Throes of Dawn - Binding of the Spirit


Bitter funerals in silence held
twelve coffins laid to earth
To dust all human hope to wither
The last rainbow warriors is dead

Ours is the world of tragedy
Ours is the world of grief

For countless,
gray days of dismay
It´s been snowing black ashes
upon these devastated lands
Dreadful are the storms
that grind these mountains to sand

Hear the voice of destruction
as it screams through our souls
With the vast storms it walks
Proud destruction in human form

"The last rainbow
warrior is dead!
Behold the rising
of the furious dawn
it´s hollow black rays
kill the colours
and the meaning of life
The last rainbow
warrior is dead!
The spring yields
to winter neverending…"

For silence will walk the earth
the silence of the stars above
a desolate world that snows under…
into dreams endless enter
city after city
continent after continent


Under the constellations of ruin
Under the cruelest crescents to witness
They march with the pearly tearflow
following their path
Hollow troops of Yersinia pestis
Natures own misanthropic art
under the circle of the stars

The warprophet dreams
of triumphants of desolation
the dreamswarm of locusts
the armada of dragonflies

Natures gift
the sweet kiss
of the death elemental
Perfect design
for human demise
in the warprophet´s dreams

"There they come…
the Assailants of tomorrow
In silent rows they ride
Wearing the emblems of sorrow
Despairs shadows falling
from their eyes
empty as their black hearts
Their armours hammered
from the fallen stars
This the bitter battalion
of retribution…"


There is a tragedy
deep within this soul
A dark aura
made of stones of sadness
and vast void of longing

On songs of sorrows maiden
the swans drown in grievance
On silver waters springs
This despair she sings;

" In oaken chest they keep my grief
Under the thousand tombstones
lies a thousand dreams…"

Forever lonely to wander
these landscapes
of the desperate dreams
There is nothing
that can fill the void of longing
Immortalized by grief

"In oaken chests
we keep her dreams…

binding her spirit onto earth"


I held the stars on my hand
the nightsky in these robes
The world under this wand
in the garden of the misanthrope
I felt the fading starlight
the folding hope of a soul
in the screams of the dying universe

What was there
I could never see

The human is dead
inside the robes of the Hermit

"Speak of my anguish
Sing of my despair

For nothing can ever
heal this soul
Too deep the wounds
from life to heal
Total isolation is the key
For your world never
meant nothing to me…"


Deep traumatic illusions
opens the gateways within
Into the surreal Master´s garden

The hallway .. ……. ……
leads to the chambers of Silence

We would be seated around
the table of Silence
With many faces of their death
drinking the black wine
of melancholy


Shadows dance
on visions fabric veil
Reality becomes obsolete
as I walk through the wormholes
Through the forlorn stars
by thoughts gone too far
So many realms held
open in this night

I will forsake the light
the guiding lifelight of humans
For I have learned to look this life
from the aspects of the stars

"No rest under the cross
No solace for the wanderer´s heart
Reach deep within
to darkness beyond the stars
How far one can wander
into the dreams of the dead?"

A soul eternal
tied into this flesh and skin
an old wandering soul
from the darkness beyond the stars


Haven´t we lost it all, allready…
Blue skies turned to evergray
Each dawn turned blacker
so deep the embrace of dismay

( We could see
our fantasies decaying
We could hear
our dreams breaking )

Nothing will ever shine again
Nothing will ever be the same again
Nothing will ever rise again
On broken wings of despair

I have no fear for the flames of Hell
For nothing can ever be worse than this
A world through the veil of tears
Perpetual autumn of my soul

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