Wolves In The Throne Room
Thrice Woven

1. Born From The Serpent's Eye

Lend me your falcon skin
Sky traveler
Eyes turned upwards
Red eggs spill
Warships circle
Copper shields bedeck
Across the green meadows
Over the river teeming with spears
To the lake of stone
Where nothing lives and nothing grows
The many worlds below
Ungulate with memory and sadness
Through fathoms of green gilt enfolding

Sanden glider av mina händer
Jag söker ett andetag
Se på den stjärnan
Se på det ljuset
Se på mitt hjärta, kallt och mörkt
Bort från allt ljus, söker sig vattnet
Ner in i djupet, ut i ett hav

Noose tightens, hammer falls
Thunderheads mount the shore
Drenching twin rivers
Born from the serpent’s eye

2. The Old Ones Are With Us

Winter is dying
The sun is returning
The ice is receding
Rivers are flowing

The ground will be fertile
The seeds they awake
The ploughs will be charmed
The spirits rejoicing

The fires are burning
The offerings are given
The children are singing
The old ones are with us

We are becoming

The drow command the fires to burn
And the wine to flow
Wraiths watch in envy
Grapes and a chalice of gold
Reign under the stars

Laughter and song in the night
Bring tears to their eyes
And my soul thaws
In the decadence of night
The dead world stirs

Here In the halls of Anwyn.
The food of the dead lie untouched

Four headed dragon
Slit eyed
Ennobling flame
The blood flows

3. Angrboda

Invocation of lighting
Searing through the flesh
Burning away the heartwood
Opening purple throated gates
Dripping honey comb
Elders spawn
Flower of youth
Under rays of the black sun

Mourning drums clash and wail
Essence of frankincense
Drifts in two directions

4. Mother Owl, Father Ocean

Se på ditt hav
Se på ditt hav
Det består
Det förstår
Se på ditt hav
Se på ditt hav
Det förstår
Hur du mår
Hur du mår
Det består

5. Fires Roar In The Palace Of The Moon

Adorn her shrines with heather
Call upon the water of Dannu
Bile, greatest of oaks
Rise with the morning frost
Cross the courtyard
Cold moss and stone underfoot
Born in the winter
A maiden by spring
Death comes in fall

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