Grotesque Autumnal Weepings

1. Grotesque Autumnal Weepings

In the ornamental breathing kiss
I embrace those frozen whispers of silence
of two lovers at death
With the leaves and the frozen seas
like the tears they fall
Always the same eyes
that sip of the edge;
The lunar grace

2. Supreme Ancient Sanctum

Enigmatic crimson tears of thirst
Sensual depature, reunification of weeps
Monumental caressing breath
that embrace the crimson dust

Floating in a kaleidoscopical sequence frozen still
The liquid weeps, a ornamental fail to breath
Restrained the silence of frozen cosmic sea stand still

At one with thine precious sleep
I dream of the invisible
The scars of sculptures
the purple sand that
bleed the silence of the night

Faceless the effigy of essence-ether to dust
The revealing tears whipped by the dreams
Come sweet tragedy
into my sea of ice

3. Moonlight

Lost in tears beyond tears
Frozen weeps rain in mournful clouds
Clandestine scars; the picture that bleed in me
Delirious equilibrium of abandon seas

Oh caressing grace, come forth into me
enshrine my marbled heart
Snow that bleed the enlighted symbols
Moon! Oh hear my call

Firmamental ruins, enshrined by the shimmering moonlight

Dancing across silent silver waves
over forsaken whispering angels remains
and beneath the sweet caress of dreaming shadows

Mourn sproud up to monumental pain

Flowing cascades of silver scars
shall wipe away all my tears
mesmerized by the darken moonlight

4. Timeless Dissent

Tearstained this spiritual relief
Mental scars of your precious icon
Obscene medieval monuments, the buried seas
Dark bleeding spectrum, so attractive

My moon, the last I saw is no longer clear

A crimson kaleidoscope, shapeless and shaded
to memories of frozen stars
Whispers, like fragments of silence
The serenade for your scars

Subterreanean portals, the burial tearful tales
Weeps the travelling mirrors of thinity angels

Impaled tears, the fading memories
Stoned flowers across innocence of sapphire lakes
Sombre so cold the loom of midnight cries

My moon, the last I saw is no longer clear

Frozen by the breath of the gloomy dark
I spread my heart
like a rose in the pale autumn lurks

My moon, the last I saw is no longer clear

5. Mondbluttrauer

Through my monumental scars
the tears I drink that taste like wine
the frozen stars that cover the silence
where the ash bleeds that I behold

Through the sapphire nebula veil
pain nails me on the heart
Thine sleeping calamity lies on
my marbled breast, covered like with leaves

Mediterranean tears on my scarful face
I bleed through thine astralized
dimension of pain

Thou art drowning marbled charon
I sip thine scarlet weeping tears

6. Frozen Lunar Autumn

Loss of a breath-the wicked candle lit failes
Forgetful the buried autumn tears
Untearable those obscene tales
To whom I cry-the embraced hearts
enchanted tears, bewitched weeps
I kissed those bleeding flames

Frozen lunar autumn
and I fall into a dark autumn spring
and so the tears are burning with me
deforming me again and again

Harmonic whispering gales-a cast on a spell
Unseen dreamed pictures,
the night may them have seen
I danced through thine withering light, oh moon

Oh moon!
My father, my tear, my water, forgive me
I have kissed thine pale death

Ornaments of scars-a bitter stream of failure
Weeping silence, the tearful symphony
Crestfallen waters of lies

Frozen heart is mine-the loss of love
as you and so I drink the pure embittered wine
I weep in Obscurity

7. Velvet Thorns

The eerie God
Fulgent dust the prelude of the drowning sun
Bloodstained sculptures across amorphous reliefs
The angelic blaze; ancient their silent choirs
Torn apart the pure aorta of apathy

Dissolution of gentle seas, the lost brilliance
Hateshaped the billow of thorns
How should I enthrone my pain

I have no more tears that
embrace my pure parfum
seduced my by mournful gale
the blood will never return

I have no more weeps that
caress the stoned heart
at one with a mournful tear

Artesian well the aphorism in it is deep
Aura of aghast bane the disburden of azure
Diurnal sleep the eerie bloodstained God

8. Crimson Crescent

Caressed by the tearstained gale
to dance across the oceans
for dusk and eternal dawn
Embrace me, oh moon,
as with the sculptures thou did

Spread thine pure candle lit upon my memories

Romantic in my tears,
tears that bleed for thou
in silence I can hear the violines
of the dying beauty

Look at the heaven is vault
as you and so I feel like
a flowing and leaving shadow
a dark, sombre spectrum

Spread thine pure candle lit upon my memories

Lost in tragedies
of forsaken dreams
Embrace me, oh moon,
as with the tears thou did

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