Thou Art Lord
The Regal Pulse Of Lucifer

1. Nine Steps to Hell

Purification through sin
And wasted innocence
A tribute to malice
Completes the two of nine

Amoral debauchery
Dark desires unleashed
Dionysian salvation
Completes the four of nine

Nine steps to Hell

Bloodshed and murder
The killing of the soul
Absence of empathy
Completes the six of nine

A reign of tyranny
Pain and cruelty
The will to power
Completes the eight of nine

Nine steps to Hell
The point of no return
Nine steps to Hell
The rise of the Demon-Self

When you stare into the Abyss
And the Abyss stares back at you
No fear, no guilt, no repent
The nine of nine is complete

2. Πολιτεία δαιμόνων

From the ashes of war
And the fields of battle
We rose to power
We reclaimed the throne
A secret order
From the Empire of Old
A Society of Alphas
Demon-made Gods

Arts, science, magic
At the peak of creation
A state of perfection
A new era of Man
Through dialectic process
And the freedom of thought
We engineer excellence
And purify the Soul

Πολιτεία δαιμόνων
The Golden State

Societas Satanas
Aristocracy's reign

We favor the bold
And we reward the brave
A higher intelligence
The fall of mediocracy
You serve in gratitude
You get what you deserve
no matter how big or small
you are important to us all

We are of the Dragon
The breeder of Mankind
the Father of all Men
Serpent of the Cosmos

3. Das Messer

I always carry on my belt
A silver coated dagger
With handle made of ebony
And ancient as the world

Shaped like a dragon's tail
Tempered in tears and blood
A blade forged in history
And in arcane knowledge

It sealed the pact of Faustus
And used to murder Caesar
Tasted the blood of Philippos
And pierced the heart of Conrad

It carved the sacred Pentagram
And spilled the blood of sacrifice
Held by a profane wizard's hand
A summoner of Daemons

This blade I carry on my belt
Was born in the inferno
(It has a life of its own
A soul plunged into darkness)

I fear not it's cunning edge
Nor its diabolic shadow
The curse imprisoned in the steel
Condemned my life forever

This blade I carry on my belt
Was born in the inferno

4. The Regal Pulse of Lucifer

Deep in the eschaton of Depths
In the palace of damnation
On a blood red marble throne
Sits the Greatest Prince of all

The bearer of Light in the Dark
Beauty and cruelty in one
Archangel of the Primal Sin
Lucifer the Horned one

Ruler of Hell
King of the Abyss
Bearer of Light
Lord of Sin

Souls are swarming at his feet
Tears of pain and desperation
Inhabitants of the Abyss
Like hyenas on death they feed

A flowing stream of malice
Flooding with every heartbeat
A steady wave of malevolence
Tendered by his Regal Pulse

Worlds are born out of his dreams
Lands destroyed under his wrath
He bleed the heart of mankind
With thorns and blades
the truth he binds

In solitude the Prince resides
For the freedom he once chose
He who stands tall
Always stands alone

5. Justicia Profana

How does it feel you righteous dog?
Where is your god Dominican?
Where is his Holy justice now?
You are on your own Inquisitor

Asmodeus, molest him
With the Spear of Thorns
Behemoth, feast on his eyes
And tongue
Samyaza, poison his blood
And eat his heart
Lamashtu, skin him alive
And gnaw his bones

By order of the Court of Hell
And Lucifer's demand
You are condemned to endless pain
To suffering and torment

For every life you took in vain
For every tear your victims shed
I'll shread your little soul apart
And feed your flesh to demons
For every witch your burned
For every child you maimed
For every innocence you stained
In the name of your Saviour

Bleed "virtuous" monk
Justicia Profana
Bleed for your God
Justicia Profana
Bleed for your sins
Justicia Profana
Bleed for their souls
Justicia Profana

6. L'Evangelium de Diable

"They lied to you Templar!
God is in Hell! He commands demons
And phantoms! He controls the damned
Souls who wander in the darkness...
Behold my Evangelium!"

In the beginning, the Abyss
Primordial mother of all things
The abysmal nihilism gave birth
To matter, spirit and soul

They were both created equal
Evil supreme as Satan
Goodness in excellence as God
Sustaining the world in balance

Mankind was born
By the arrogance of God
The balance was disturbed
And Satan had to act

Ianus Nazarenus Rex Infernorum

The Demon Lord was set aflame
And spread his wings
Around the world
To burn, to maim, to suffocate
And to restore the balance

Therefore God sent his own Son
To help the wounded mankind
But he betrayed his own heir
And let him die in suffering

That was the time when Jesus wept
He screamed and howled in anger
His eyes pitched black
His soul dark red
His crown of thorns
A crown of horns

"No spread my gospel Templar
Let mankind know the truth
Deprive them of hope
Sink them in despair and denial"

So said Satan

7. Infernarium

The woundrous visions of Hell
Vast decaying deserts
Where Kings of Cruelty
Oppress the lands of Neverhope

Envenom me
With the joys of Hell
Transgress my being
By the laws of Skotos

Vengeful ghost of the damned
Scourging the marble Halls of Sin
As Babylonian whores
Copulating with the Beast

Souls bleed eternally
Tied on the Altars of Scorn
Infecting the wounds of the dead
With the cyanide of Lethe

Screaming walls of human flesh
Torn apart by iron claws
As disfigured midget nuns
Drink the semen of Armaros

8. Artificial Malevolence

Machine-made demon
Cybernetic engineering
The science of darkness
Mathematical chaos

Advanced kinetic energy
Combined with arcane wisdom
Planting the demon seed
Into a lifeless android

Black hearted cyborgs
Designed and trained for murder
Serving the Abysmal lord
Programmed for extinction

Instilled with hatred
Disciples of the Shadow
Army of Apocalypse
Purification by war

Artificial malevolence
Through science and magic
Artificial malevolence
Technology of horror

9. Fire and Blood

By the first light of the day
As the sun slowly rises
Casting shadows of warfare
At the battlefield of doom
Great swords and shields
Spears maces and maille
Brave hearts under armor
Eyes of fear under helms

As Dragon wings shade the Sun
The Wolf howls in fear
The Lion roars in horror
And the Stag fruns for his life

We are three of the blood
Like the heads of our beast
(We reclaim our throne
By right, fire and blood)

Warhorse clad in steel
Chargin against the pikes
Crashing skulls and breaking bones
Valkyrian blades tearing flesh

"When I am through with you
There won't be anything left"
Screams of the glorious Queen
In a frenzied Dragon dance

We reclaim our throne
By right, fire and blood
As the battle rages on
Swords slash and maim
Even the Kraken flees in haste
As crimson fire devastates

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