Winds Of Plague
A Cold Day in Hell

1. A Cold Day In Hell

2. Anthems Of Apocalypse

When this world ends I will stop in my tracks and ask myself what have I done with my life?
I have seen the lands in purity and watched the masses brought to there knees.
I will not regret what I have done, but what I have not done.
Tomorrow is too late.
I live my life today's will not bow before the public.
Live inside the line I am who I am.
Sworn to my ideals and when this world comes to an end I am caught in the middle of a warring heaven and hell I will stand my ground this soul remains mine forever.
As the earth crumbles and the sky falls time will freeze and I will come to see the true beauty at this time between exist.
I find myself back waist deep.
You want to see me fail not today motherfucker/this world has every odd against 'm between a warring heaven and hell.
I will stand my ground this should remains mine forever.
As the earth crumble and the sky falls time will freeze and I will start and I will come to see the true beauty at this time between existences.
Many are torn apart but I will stand with my heart on my sleeve.

3. Legions

Release the volts straight to my mind.
'Cause I have seen the world.
In chaos and all its beauty.
now I wonder which I prefer seems the world is more real in crisis but it's still amazes how many people don't know who they are.
Running reckless a human race to the end of time.
Now bring the chaos.
I'd pray to the sky, but god wasnt there
Force the numbers.
A subtle chance has gone and passed a moment from the grave can bring you to reality.
A flawless example how security in life brings no morals, proof that life is a lie and it's what we want.
We rent's afraid to know.
Were afraid to question.
We are afraid to question we arn't afraid to know.

4. The Day After

Today I wake to a silent world.
To an empty sky Ill we've learned is how to die the next world war will be fought with stones and you will be striped of all fortunes.
The superior pillaged and left fir dead.
Bound by honor we'll fight for confidence.
for once all men will be equal and only the strong will survive.
In my honor, we'll fight for confidence.
When your wealth bears no meaning who will you turn to.
welcome back to the dark era when man is just a man threes no divine among us.
Only flesh and blood.
All your bridges are burnt every city left in ruins the end is just a dawn.
Life is now a privilege.
Integrity is the only gold.
Welcome back to the dark era this is the end this is the dawn.

5. One Body Too Many

Burn me out of your mind,
This is a place I cannot be anymore.
Every inch of ground is paved with lies.
Your only concern is for yourself.
No mercy no remorse for the innocent.
You're the one who fucking left an unbalanced mind for gravity to take its course.
Fall to your knees and lose the last of your dignity.
Razorblade smile stretched from ear to ear.
You wont cross me again.
Broken bonds and envious ties my only chance is to turn inside.
Everyday the colors fade to black and white.
Broken bonds and a broken jaw, I cant take this anymore.
I see the world through cold eyes.
Every inch of ground is paved with lies, every emotion dead.

6. Brotherhood

You said you'd die for the cause.
but you haven't lived for shit.
you have not lived for naything.
what happened to my generation?
Why do we always fall short?
Just a bunch of corrupt minds running reckless under an empty sky.
This is the generation that ruined the world.
Is this why people have fought and died?
Not my kind.
We are the ones with open eyes.
We are brought together through hatred.
I hate my generation bring back prohibition.
This is the generation that ruined the world.
this is the generation that has no hope.
We are the ones with open eyes.
We are brought together through hatred.
We are the ones with open eyes.

7. Full Chamber Roulette

Retrace the steps that led us here.
Prints fade to an open eye.
There is no turning back.
Face the world with no remorse.
How can you think my pain is free?
A twelve gauge face lift is what you have coming.
how many will suffer because you're blinded by greed.
Now that you're gone my life can begin.
What was your motive?
Annihilate the dreams of mankind?
(Salacious kacle) now you're faced with a 12 gauge face lift now you're faced with full chamber roulette.
You will die by vindictive hands.
You will feed my wrath.
One more squeals the bullet finds it way straight to you skull.
The moment has been seazed.
images nailed to my eyes.
Reality breaks my concept of revenge.
Now its time for the revolution.
annihilate what stand on the dead.
A hopeless state of mind will overcome everyone Against me.

8. Pack Of Wolves

Why does it seem that I always find hatred inside of me?
Why do I question hope?
Why do I question will I ever find peace?
It seems this world always finds its way to get the best of me.
It always there to knock me down.
Another test of determination.
with a bitter taste of defeat I just can't help but look past the pure and strait to the wicked that infiltrates the earth

9. Tomorrow Is Not A Promise

Walking the brim of chaos with destruction on my mind face the faceless and stand fearless.
This world can be a wretched place filled with hatred.
When all hope is lost look to the darkest corner to find a solution sometimes it can take death to find life.
With a re born vengeance take the world in the palm of your hand and brake empty every face that stairs at you're with pride.
Brakes every empty face destroy every fictional mind.
Stop every blackened hearty can take your life and make it count.

10. Dead On The Dance Floor

Where are your eyes?
Have you lost sight to what meant most to life?
Seen forefathers die?
Watched the end acted out through betrayal.
it's not too late to change you path just forget your past.
Make the pledge this promised witness by god to live this live with intent.
From her eon out I will walk tall.
defeat is not a way out.
Bring down the walls with my fist.
Bring down the walls.
Through my struggles I will never turn.

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