Thou Art Lord

1. For The Lust Of Lilith

As sweet darkness falls
and the night licks my skin
I feel her coming
I can hear her winds
dressed in dark desires
the stalker of my dreams
seductress of men
queen of the netherworld

For the lust of lilith
I shall give my blood
for the lust of lilith
I shall deliver my soul
nightmares of pleasure
forbidden ecstasy
a profane call for
nocturnal orgasms
you murderess of eve
draw me into the abyss
mistress of the bleeding womb
take me...

2. Disciples Of Black Sorcery

Devoted to black arts
from primal dawn of time
the unseen masters of the world
immortal lords of magic
hidden in the caves of Ur
sworn to serve the gods of night
linked to our world
through dreams
preparing the human herb
surrounded by the candlelight
studying in sacred silence
knowing the truths from beyond
learnt in the depths of abyss
before the idol of Tiamat
the great vampire godess
holding the trapezohedron
receiving the codes of darkness
disciples of black sorcery
emperors of gaia...

3. Eosforos Rex Infernus

Exiled archangel of revenge
dethroned emperor of the universe
the lord of the deepest abyss
penetrator of the wicked souls
along the streams of acheron
place of perpetual punishment
thou dwell and rule
the spirits of the pagan powers
thou urge a restless aspiration
under your sight
the legion is assembling
as we breed faith and fear
we have drunk of your spirit
as the shadow of impure crown
awaits for the shapeless immortal
dominating the darkest pits
resting in the lair of fire...

4. Towers Of Autumn Moon

Mystic and pallid the autumnus moon
throws its rays upon the horrible tombs
as sanity travels upon the astral winds
leaves cover the ruined graves
the mysterious breed of demise
shaped by the mist of the moon
reborn from the faithless mortals
disgust by the son of the cross
towers of the autumn moon
screaming through the flames of hate
invocation to the elder gods
the twillight of the frozen ages
enlightens above the silent towers

5. A Call To Chaos (Kaos-Keraunos-Kybernetos)

Black spheres of madness
keys to illumination
voids of infinity
energy unleashed
pagan gods once buried
now will come to life
by the psalms of the shamans
(The) all seing monks of chaos
the silver horns appeared again
covered with astral dust
swords are raised in glory
shaping the eight-point star
the self becomes the dragon
watching the world through thee
the will becomes the object
to spawn the serpents egg

6. Through The Eye Of The Hierophant

Burning sand covers the earth
where the storms sweep the desert
fiery eyes pierce the night
watching the world of mortals
convoking the dragonlords
beside the crystal gates
wisdom of places beyond
as spells of blackness are shouted
tribes of the forlorn ones
gathered around the crypts
hearing the hierophant
screaming the laws of darkness
dimensions blend with colors
thoughts echo in the stars
flying through tunnels of time
collecting seeds of evil
blind icons reflected
molesting dreams of purity
spirits summoned from the past
dwell in the great dead towers
the eye of the hierophant
with sinister joy glowing
crowining the serpent king
in a mist of lair of the worm
the sacred key is guarded
our secrets remain locked
weaving the web of malice

7. Warhammer

Sinister hordes marching through
led by heartless goatlords
in the fields of raging flames
across the land of chaos
leading the chariots of fire
invocating the unbroken seal
waiting the ultimate oracle
as the moan of gods echo
thou shall kill
in blackest pleasure
thou shall kill
in greatest lust
thou shall hold
no holy mercy
thou shall rule
by sword and axe
the sign of the warhammer
is carved upon our shields
our blades are forged in bloodshed
streangthened by the serpents wrath

8. The Era Of Satan Rising

Our bodies obscured by the sun
from our birth we are cursed
inverted is the life we live
under the pale gray sky
bellow the shades
of the dark clouds
victory is drown in our eyes
a dawn of a new order we adore
the infernal prince we worship
the balance of life and death
the icy tough of existance
spit out the fruits of madness
expose your hate
escape from weakness
open your eyes and see
the veil has been lifted
the chain has been broken
our reign has just begun...

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