Reawakening Pride Once Lost

1. Sunrise

Dazzling brilliance
Shone upon another day
Lugh, o God of the sun
God of the sun
Burning fire
Sustaining life
Lugh, o God of the sun
Help, help us face
Help us face dawn

2. Born To The Fight

Blooded to the battle
Born to the fight
Sowed in the soul
Thrill of the fight
Taking no prisoners
To die for a cause
Honour and glory
To win without loss

Prowess and power
Stealth and speed
Practice of combat
Take pain without heed
Boundless endurance
Man without peer
Natural instincts
Stay alive through it all

The world was young
The laws were true
To kill or be killed
These men were proud
And true to their word
Not modern day cowards
Who kill in cold blood

3. With Veins Afire

A brooch upon his ample chest
Bedecked in simple splendour
Glistening fear upon his brow
His mouth as dry as bone
Sharpened sword his father bore
Strapped to his side so proud
Virgin blood enters the fray
onward to fatal embrace

And with a sound like the heavens bursting asunder

Shield upon shield
Blade upon blade
Flash of spear
Lifeblood flowing
And in the midst of it all
Pungent stench of fear

With veins afire
I will kill
With veins afire
I will maim
With veins afire
I exalt in the letting of blood
With veins afire
I revel in the crimson spray

The heart knows how it feels to beat wings like a bee
Darkening mists which make it much clearer to see
Nothing can halt the dance while he is in motion
To overcome tastes to him sweeter than any potion

Glistening scarlet globules leaving tralls upon the air
Savage and unyielding, maim and overcome
Grisly sense of satisfaction, my dark side reigns

4. Emain Macha

O'er the seven hills of Macha
In an age now passed by
Lived a people once forgotten
Beneath an ancient sky

For protection they had warriors
Unsurpassed on Eireann's shore
Warriors of the Craobh Rua
An eternal name in lore

The Ri he dwelt at Emain
And Ri of Uladh's land
And the people they had plenty
Under Are-Ri's mighty hand

Cruinneach in your aprogance
And boastfulness and pride
Evoking a curse
Upon your own kind

Curse of a woman!

Due to man's boastfulness
And the follyness of man
Man, may yet pay due
A curse I place on you
A curse I place on you
A weakness like a woman hear her time
Once in every cycle, Ulaidh's strenght
Will fail to shine, fail, fail to shine
Man may yet pay due
A curse I place on you
A curse I place on you

But in Ulaidh's hour of need
Mighty lugh did pay heed
He beget at son at Bru na Boinne
Under a stone of great tragedy

Setanta as a boy, as a boy, as a boy
Cu Chulainn, as a man, as a man, as a man

Standing alone against Connaught's might
One against all, the eternal fight

Champions they came
Champions they did fall
Standing alone
Cu chulainn, slew them all!

For the pride of Emain Macha, Emain Macha, Emain Macha
For the pride of Emain Macha, Emain Macha, Emain Macha
For the pride of Emain Macha, Emain Macha, Emain Macha
That special seat of power

5. Gaelic Dawn

In this modern world of nightmares
We all need our majestic dreams

6. Once Upon An Era

Drift back to an era now gone
Kindred spirits fought to overcome
Druids held sway over kings
And the thrill of the hunt prevailed
People were one with the land
And harmony reignet in the cycle of life

I too am of the earth
Celtic fire burns in my veins
I too am a warrior born
I fight the pain and misery
My spirit forever flys free

Almost any path is secret
Until you've travelled it yourself
Universal flowers abound
Try to choose the right path
A stairway to a higher plain
Live for this world and the next

The standing stones
The stone circles
A life so complex
Yet so simple
Once upon an era

I enter the fray ungrieving
In my heart of hearts believing
That the path of many futures
I will awah si oicly
Enduring the endless knot
My belief will see me through

Celtic fire!! Warrior born!!

7. A Hero's Lament

As the dark clouds they do gather
I sing my last lament
For the ravens they do gather
My strength is almost spent
My life force it dispreses
The darkness now descends
My death is close at hand [x2]

To Gae Bulg*, my companion
I have put my trust in thee
But the darkness of the grave
Claims us all, eventually
I bid farewell to my loved ones
They and my kinsmen, please remember me

Through sacred Lugh, my father
My name will never die
The deeds I have achieved
Insures my name amongst my brothers
Throughout the sacred green of Eireann
My name will echo in the valleys

Cu Chulainn Hound of Ulster
Cu Chulainn Bane of Medhabh
Cu Chulainn Hound of Ulster
Cu Chulainn Champion of men

Son of an immortal
Immortal he shall be
Journey to the other world
To live eternally

From Emain Macha
To Tara's hall
Your name will live as legend
And to your memory
I give a toast
Dwell with the fairy host

A farewell to a hero
Your mortal days are gone
Your soul now doth fly
As free as the sun

[Gae Bulg means "Death Spear" in Gaelic and was the spear of a hero from Irish mythology named Cuchulainn, for whom the song is written]

8. King Of The Fairies

I domhan anseo nach bhfuil anseo
I chnoic draiochta, ag conai go saor
Daoine alainn, tuatha de danann
Is Ri Na Sidhe

An Ri, An Ri, Ri Na Sidhe
Ri, Ri, Ri Na Sidhe

9. Keen Of Knowledge

Truth, the root of the tongue
Wisdom, the breath of speech
Secrets untold, guarded forever
Shared with only the gifted few

Keen of knowledge, clear of vision
Earth's all consuming passion
Vital being to a life
Ruled by laws of the universe

Serenity beyond definition
Tranquillity beyond words
Bold in righteousness
Valiant in justice

In the sacred grone at nightime
Rites performed, so divine
Invoking the power of the gods
Within constraints of nature's laws

And in the stones
The circle of stones
Activating power
And from the earth
And the air
And the universe
Answer my call

10. Victory Feast

Tonight we feast
O brothers of my clan
Tonight we feast
O brothers of my blade

Let there be drinking
Eating of flesh
Let there be boasting
Tales to be heard
Let there be gloating
Counting of heads
Raise a toast to victory!

Adorned with our sacred road
Armed with our keen edged swords
Scream aloud our battle cry

Bua no basii bua no basii
See our enemies tremble with fear
Bua no basii bua no basii
Scream aloud our battle cry
Bua no basii bua no basii
See our enemies tremble with fear
Bua no basii bua no basii

Our foes are vanquished
Time to make merry
Raise your alehorns
And hear the toast
On the battlefield
Our comrades our lying
Dedicate our victory
To their memory

11. Awakening

A mistery around me
Eminating from the land
Only true kindred spirits
May even hope to understand

A voice I hear which is calling out to me
A message all around when my mind is free
Speaking in whispers thrown from the wind
Out from my surroundings calling out to me

Haunted by the canopy of green
I blaze of blue and emerald fire
A finer sight I've rarely seen
And I dine on awe alone

Swirling ashadows
Dance upon the water still
And sky and cloud vie for prominence
On the surface calm
A lone deed
Creating ripples alike waves
And all along the surface
Now consequence in journey

I breathe I feel my lungs
I breathe I feel my soul
I breathe I fill alive
I am alive!

Green surrounds me
The wind in my hair
Fast flowing waters
The hills and the vales

Ignited by passion
Most purent by far
My life I now fashion
I live for his hour

Free to live
Free to roam
Free to think
Free as the wind

Elation I peel
So hard to comprehend
As i stand alone
Upon Anu's land

I have come home
I have been found
The way it once was
Is as it shall be

All music by Waylander
All lyrics by Ciaran / Waylander
Recorded at Stage One Studio
Engineered and produced by Andy Classen
Mastered at DMS Studios

Lyrics in plain text format

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