Winds Of Plague
The Great Stone War

1. Earth

Earth, home to well over six billion people.
A most majestic and brilliant sight, when seen through the eyes of peace.
Foreboding, to say the lease when caught in the gears of the machine.
With the world blindfolded by the lust for power, wealth and control.
A perfect game board is laid out for two divine powers, to manipulate the pawns into postion to carry out their conquest for global domination.

For you see, this world has many mysteries, and nothing is ever what it seems to be.
Every action starts with a thought,
Every thought comes from influence,
Every influence has its roots.
The world is either good or evil and this is where our story begins...

2. Forged In Fire

I stand before you as a sinner.
A mother fucking heathen dragged face first down the road of treason.
Bound for the bowels of hell I'm always one step out of reach from the hand of God.
You would never sleep if you knew whats in my mind.
My vile thoughts you would never close your eyes.
I walk in the shadow of heavens light.
Hood up, head down.
Take a closer look into my eyes there is a part of me I can't hide.
Bring the pain.
Turn and run while you still have a chance.
I feel from grace and I'm not going back.
You come to me with the image of a better life.
I'm fucking fine with the life I have.
I would rather burn then spend another second by your side.
In the valley of death I cast a shadow to block out the sun.
I am a monster accepting what I have become.
My faith was drowned in a sea of doubts.
Now the thorn littered road is my only way out so I push on.
Iron willed.
Tongue forged in fire.
Hate in my eyes.
Celestial supremacy replaced with gloom.
Inhale aggression and exhale doom.
From the gutters we rise.
Into darkness descend.
Never meant for the light.
Through your bonds we transcend.
There is no time for sleep, just to reclaim the streets.
How can you look down on me?
When I've buried you under my feet.
So I push on, demonized.
Tongue full of fire.
Hate in my eyes!

3. Soldiers Of Doomsday

Once again I'm faced with myself.
Standing before the shattered mirror.
Blood drips from my shard shredded hands.
Oh God, if you are there, now's the time to answer all my prayers.
What have I done to put me here?
Dying alone entangled in fear.
I've never felt so alive, fueled by adrenaline I'll carry you with me.
The world can't slow us down.
You can't kill what will not die.
Wingspans spread to keep the world within reach.
A promise to myself sealed with anguish that no matter how hard I fall I will always stand up stronger, harder a bigger man unleashing pain.
Theres nothing between us.
You think you know but you have no idea the horrors that I've seen.
I'll scratch out my eyes to close the gates to my inner soul.
Break from this ball and chain.
Society and the heretics.
The world can't slow us down.
You can't kill what will not die.
You don't give back.
You mean nothing to this world.

4. Approach The Podium

Condemned from a false pretense, by the product of hope.
We blindly let them lead us.
Let go from the life you know, chances are we aren't coming back.
Commander, approach the podium.
We the people have rallied under our flag.
Standing proud you rid us of our fate.
Behind the gun your given all our faith.
So now we march to the pulse of the beating war drum.
Say goodnight and follow the setting sun.
Agendas of sovereignty masked by the mirage of hope and change.
Our lady of liberty falls down to her knees bound and gagged.
The hammer of judgment falls on you.
I will never trust a man with the power of God.
A brain washed mind with total control.
Release the grip that binds us all to a cold quick doom six feet deep.
You don't have the bullets to kill us all.
We find ourselves backed into the wall.
No one at our side.
Never looking back were ready to die.
Sealing the future in its shallow grave.
The dreams of men crushed within your grip.
Empires fall as your reign meets its end.
I stood still among the riled crowd.
Our eyes met and you knew id be the one to bring you down.
Nightmares can't warn you of the evil winds that are blowing your way.
Call to arms to stand by my side.
Our leaders have failed us.
Take it back, gun them down heartlessly.
Our leaders have failed us.

5. Battle Scars

We climb to the top of the hill to see what lies beneath.
Waiting for its time to feed if first we don't kill each other.
Battle scars tell the tale of a life lived hard.
Empty souls left to ponder the question, "why?" Drowning bodies climb to stay above the line.
Cannibals arise.
Now, shut your eyes, cover your ears and stand in line.
We cannot afford the voice of discontent.
Shut down the oppressed.
Silence the mouths that spit the venomous.
Hell on earth.
No one escapes on judgment day.
Something has to give.
Bombs of peace shake the earth.

6. Chest And Horns

The roar of the lion rumbled through the earth.
Waves of terror run down through there spines.
He stopped the world with one final scream.
Left for dead we bond for a chance to survive.
Retreat to the stronghold.
Regroup, rebuild we will stand up stronger.
Turn the page to find them all ripped out.
Smoke rising from our smoldering dreams injects reality straight through our veins.
Prepare to endure, poised for disease.
Prey or hunt with the wolves?
We watched the choice consumed by their jaws.
Digression has set its course down a ineluctable path.
When it pours we will have the strength to endure.
Through trial and tribulation we forge this tribal nation.
Here I am standing alone amongst the leeches and wolves.
Gut my insides.
Pick me apart.
Bottom feeding vultures can't kill a cold heart.
Here I am despite what you think, holding strong while the unchained anchor sinks.

7. Creed Of Tyrants

Wretched villains rise from the settled dust.
Creed of tyrants form from loss and tragedy.
Code of men stripped with no loyalty.
We sat on the fence-line and hunted down angels.
With all hope lost, far and gone.
Fill the void of angst with whatever pieces fit.
Failure invites doubt into our eyes.
Strip the mind until thoughts run blank.
Rape the soul of ideals held close.
Life slips like sand between your finger tips.
Follow the henchmen upon a pale horse.
To lead into eternal truth.
One man mounted of wings rises to power.
Seven heads separate.
Forms the beast of revelation.
Kingdoms divided are brought to desolation.

8. Our Requiem

My friends.
My family.
I ask of you one final time to gather before me.
Tonight we shall leave this earth as legends.
Our only way to never die.
This will be our requiem.
In the company of death we walk side by side.
Cast your differences aside for the lives sacrificed.
I ask one final time to unite.
Earn the right to stand with pride.
We are in the company of death.
Cast your differences aside.
For the lives sacrificed to the earth and for those still to come we wash our hands of blood.
Carry with you the love of a mother and a fathers strength may our names echo throughout history.
Glory, never given without a price.
Glory, gnawed clean from the hands that feed.
The world is at your finger tips, tear it apart.
Rip and cut until the view is clear as far as the eye can see.
Honor the Gods and pay tribute to the human era.
A most humbling wind blows at the dawn of extinction.
Fire signals that sails are near.
Vestals of vile creatures appear.
Rest well tonight.
Tomorrow we walk through the flames of hell.
This will be our requiem.
Our testament to the heavens.

9. Classic Struggle

We have long traveled these separate paths.
Our own quests to the meaning of life.
Low or high all roads end.
The only importance is what you have left behind.
What do you have to show?
Did you take advantage of being alive?
We cannot control the future of the world if we cannot control ourselves.
Free minds spark the fire of progress, birth of an uprising.
The power within each and all of you is the power of change.
The power to take control.
Here we are old friend.
Face to face in me I find you, my biggest adversary.
The clock is wearing down.
Arrangements wearing thin.
Masks decompose forcing shadows to the light expose the truth if you have nothing to hide.
To my enemies, you stand for everything I live to crush.
My reflection manifests in flesh and bone.
De-winged, ripped down from the fucking sky.
Dragged to dark where the angels dare not tread.
I'll see you on the battlefield.

10. The Great Stone War

Its all boiled down to this.
A futile attempt to sway the struggle.
Were all destined to perish.
Put down by your self seeking greed.
With the great clashing of titans, unveil the power of contrasts.
Crush them like a stampede of mammoths.
Wipe them from the face of the earth.
With our shield or on it fight with the strength of one hundred men.
Forcing out a battle cry.
Straight through the opposition.
Angels, warlocks arise.

11. Tides Of Change

Soon the rains will come to wash away the blood
The empire walls will crumble into dusts and the trees will retake the land
And when all is said and done the human race will only be a mere footprint in the sand soon to be washed away.

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