Timor Et Tremor
The Winding Path (demo)

1. Bloodeagle

Towards thy end you wander
Stumbling throughout the mist
Coursed like the hunter's prey
Your senses feel distorted
Shrouded by intense fear
All alone in this final hour

Abandon all hopes for spare
Face your justice, time has come

The string of life is yet cut
At the place where blood is shed
The death of betrayers is so close
No honour, no pride shall be

Within the circle of spears
The thunder cracks the sky
A fury of lightning and fire
Announcing the forthcoming rite

The blade cuts your flesh
Tears apart the back
Now Gaping to the last
The lungs are ripped
Forming your new limbs

Winged like an eagle of blood
Awaiting the sign to rise
While your soul passes away
Forever leaving this world
The caverns of hel are near
Cold glowing landscapes
Longing for your arrival
Carried by the blood eagle

2. Of Fire and Ice

In times no living soul have seen
The stream of time is unknown
There was the void of everything
No sound, no light ever was

Unknown was the ground and sea
Unknown was the air and sky

In solitude a pyre glew
Collapsing structure of flames
Incinerated by chaos itself
Before all sense was born
A distant glance so unseen

The inverted twin of fire
All of energy shall vanish
Enforcing all to stagnate

Unknown was the will and life
Unknown ... sense and death

With power, consuming the void
(All of a s udden, motion appeared)

...of fire and ice
colliding in pain
...of fire and ice
creation of light
...of fire and ice
nothingness is all
...of fire and ice
union in chaos

3. Black Havoc

There he stands on the hill
proud, strong and wired
Destroyer of worlds, warlord and
black master of faith
Chosen one of the Chaos gods,
bathed in blood and evil by free will

We are the chosen ones
We are the chaos lords

Hear the marching on the muddy ground
like wardrums it sounds
Sweet music for us who worship
havoc itself

The sweet miasma is longing for you
from the darkened realm
May the plagues and flies devour you
and may pain be the only truth
for you eternally

We are the chosen ones
We are the chaos lords

His black heart is crying for war
and so we will join

We'll follow our lords into this war
and we'll be like wolves among the sheep
To bring your world to fall
the golden throne you've build
War will cover the world
and chaos will replace your order


(Down the hill we march)

4. Allthing

In its depth prestine and wild
Mighty and free since all ages
Defying all fury of storms
Eternally sheltered in forest's heart

The winding path, who know s to find
Leading along to venerable gates

Vast of time elapsed to past
Yet in memory it still remains
The elder once adored herein
Gods and Spirits of forlorn worlds

And not forgotten are their songs
In trees and branches echoing forth
Of valkyries and vanir, aesir and albs
Conquered enemies and heroic deeds

Within the year's shortest nights
Tribes gathering at wellknown glade
No iron shall break the ancient rules
Yet curse desecrate the sacred place

Strenghtened ground through foes' blood
Dared to oppress the men of north
Embraced by roots, sentenced their death
Their corpses shall rot to ground

5. Northern Lights

Way up north in darkened times
Ablazing through nine worlds
Only known by the elder ones
Trembling all of heaven's depth

Bursting out in elemental force
Undefeatable, so it's told

A glance far in descent
Forgotten signs, rediscovered

Never will be, once lost
The whispers of dead, be free

Gleaming the colours of night
Riding on wings only to fade
As if a might has been conjured
Since primordial times in loss

The breath of god's kindled for new
Rage and riot a battle in black
Strongh old of heaven in faint
Since sunna will awaken once more

Shrouds of light alre dy ascent
With them the circle enclose s
The pale glow is suppressed
Surrendering, but not defeated

Ready to enliven all night again
Joining the fight, tirele s sly
Following the change of the sunwheel
Awaiting a final command to charge

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