Lawless Darkness

1. Death's Cold Dark

De profundis mors advocat!
The pact is sealed, crystallised
Dark are the paths without return
Ash and blood colour my world
Ever downward winding steps spiraling to the utmost depths
Where the sun is but a memory of a murdered dream

As if emerged from the Abyss
Evoked by his own tongue
Antichrist, Devil's child
Possessed by the night

Through will unfettered in darkness
Death was granted life
The blind man was given sight
And the fivefold star to shine forevermore
As a flame within the heart
Restlessly beckoning through
The guilt and vanity of a world deaf to it's call

To dare what's lit sole by the friar's lantern
Through labyrinths so desolate and dark
to travel far in solitude and silence
'cross thornclad deserts vast
To witness the erection of a temple
At the place where order dies and chaos unfold
It's tower shall lean out over the precipice
Oh the wonder's those that mount it shall behold
For there the waves of Absu smash the rocks of definition
And feast upon them with erosive force
Yes there the ancient giants of primordial waters
Are hunting in the twilight near the shores
And I am their son, my ribcage the shrine, my flesh the prison
For my blood is their blood, my will is theirs
Mine is the gift that shall conquer all fears
See my glowing eyes reflect a heart that burns
That in turn reflects the chasm for which it yearns

He shall return to the Abyss
Heeding his masters call
Antichrist, Devil's child
At one with the night

Wordless without form in deepest depths,
Yet most besung, most present and most high
Thou wellspring from which horror's holy flow
Through gates wide open
Thou who placed these words of praise upon my lips
The infant's cry and the rapist's sigh of joy
The world has gone blurred but the road gets
Ever clearer in search of thy burning kingdom

2. Malfeitor

By the blessing of shunned Gods
the cord of life was deformed, twisted into a noose
to strangle the miscarriage of the I
upon which he shall feast that was spawned
by the semen of horror's fertile
as his many limbs extend across the Abyss
thirteen horns and a million tusks
in a thousand jaws that breathe
only to chew the chains that tie him to Assiah
and titan is their strength

Metamorphosphordus malformation
your's is the call I follow
astride the wings of Death
to the crossroads

Malfeitor, the master and servant in unity
at one with the Abyss when in your possession I am
against the blindness of men
thine eyes have been granted immunity
so that my sight be clear when wielding the Sword of the Damned

For I am begotten of the virgin whore
as truth and torment, priest and warrior
now behold as I pervert and destroy their law
as the image of my philius moists the labia of Shekinah
for dark are the desires that dwell within my heart
and the Devil is in my kiss

Yes he is

in your possession I am
twilight god of transformation
at the crossroads we meet again
I'll pace the path of madness with your banner held high
to the death's head true
yes, I am of my father the Devil and the lusts of my father I will do

3. Reaping Death

There is a place beyond the dreamworlds,
Past the womb of night,
Lying in wait beyond the barriers of light,
Shunned by the living, cursed by the dead
Here's no peace, here's no peace

None within, none without
Skinned bare by daggers that never doubt
Timeless in wisdom, unbound in might,
Holy Evil!

By trembling hands concealed,
Yet by fearless ones revealed

There the blood of Abel impregnates the soil,
In which hungry darkness dwells and serpents coil,
So that plants may rise to bear the strangest fruit,
For all of ye that hunger

Higher! Higher! Come on you sons of fire!
Daughters of the black moon,
Practitioners of art most dire

Dance! Dance! In twisting, white-eyed trance,
Let us praise the flowering darkness

Brush forth across the land of Nod ye wicked ones,
Ye who wear the mark and hold the keys,
Come now, let us worship,
At the womb of blasphemies

Rivers of blood! Rivers of blood!
For the black earth's quenchless thirst,
The offering must never cease,
Until the last man has been slain
Upon the altar of Mefisto

Higher! Higher!Let's set the night on fire!
Black moon bear witness to our rite,
Beneath the devil's pyre

Unchain, Set free, the flames of the Adversary!
Scorch the earth and devour all,
That sifted from the ashes be

Hail! Hail! Thou who makes the cosmos wail!
In anguish as we fuck the world,
And sodomize the god that failed

Cain! Cain! By thy blade let all god's men be slain!
Harvest now the fruits of death and set the night aflame!


Gather! Gather! Raise the flames for so long scattered!
For aeons cursed, yet proud we stood,
Our liberation all that mattered

It's time! It is time! The bells of Armageddon chime!
Rejoice ye now, oh hungry ones,
Harvest time has come...

4. Four Thrones

Come redeeming wings of final judgement
the greatest war to bring the deepest peace
tread forth in shapeless silence
through the gateway prepared for thee
oh bringer of firbidden fire
in the midst of the underworld borth
let us hold high the Chalice of Satan
and drink deep, to the world's end

Let our praise reach out to all corners of the earth
hail Levyathan!
and put fear in the hearts of all those by its mud given birth
hail Lucifer!
tonight the heavens shall burn by the love of our Lord
hail Beelzebuth!
great god of the lawless no longer in shadows adored
hail Belial!

May these words of your sons and daughters
churn thee up from chaos waters
as they reach into the outer world to summon forth the final tide
when bottomless Absu has drunk itself dry
and turns from womb to tomb
a gaping hole into which all shall fall
day of wrath unto night without end
equilibrium of Total Death

Majesties of lawless darkness
in our hearts thy thrones prepared
storm and water, earth and flame
in spirit joined, released and untamed

Deep of the west, dragon, ye crocked one
hail Leviathan!
flame of the south, lightbringer, morning sun
hail Lucifer!
storm of the east, wordless and desolate lord
hail Beelzebuth!
mount of the north, wrath of the underworld
hail Belial!

5. Wolves Curse

How the moon leer's at thy ignorance
Ye who laughest in the face of Death
Know ye not its ever-gaping jaws?
They always hunger
Oh they wake up from their slumber now
Heeding the call of the wild
From the shadows they come forth
Abominations of the north!

Murderers, spawn of might impregnated by many a blackened will
The stalking horror
For long time gone
Hungry now for the kill
Holy guardians of the secrets nocturne
For which many a man have burned
And so the nightwinds cry out their dreaded warning wail
The wolves have returned

The wolves curse
The dark
The lupus lunae
At night, beware!

Dwellers of the threshold
Children of the night
Predators and punishers, fearless yet feared
The stench of putrefaction and of long dead blood follow their steps
Ever so near

The wolves curse
The dark
The lupus lunae
The return

Approach them not with doubt in heart
Disturb them not in vain
Only the cursed ones
The wild at heart may enter their domain
A lawless realm where chaos breeds and howls most foul asound
So stay away, ye who is of god
This is enemy ground

The wolves curse
The dark
The lupus luna

Kerberos are We
The three-pronged spear
Shape-shifters, always hungry
Far beyond the grace of God lies the lair
Where shadows fall

6. Lawless Darkness

7. Total Funeral

At first a noisome pack
I am the rancid mark that devours making man
Once upon a whimpering babe
I am the murderer's hand that wields the blade of regicide
Oh Babylon thou harlot
Succubus of a thousand suitors
I am the foetid stench of thy burning hag's embrace
A perverse incubation
I am the olive branch corrupt with venomous asps

Totalt funeral
Desolate one
Total funeral
Total death

Around their neck the noose draws tight
A knot of thorns felling holy men and kings
I am the vile countenance of the gibbet's grasp

Of what was wrought and where was spent the seed
I am the black spider, the splinter within our minds
Fill your mouth with the foul earth
Suffocate on the souls
I am the messiah of famine and (f)lies
Grim brilliance in frost
Desolation made flesh
I am the son of darkness and death

Total funeral
Desolate one
Total funeral
Total death!

8. Hymn To Qayin

Mighty path-opener
Striking fast as the sharpest of spears
Bringer of the black light
I bask in your halo of glory and might
Treader of the Path of thorns, cursed yet truly blessed
Through exile, coronation and conquest
To the throne of the Ravens of Death
Mighty master Qayin, guide my hand
For my deeds are thine
Firstborn of the Black Light
Lord of the Shadows of Death
And father of the Bloodline

And as I walk through the Valley of the Shadow of Death
I shall fear no evil, for Baaltzelmoth is with me
His scythe smites all my enemies
And his 7 keys open the gates leading beyond this prison so foul

Death bringer
Death dealer
Whose might even the pale raped moon reflects
Thorn-crowned master, scythe wielder
Bearer of the serpent's mark
By your left hand green was stained red to bring forth the Black
For to kill one is to murder all
The mark on your brow is the sign I follow and bear
Show me the secrets of seed, root and fruit
To harvest from the tree of knowledge
Before the final reaping lead by Death's sinistral hand
From below the first grave mound
At the crossroad of life and death
The gates within were opened without
The great black cross stands solemn upon the skull and the crossed bones
And the mysteries whispered by the dwellers within the

With the signing of the first dead
In Death
Through blood and incense burning in snake shapes
You opened wide the gates
And I looked and beheld a black horse and its masters name was Qayin
And Hell followed with him

9. Kiss Of Death

Though manmade, of terrestrial birth
I've always walked upon this earth
A stranger searching the unknown
For that distant place that is my home
Oft I watched without affright
The stern magnificence of night
By moonless skies and beasts denied
Bewitched am I, and wanting

A yearning beyond form
A call without sound
Enter ye pale lord of silence

With passion I have come to loathe
This globous sty of vain misgrowth
Where man amass in nauseous mound
Flesh 'pon death 'pon flesh abound
So come!

Kiss of Death!
Lips envenomed
Devil's breath
Beneath mistletoe sharpened we shall meet
A unit to extinguish the failure of the primordial touch
The kiss of death

My love shall last 'til death do me part
For thee, ye children of my heart
Ye glass of swiftly running sand
Ye harvester, ye cold white hand
The yearning has been with me always
To tread inside your timeless hallways
To know thy scent and taste thy flavour
To sense thy grasp, oh reaping saviour

Shapes without form
Voices without sound
Enter ye pale lord of sorrow

Kiss of death
Lips envenomed
Devil's breath
Beneath the waning crescent, we shall meet
Eager and fearless shall I receive the final touch
The kiss of death!
Of death

10. Waters Of Ain

Take me home
Ye beckoning ocean waves!
My vessel is prepared
Eagerly, my spirit yearns
Through the gates, Transylvania calls

Anointed am I
Exalted on a course to man averse
Cloven-hooved my footsteps be
The self withdrawn
Expanding as the rays of death illuminate
The bridge and the path to the waters of Ain

Where no corner's define
To the waters of Ain
Where no circles confine
To the waters of Ain
To the twilight of time
To the Death

To unmask the featureless face and know its numbing beauty
To remove the fig leaf from her cunt and enter
To pluck the fruits forbidden
Ye grapes most ripe, ye blessings of the underworld
Unleash your bitter rivers
Burn this tongue of mine
Oh wormwood sweet
Damnation's infernal wine

From the waters of Ain
Where no corner's define
From the waters of Ain
Where no circles confine
Flow, ye waters of Ain
As wormwood and wine
To the Death!

Their waters as one water in a stream against all streams
Sweet and salt now intermingle in the waking veins of Kingu
The havens tower in the yonder now
Where my vessel shall set sail
A voyage without end across the ageless waters
To shine beyond!
Do not mistake me for a star
Though I'll shine like them at night
But behold instead the darkness in between them
The Devil's light

Fearless I tread at the outpost
The brilliant abode of the dark
At the bridge from the known to the great unseen
I shall not linger

Saturh, great dark in the yonder
I give you my soul to devour
So that I may be judged in your deathlike glare
And purified
For thou art the wisdom's keeper
The shoreline where truth shall unwind
A truth that in life I am doomed to search
But shall die to find

And so his burning ship departs out from these shores
Never to return
And so he sets his sail
Towards the setting sun at the end of the world

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