Portal Of Sorrow

1. Portal Of Sorrow
2. Broken Glass Christening
3. Shrine Of Failure
4. Stream Of Subconsciousness
5. Karma / Death
6. Horizon Of Plastic Caskets
7. Mesmerized By Misery
8. This Abyss Holds The Mirror
9. Mourning Tomorrow
10. Miscarriage Of The Soul
11. Obeyer's Of Their Own Deaths
12. Released From This Earth
13. The Darkest Light
14. Hiver De Glace

Broken Glass Christening

The lie is no escape, lost in the reflection's cycle and crying rape.
Fiends and sexual deviants hiding behind God at their own convenience.
Reach the realization, you're here because you've been thrown away.
From a broken glass christening to the recycling of broken mirrors.
The energy drained with the anger I instilled upon you.
Let me kill you, what do you have to lose?

Horizon Of Plastic Caskets

Naive, weak, obey.
Follow into the human concentration camps,
Your black savior of 'hope' leads the way...
Towards mass graves (and plastic caskets)

Miscarriage Of The Soul

There is a void inside and no longer a soul, dementia has begun to take control.
Nowhere has become the other side.
The body is now prison, there's no way out (was there ever a way in?).
Shadows where wombs used to be, there is no escape from stagnating in despondency.
Seeing is deceiving and life just isn't there.
Remember the walk off the cliff's edge, still echoes of torment dwell.
Dead end passages of subconsciousness linger.

Obeyer's Of Their Own Deaths

Self-destruction towards the true enemy within, it's the only battle you can win.
Other wars, you don't stand a chance.
Turn the weapon and turn the cause upon yourself, failing to advance.
Digging your grave is another way of shitting on this earth.
You are the disease waiting to be spread.
Hurt yourself to rebel, falling into the trap.

The Darkest Light

Silence now and close your eyes,
this is the darkest light you will ever see.

Waiting not for death to drown in purgatory,
waiting now for death, bringer of the only solace.

Don't be confused,
you've lost all there was to lose.

Survival only seeking...another fate worse than death.

Suspended in a state of oblivion,
A key to the exit is death.

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