The Death & Rebirth Of... (ep)

1. Holy Libations (Demo Version)

Familiarity trickles down through the narrow corridors of faith
In the pathways of Jerusalem I breathe
Nature's grace, radiantly glowing cold, she pours the wine onto my flesh
I bathe in the stream, I wash away the ash

Throughout the vastness of time - Alone
Throughout the vastness I climb - Alone

Twice born - blood is spilled from the cups of ghosts
Twice born - close the eyes to recieve the host
Precedence is given to the dreamer
Precedence is given to the brave

I catacombs I dance the dance of Death, I run away from fear
In illo tempore, was that so, where do we go from here?``
We are naked in the darkness, we are one
Yet there is solitary in the vast expanse of mind, the threshold to eternity
We all find ourselves wandering through the pastures of Arcadian splendor
Are we going to the time before time? Remember, remember...

Throughout the vastness of time - Alone
Throughout the vastness I climb - Alone
Ever closing in on the shadows of the strange attractor
A return to a paradise that we have lost

2. Laudanum Dreams

Time drags me down to its blackest waters
Stained glass visions through laudanum dreams
In search of my source
I am ready to die and be reborn

All symbols are subliminal but they keep the gaping truth

Restless in flesh
Hungry in soul

To see the entire whole
I must take what there is
And create what is missing
In its many parts

Falling down into the void of Denderah
I seek a state the one with many faces
It can't be seen or touched
But lies within the now

What we see and what we know is never settled
All belief and its delusions
Revelation of life written in flesh
Mother of all mantras, Profound vagina of the Earth!

Restless in flesh
Hungry in soul
Expansion of mind
Is my goal

The self echoes through the hollows
Through the Darkness in me
The imago breaks the chrysalis
The nocturnal creature flickers its grandiose wings

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