listen to me! i know, all words have been
how should i ever enjoy the sun, (when
despair) entwine my heart failure! this all
shall remain!
i wonder if my soul will ever catch the
glare of a morning!
now, its time to leave heaven, to respire
sulphur and hate. the pain of former time
is coming, i shall inhale madness.

Crawl Through Subspecies

once i have been blinded by memories
isolation passed through bleeding leaves
near that dark place, i saw my tears drop down into
silent mourn demons awoke me from ashes and angels
stood by their side
i need to spit on their face
i need to break up their bones
as demons force me to see angels bleed
i feel the scars burning inside of me
the old stories, i cant bury. the scorn i had to take,
is to strong i see the angels fall two steps forward,
could be the end finally the ghosts descent as we speak
of pain is killing pain we are part of ten prophecies
a wish for a deeper kind of bleeding
what if, its like the scars are wiped away
the severance of all between
something will collide with eternity
demons awoke me from ashes
and angels stood by their side

Sinew Disconnected

demons! i am here to dwell! i am no longer
afraid of the shit i have to take! come on,
tear and sever my flesh, this shall be the
last burden i stand
i pull the trigger of my gun, yeah! another
spell on me has been unleashed a land un-
born - treacherous whore - a world of lies
has been created
tell me! what do you really think after it
all? kill decisions i hate tell me! do you
finally enjoy what i have got? much to bleed
it undone.
i see the world turn black
with blind eyes people would not deceive
i live in hell - descent
i am forced to drown my inner weeps
killing the human art
i am sick of people who do not bleed
say! i am pain but never even more
princess - i am off the border
revelation - through mourn and pain
jealous - my body is torn
infinite - this is not the way i am!
life is disconnected
sinew disconnected

Character Of Scars

i thought you thought of a better life
i wished i could see through you and all the lies behind
as you said i should be better away
i lost all dream seeds i had
as some words turn grey
in pain we see our lives how it should be
my scars are torn open and candles fade
before the sun descend to a burning grave
when pain collide with bitter death
and our souls disappear
sometimes! to late to delete it as undone
should i transcend to follow?
as some words turn black
in death we see our lives how it could have been!
fragments of silver leaves turn to dust, shall i perish?
as the moon kisses the sea i shall bleed

Cross The Rubicon

i close my eyes now, i just feel hate
to feel the dust of apathy
we had more than 2 years to bleed
now i entwine insanity
heartless - i follow - repentance is not a word we know
we had to inhale despair and finally we found distance
i really wished to make it all undone
heartless - i follow. repentance is not the word we know
i asked for destiny
all wounds i may deserve
my body feels like nailed to the ground
within blind hate i did not know the glare of the sun
nothing seemed to be strong enough, to share our wish
together as one. i lay down and cross the rubicon
i never wanted you to hate me
my feelings i shall desecrate
cant forget how i drowned in solitude
honour and pride!?!? what the hell! did you care!?

Dimorphic (Prologue)


Dimorphic Cynosure

the moon arose, i see all demons waiting
ash is falling like snow, i bleed for fragments
Repent the nightshade of all your beauty. the sin is not
to bleed to vanish in aeon, still forsaken, i don‘t want to
forget you
i follow hate to get over!
feel the misery i may deserve
i follow pain to get over!
this shall break me
the sea enshrine the night, this shall remain
leaves are falling like rain as tears embrace an aura of light
resort to shadow within portals, your mourn will be done
restrain the wounds if you don‘t know where they come from
malice enter the earth, removed to bleed
how could i ever feel inshore, when pain insist
embrace all subsided morals
and you will see your abandoned heaven!

Sentenced To Aeons

... and of those ghosts calling
through levels transcending
even I hold revelation
adorable pretending slut
don`t waste your time to speak with pain
where the hands descend
to all of the dead – little whores, i whisper
dead eyes revokate and infiltrate
better dead for funerals to come
elimination, self-centered for all the silence
has passed through years and never before i
have been so cold! as told so cold!
... and with hate i bleed
near is my deletion
what i feel is not from here
the disillusion starts
when the candles stop bleeding
and i see myself dying
catharsis complete, for more than thousand


Souls To Drown

i wait for all the heresy, i can take to desolate
in hate i collapse, the tears of a glorious fall i repudiate
i feel fire to devastate, delete the painful loss
redemption of the purest day to swallow the dust
god! what else? something more? i wait!
not enough? can`t you see, there is no more blood to bleed
in pain i shall desecrate, unconscious or intentional set-back
dominate to inhale sadness our ruin must be glorious!
bleed for me as i bleed for you!
mournful overdose within strange intent, misanthropical level
all entwined muted angels, restless creep. better to close the eyes
for a better

Cadaverous Haven

reborn, if i bleed in solitude i embrace all weeps
sometimes the night is dead
demons crawl around my bed
follow the whores and their macabre needs
centuries of that lies we breed
one is ready to bleed for all
all are ready to see his fall
down - what else should we do with our emptiness
where else should we go - before we fall - down
i divide my head from (the) rest
i sever from others, until they are blessed
revelation, but i never was born
re-create the massive of mourn
hear me! i am livid - hear me! my soul awake!
let the angels beg for distance, and demons entwine.
alone in darkness i crawl through pain
a serpent kiss, a blood-red world, what kind of life
shall i take? my train of thought was blessed with hate
dead whores will always bleed in me
invisible stain will always be
i cut my life from a thin line
embrace me!


i wonder why your mouth is forced to say “love you”?
i am entwined by a dead man behaviour
incinerated terms of sadness has been conquered
the loss of fairytales must be definite
may I ask you one more, question concerning sadness?
what is hell and where do i belong to?
the scars must be created.......
i feel the demon – my soul is divided
is this the place where tears collided
the grave is open – the flowers are waiting
now its time to declare my feeling
i fear the new pain
as i stare at withered trees, i reckon something i
shall miss. but at the same time, the torrent of hatred
i entwine.
disunited, soul erosion, abandoned thoughts, a new
man was born
repentance - forgiveness - shall be to late, i will
be livid
all broken, what shall remain? i finally will be dead!
as remembrance i hold hatred, grief and emptiness
my pale corpse will dwell drowned, or something
this world bestow a glance of bitterness

Entwined Dimensions

waiting for the last reason, to inhale the infinity
cant take a glance to the sky, when my heart is
crumbled to dust
i embrace the loss of your sweet kiss
this shall fall when hate and pain collide
all demons awoke me to hate your angels
i felt your words to late - your angel is dead
while all flowers wither, my hate will stand
i could define my world from black to grey
as you see, none of your colours are unto me
have you ever seen the past from an other side?
i should cut out my eyes for giving you my sight of
how to lose, the lust of loving a new day!


insistent call, dominating, i feel the same, as a psycho
inner scars will kill you now
resistant hell, reflecting my sun, bleeding in nightmare
i am here just to kill you now
... for nothing!
hell, this is the world we are calling
this is the pain we proudly deserve hell!
hell! breeder – feeder – bastard
but if i were you i would do the same
elimination – supremacy adore the sun but its lost
i am here just to kill you now
... for nothing!



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