Woods Of Desolation
The Falling Tide

1. Far From Here

Every living moment streams away, endless
Departing, flowing, unable to find hold
To be lost somewhere amongst the fall
To rest in a lifeless still tranquility

These ceaseless waves keep on seeking the shore
But wither from reach as all times before

Yet these waves keep on seeking that shore
Building to one, the approach you've seen
To carry away, away, somewhere unknown
Somewhere unknown, and so far from here

I heard you say
The light of day is fading
A darkened sky gathers
Must it lead so far away?
A voice is calling
Its sound unheard
To face the sea of departure
Must it lead so far away?

Cast unto the distant winds, upon dead sea tranquility
But to grasp once more that fading shoreline
Why must it lead so far away?
So far from here
So far from here

2. Beneath A Sea Of Stars

The paleness of the sky falls away
Setting light, pulled asunder, bleeds into the deep

To wash away
Yet remain unseen
To rest eternally
Beneath a sea of stars

Enshrouded within the tidal mosaic
The falling vital sway of all in all
Of all in all

To wash away
Yet remain unseen
To rest eternally
Beneath a sea of stars

The waves of endless night crash and wash over
To be carried upon discrete symphonies unnamed

And there, far beyond
The fractured horizon awaits
Crowned with the impending finality of all
Never to return
Yet to find me there
And sleep eternally
Beneath a sea of stars

3. Illumination

As the stars bloom in the soil of night
Held above to illuminate the darkened depths below
Dragged deeper, yet ever deeper still calling
Still unseen, the gilded thread behind all
Still unfound, the endless pursuit of all

The flickering sigh of yesterday
Unfolds into illumination of dawn
Stars fade with the rising light
Condemned once again to dissolution
As the passing of the breath of infinity
Awakens once again anew

4. The Falling Tide

Slowly the tide is falling
With the light of the blue hour
Receding to the waters of oblivion
To be cloaked behind the twilight veil

To where sea and sky endlessly entwined
Are woven as one
And held in a silence without end

No words left to be said
And no paths left to wander
Nothing but the tide falling
Returning silently once again

Another life passes to awaken once again renewed
Submerged within boundless waves of golden light
To rise and fall with the breath of infinity
To drift as one with the lull of the falling tide

5. Instrumental


6. Anew

Dust gathers into form
Once again now and before
As all this was to dream again once more
To gather, unfold, now and forever
As has been said once before

To be, briefly, if only momentary
Life passes by, as fleeting as the golden falling leaves

So gather, unfold, once more
To be, if only momentary
As all will be but a memory
So dream, dream awake, dream life away
Come back, to re-begin again
Come back, forgotten anew
Come back, to dream a life again
As all this was and has been, a dream anew

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