Yersinia Pestis

1. Assail The Creation

[Music by C. Älvestam, lyrics by P. Johansson]

We are the wopshippers of plague
Well hidden in shadows we dwell
For so long we have waited for darkness to come
For a cure against mankind
For a cure against the flocks of sheep
We are his scythe
And deep we will cut
For we are called by a darkness for a sinister crusade
Our most secret wish - to bring ill into this world
Our most secret desire - for piles of flesh on fire
We stay concealed and unnamed

2. Sown Are The Seeds Of Death

[Music by C. Älvestam, lyrics by P. Johansson]

Sown are the seeds of death
To bring a harvest of flesh so ripe
Sown are the seeds of death
To bless with blisters and pain this land
From village to town, from cottage to house
From dusty roads across waters, the way be made
There are no crosses to keep me away with
There are no prayers that will get me rid
Scourge of god - may I be - or just the devil set free
I am borne everywhere, no walls can keep me out
Invisible I roam amongst yee
Silent and unfelt I sit among yee
To ravish I have come, and make the many but few
To silence the land from both laughter and cry
I am the season in which to die

3. Dead Children, Black Rats

[Music and lyrics by P. Johansson]

My journey had been long, I had not seen my hometown for weeks.
My spirits were hign for the prosperity I acquired,
When I walked in between houses and streets.
The morning was still, and yet but begun,
And the silence but pleasant and beautiful.
A strange smell lay light on a soft breeze...
As I came closer to my house it grew strong.
I knew not why, at that point, but something made me freeze and shiver cold...

Curiosity of a strange kind made me stare in through a window.
I knew the house I stared into belonged to a family of many.
Well. That's what is used to do.
Imagine my horror when I saw that pale face!
With eyes still open, piercing at me through the dark.
Right then I knew who awaited me.
Death had come to gratulate my return.

As if a ghost to assist my horror, a door creaked and slowly opened wide.
I screamed, and my scream scared me further,
For it echoed uncanny between the housewalls.
As the fool I was, I fled in through another neighbouring door.

The smell was awful as I paced through the chambers,
And that was when I fell over something.
It was a little boy and his sister, still embraced in death.
Lying there on the floor I knew I would not rise
When the rats ran across the floor against me...
All I saw - dead children, black rats...

4. Faith Bled Dry

[Music by C. Älvestam, lyrics by P. Johansson]

What cam to be of this land o ours
I can not believe all this death I have seen
My prayers gone unheard, angels stand with eyes shut
My faith is wanning, my god speaks no more
No sin to justify what happens now
My world is torn apart, light has fled my heart
Fiah is bled dry, father please say why
A scapegoat I have become for not wearing their cross
Jehova, be merciful into them when they blame thine people.

5. Bearer Of The Torch

[Music by G. Johansson, additional music by C. Älvestam, lyrics by P. Johansson]

Herding a pack of wolves, proclaiming the saturnian wrath
Bearer of the torch of luciferian light
Satanic reign of terror, mankind be ruled by this unseen master
His torch cleanse them from error, to bring new order through death and disaster
Followed by the cult of death, praised for the peststorms
Summoned in dark cavern places, untouched by the grace of Christ
Messenger of the holocaust god, he is the bearer of the torch
Commanding the beasts of hell, the legions of vermin, rats and the undead
Manifested by shattered bones and skulls
Emenating force of an untamed nature
Claiming earth in his cold grip
Radiating light of a darker kind

6. Pest Cometh

[Music by H. Schönström and C. Älvestam, lyrics by P. Johansson]

Microorgasmic agent of the reaper, ther bubonic plague wielded high.
Brought from afar to the western Europe,
A sickness worse than any war, seal yourself away.
Run as fast as you can.
Still it shall end the day, no matter how fast you ran.
Pest cometh. Invisible, spreading ever on,
Until all is quiet and dead.
The great tool of death, the raiser of mundane hell.
Coming without warning in great speed.
A travelling bacteria, a death vagabond.
Seeing no difference between rich an poor,
Leaving nothing but the stench of rot.

7. Far Advance Closure

[Music C. Älvestam, lyrics by P. Johansson]

I am the last one here, my children I buried in early spring.
Through the summer I will mourn with my life.
Will she die too?
Now I wonder when it is time for me,
And who will place me in my grave.
The forests around this house seem to whisper that time is soon.
Thogh the meadows are ever so green, though the sun still do shine.
Lord, can you hear me and say what we have done wrong?
And where did we fail in our faith in you?
We were told of a spreading death in the south of our kingdom
by travellers that passed our land in the end of a pale dead winter.
Stories we were told of how they had passed village by village
were all lay dead in rot, and silence had been all.
The roads untrodden for miles...

8. Thus Came Dying Unto Kaffa

[Music by G. Johansson, lyrics by P. Johansson]

By the black sea it will commence
I come borne by my brother war
My summoner I will infest, janibeg decimated in furious phase
Carry me in capitulated corpses, for a welcome in terror in Kaffa
My presence made certain when they feel the odour of rot
I will blacken them in meat, by loin and arm
Poison the waters of the threatened soil
With my claims I will bring no cure
I will let them know for three days, no more
My wrath is cometh, be freed from cure

9. Shorespread God

[Music by H. Schönström and C. Älvestam, lyrics by P. Johansson]

The impact of the clash in Kaffa
A far spread wave carried by sails
Down to the shores of Alexandria and Marseille and Genua
A holocaust gate opened wide
For mankinds wonder and gaze
By hundreds of feet, to a thousand a new
For a two years wandering to the lands up north
The earth be scourged, not by fire
Nut by a wrath unmatched in biblical tales
A god arisen of sulphur, may it be
Missioned by the flocks of rats
A holocaust with no bane or blame
For a death in millions

10. Failure's Dawn

[Music by C. Älvestam, lyrics by P. Johansson]

Sneak and creep yee black children of mine
Sleep in death deep, be my scythe
Swarm about them, yee vermin and flea
Bring dark gifts of plague, poison their souls
Pest forever more, into what is now
For the dying of all that is here
Their lungs will drown in blood, dye their skin pale
Their bodies blistered black
Nothing will stand against yee
For yee are pest evoked and free
Killers in their houses, killers in hearts

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