Zaratustra (BUL)
...In Bleakness (demo)

1. With the Black Horse

You're swaying weepingly
Spilling over the doom
Piercing the darkness through yourself
You feel the beauty of the coldness
Menace born by love
Washing away the meaning of the sense
Swim in the hatred
Feed your charms
Run over from the cover of despair
Accept yourself with the prince of the dark
Reject your desire for breathing
Embrace the black horse
Uphold the love because of evil
Thus the hatred is more charming
The love namely itself bears
The pure and sparkling menace
Love, she the highest form
Of evil and the charming selfishness
You are, you're alone, for you...
Flow over with the prince of the dark
And their voices are noise
Noise in the harmony of the bleakness
Dispose of yourself, you are
Be with the wind of the black horse
Rediscover the nature of the things
Fulfill the absurdity of the meaning of the sense
Go on the other side
And you'll be here again
Light as a useless gleam
A crack in the darkness of the heart
Feel the prince of ice
You're galloping with the black horse

2. Silence of the Shadows

They have accepted the completeness of the darkness
The unity of the constant presence
The accompaniment of the created
The soaking of the broken spark
Be with the creator of the light
The contrast discovers the beauty in the dark
Surfeit yourself with the rays in order to discover the shadows
Suppress the warmness with the silence of darkness
Bend down to the earth so that the sky
Can see itself in your hidden cover
Take a look down
Charmed by traits of your dark half
Obey the shadows, your only companion
Go over their silence, and fall silent with them
Meet their contour the same way as you forgot the light

3. About the Poisonous Spiders

Hurt self-opinion, restrained envy
Or maybe self-opinion and envy of your fathers
They erupt from you life a flame
like a flame from a volcano and madness of revenge
The silence of the father speaks by the son
The naked truth of the father reflects in the son
Jealousy is the leader on the rod of thoughts
Inspired people for the charms of revenge
The earning for revenge shivers from every mourn
A sharp knife stays behind every praise
And being a Judge is the charm
It's the greatest felt emotion
How splendid they reflect and compete
Firmaments and arches in a fight for domination
By lights and shadows they go forward
To one another. The forwarding to the light...

4. Kisses of the Ice Craving

The desires for light and warmness
Have reluctantly gone
You're with the cold crystal
In your dumbness
Feel the heart of the ice
The breath of the rocks
Go through the bright idol
Miss the top of the cold harmony
Ceding yourself in the bleak side
feel the wish of the crystal
The kisses of the ice craving
The calmness of the beauty
Lodge the wishes of the deep
The virgin darkness of the abyss
Untouched by the warmness of the ray
By the emotion of existing

5. A Night Song

It's night: everybody speaks louder now
all the spouting springs. My soul's a spring too
It's night: only now all songs are awaken
Songs of the fallen in love. My soul is a song of enamoured
There's something insatiable in me - it wants to speak
There is longing for love in me and she herself speaks
I'm light and I wish I was night. But this is the loneliness
My loneliness that I'm surrounded by light.
Oh, if only I was dark as night! How would I...!
How would I suck from the bosom of the light!
And you yourself, oh, little sparkling stars and fireflies up there,
How would I bless you. And happy,
Happy I would be from the gifts of light
But I live in my own light
And I devour the flames that flare up from me
I don't know the happiness of the received gifts
It's my envy - I see waiting eyes
Oh, evil doom for all the givers! Oh, eclipse!
Eclipse of my sun! Oh, earning for highest sorrow
Oh, burning hunger, hunger in the satisfaction!
They accept gifts from me but do I touch their souls?
There's a hunger growing from my beauty: I want to hurt
To cause pain to these to whom I shine. I want to rob
To rob the gifted by me - I'm so starving for menace.
To pull back my hand when another hand reaches out to it
To delay just like the waterfall delays.
Delays even in his falling. Such a revenge is my profusion
Thinking over: such a perfidy springs from my loneliness
Where's the tear from my eye
Where's the delicate down of my heart
Oh, loneliness of all the givers
Oh, silence of all shining
Lots of suns are hovering in the empty space
With their light they speak to all the dark
Concerning me they are silent. This is the hostility
Of the light conserning all that lights
Like a whirlwinds the suns float at their orbits
This is their road.
They follow constant will
This is the coldness
Oh, you first created the warmness of the gleaming
You dark obscure nights
Oh, you first drink the milk of delight
From the udder of light
Oh, it's the ice around me, my hand burns from the touch of ice
Oh, there's craving in me it pines with your thirst
It's night: why should I be light?
Oh, craving for night darkness! And loneliness
It's night: like a spring from the depths
Gushes out my wish. I long to speak
It's night: everybody speaks louder now
All the spouting springs. My soul's a spring too.

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