Throes of Dawn - Dreams of the Black Earth


I found my Way into the heart of the forest
where the early mornings dew
still rested upon the sleepy grass
Where the evergreen trees
sleep their enchanted dreams

Echoes of grief and sorrow
in the air of this forest
The taste of your bitterness
in the spring waters
Thy anguish I hear
in the words of the winds
Wounded Immortal
-the withering goddess of nature
Thy glory denied
by those of the light
until the lands bear a rotten fruit
Until the storms reap nations

Every man and every woman is a scar
in thy astral body of goddess
Thy presence was a shadow
on the path of the light
They took thy kingdom away,
but their light has grown dim
Their god has long ago withered
release the darkness of thy heart
Until no man in thy kingdom walks

...and thus, summon the storms of plague,
the winter endless, death the bitterest...

Together we ride to the storms of war
until the storms reap nations
until the lands bear rotten fruits
until no man stands
in thy kingdom of glory


Silence is born from sorrow
eternal seem the ages now
since we grew
in the garden of longing

Wind sang of loneliness

Touched, my soul was
from the winds weeping
a forlorn melody
so grievous
and touching

I was the weeper
in the garden of wonder
longing to be by your side
Tears that made me stronger
hastened your withering
the stars were closing their eyes
as you were cold
and I was breathing

Wind sang of my loneliness


Rain falls black from the skies gray
as tears they fell from the throne
of the Almighty ...Cosmos

Beholding a star
that has been lit above me
I fall before its beaty
In this rainraped evening
the unknown star shone to me
the Ominious starlight creates a vision
of a blackened rainbow
By the ecstacy of mystic rainbow
all veils open to me

I saw the blasphemy - in natures purity
I heard the blasphemy - in the birds singing

With heavenly tone
over lakes and the seas
wherever there
a heartbeat is

"Follow the blackened rainbow
to its end
You will never wake
to the sunrise
in heaven"

You will never see heaven


The Devil dances
through the awaking spring field
In the music of mourning
from the weepings of the broken hearted (created)
...Drunk from their tears
"O, their sweet song of sorrow"

Sorrow is Eternal
when the spring blooms
with flowers dead
And all heavens birds fell dead
when the spring bloomed
with flowers dead

In charming way he dances
as a shadow
amidst the flowery field
enjoying the bitter flow of tears
...And up, from the damned earth
the dead birds rose on their wings
singind the beautiful
song of Damnation

the music ceases
but devil dances on
singing the beautiful
song of damnation

Sorrow is Eternal
when the spring blooms
with flowers dead
May all living turn against itself
when the spring blooms
with flowers dead


The Heart of the Wanderer
has been sewn into my breast
The Soul of the Hermit
has been blown into to my shell
The Icy nails of Misanthropy
are hammered through my chest
to remind me of pain...
Of scarlet skies Im made

There in the distance
in the skydance of the sparkles
Heavens flooded with blood
from where I descented
from the forge of the gods

Made to despise you all
Each thought a dream of thy end

...the final salvation
Velvet veils upon me set
For thou art, the nails in my flesh
Eternal disease of my soul
Erode me - from this human hell
Grant me - my final steps
towards the glowing red

of scarlet skies made


Solitude wanders
where once the sun rose
in essence of a silent wind
teasing my tired limbs

Time forgot me
into the lonely eternity
Standing against the wind
beaten by hail and rain
Alone to pass these winters
of cursed life lost
Eternity in winter
for none stood beside me

Countless are the years
of malady and grief
Where times flow
has long ago ceased
Only echoes brief
of whispering wind
with solitude wandering
(within me)

Where Once the Sun Rose
-a wolfs destiny
lonely forever be
Standing as statue...
Where Once the Sun Rose
-from the mercyful daylight
my eyes are
forever closed


We travel into the world of woe
through the portal of dream descent
Of human sorrow I dreamed
a twilight garden of tomorrow
Where torment means living
in this world of dreadful dream

"Behold, all the gods have abandoned the spheres.
Can you hear the Thronerooms silence ?
As all of the mighty stars have grown black,
the gods have turned their backs..."
Here rests silence
sometimes the wind brings
weak echoes from times
gone and forgotten
Tragic human voices
yet none can hear them
in this dark and desolate star
since the storms
of new pestilence

"On the shore of the dead earth
I stood with a figure of demon"

From his eyes gazed autumn,
his words like winters;

"Witness with me,
the fall of the foulest.
My farewell to mankind.
Lame is the weeping sun
as it in all fierceness
lowers behind the horizon.
the last sunset on earth
tomorrows dawn
shall greet the moonlike face
...of Hell."

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