1. Angina (Single Version)

Through scornful declarence
and luminous eyes
the shadows en veil
with the glorious night
Trespassing the sunset
like thou hast before
Entreating the daylight
to rage nevermore
Angina striking Elysium
A frail remembrance glorificates
the nightside-ascendancy
veiled underneath thy funereal skies
The winds they may haunt me
in blood-redest skies
The moon may bewed
the strangest of light
The clasp of indifference
the conquering tide
The sweeping of daylight vigour's decline
Thy Carrion Kind
Angina strikes Elysium
...a frail remembrance
Carrion Kind
My Carrion Kind

2. Opus Relinque (Radio Edit)

Challenge my own world to chaos
Thoughts to mind becomes
my arch enemies
Skin to teeth...
visions appears to me in red
Scouring my wounds with your spit
Down in apathy which is growing
Once dragged down within
a mayhem of light
Skin to teeth...ripping my inwards apart
Poisoned with wine from the sick
Silent to drowse with the phantoms
and let the fire engulf me
Sanguine rebirth
Sanguine divined rebirth
Now your faces facing me
as transparent masks
Still they pester me
Still they placidity is borned
The remembrance...age of innocence lost
Fire dance with me
let me be the most licentious martyr
Sear me

3. Saturnine

At the day of wrath
there is but all
the concession of degeneration
none to me supreme...

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