Throne Of Ahaz
On Twilight Enthroned

1. Fenris

Fenris... your nightshade falls over this frozen waste
Bloodred eyes like deep oceans of eternal night
Like mirrors of thy soulless hate and endless sin
This sign is for the night to unfurl and our swords to be wet

An angel in black, his mooncold eyes enchant my soul
Riding a wind with whirlwinds of fire blazing through the sky
The ravens cry, they've gathered this night to praise their king
And the wolves revel in the blood of the blessed ones child

Blacksoul... nightshade
A plaguewinter of death unfurls
And from the north comes the plague
So the winter was brought forth this night
A holocaust had seen its dawn

I laugh as I raise my sword and behold the war
A vision of chaos riding on death's black wings
At last all servants of light were weeping in blood
For seen was the king who shall rule for all time

2. The Forlorn

Through the portal of forever frozen tears
This eve I'll ride with the sunset's flame
And forever I'll fly with the autumn wind

A raven whispered these words in my ear
"Be one with the moonlight, the night and the storm
Hunt with wolves through forests of shades
And rule from the throne of spirits insane"

As a dancing mist in the autumn night
Can you feel my hunger, hear my cries?
This eve I'll ride the sunset's flame
Forever to fly with this autumn wind

I'll ride this wind forever now
For this night was...
Like an angel crowned in thorns so beautiful
And it seemed eternal

A vision of sorrow riding forth
On the coldest of winds
Under the weeping sky
It all seemed so forlorn

3. With Shadow Wings

4. On Twilight Enthroned

I saw the night undressed, naked and beauiful
As the rain slowly wet my face
I felt the wind of lost ages blow
And I will ride this forlorn wind
Through skies eternally black
With shadow wings through the night
For sunlight burns my flesh to ash

Take me twilight, enchant me
Take my soul and unveil thee
This my love and only bride
The dying eve, the naked night
I'm one with this for all time now
And with my kiss so are you
A moonlight throne is yours tonight
Forsaken now for... eternity

I could take this world and crush it in my hands
I could slit the throats of all your fuckn' gods

As a shadow of eternity far beyond mortality
I have drained the ancients blood and drunk
your warm red wine
For so long... so very long
I am the reaper of your dreams

I have seen the old gods die
I've heared their grim lament
And sunlight never touched my eyes
To twilight I am damned
And this night of nephilim
I'm damned and i'm beyond sin
I'm at one with angels lost
On twilight enthroned

5. Where Veils of Grief Are Dancing Slow

6. Let Blood Paint The Ground

Distant cry
As an ageless droning voice
Sung glory and victory
For a new age soon to come
Tear a hole in the weeping sky
Like a dream forlorn to come
Let blood paint the ground

As choirs of twilight sing
And angels cry
As choirs of twilight mourn
And ages die

And so it shalt be told
"In ages gone, a crying god
Had tasted defeat at last"
And this world was cleansed
Let blood paint the ground

No goddamn light
A new age comes with pain
And the wind that came was clean
Like a new god it came forth
Scorching this damned soil
Like a holocaust of souls
Let blood drown the ground

As a fuckin' god I entered the gate
As the first born of the master race
Mine were the halls of kingly pride
In burning skies I've seen my fate

As choirs of twilight sing
And angels cry
As choirs of twilight mourn
And ages die

7. Blackthorn Crown

This wintercold and forlorn night
Under the bloodmoons cold light
I walked a path unseen for eyes
Whilst choirs of doom sang my praise

The moonlight mirrored the light in my eyes
Nocturnal starwinds blow from the sky
I'll meet the spirits of all those who died
I'll return with wisdom from forgotten kings

Come walk under my shadow
where black fires burn
I'll bless you with plague
and eternal disease
For i've kissed the lips of the countess of sin
I am to be the last of all kings

For I was the blackeyed one
With hunger in my eyes
And only I could see through
And beyond the cursed sky

I've eaten the hearts of the oldest drakes
Wisdom of old gods is granted to me
I've seen the abyss, the might in it's kings
My kingdom is endless, eternal in might

8. Black Sabbath

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