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1. The whore, the cook and the mother 11:59 1. The whore, the cook and the mother 11:59 1. The whore, the cook and the mother 11:59
2. The stance of evander sinque 5:31 2. The stance of evander sinque 5:31 2. The stance of evander sinque 5:31
3. Der überlebende 7:39 3. Der überlebende 7:39 3. Der überlebende 7:39
4. Heroin chic 8:03 4. Heroin chic 8:03 4. Heroin chic 8:03
5. Apocalypse woman 7:38 5. Apocalypse woman 7:38 5. Apocalypse woman 7:38
6. Base level erotica 9:54 6. Base level erotica 9:54 6. Base level erotica 9:54
7. Under your wings and into your arms 5:57 7. Under your wings and into your arms 5:57 7. Under your wings and into your arms 5:57
8. Follower 5:13
total time 56:41 total time 56:41 total time 61:55

The Whore, the cook and the mother

Tell me that I'm a sinner
Lay me down again
I need a doft flesh bed
My lust must be fed
Lay your hands on me
Lay your perfect hands on me
You know exactly what I want
So open wide
Take me now I'm yours
Lay me down again
Your heart rips through me
Your hands rip my skin
Deep inside your love
You're screaming for me again
My seed is passed to you
We are now one
To you. I'll only give it to you
(But only if you're there)
Only you. There's no-one else for me
(Until something better comes)
Be mine. Be mine forever more
(Until I'm fucking sick of you)

How old are you?

Tell me what you remember about
your first few birthdays

How tall was your mother?

I said, how tall was your mother?

What colour was her favourite dress?

Did you have any pers when you where
a child?

You see a woman stripping on a television
in a shop window. Do you stay and see what
happens or do you continue walking?

If a blind man drops some money in the street
Do you pick it up and return it to him or do
you keep it for yourself?

You're driving in your car when suddenly a cat
runs out right in front of you and you accidentally
hit it. You're in no hurry to get anywhere and the
poor animal is screaming in pain but you don't
bother to stop and help it. How do you feel?

The Stance of Evander Sinque

He was a poor man, though he was genius
Would they listen to this crazy man
Would they help him to his end
He was a tall man, pale skin and spoken back
And no-one knew him, though he was genius
They feared him, locked him away
And in silence would he pray

He lived alone, though many voices spoke
He found peace, in his own little world
So they beat him, to his end
He lays forgotten
Dead skin and broken neck
And no-one knew him
Though he was genius

Who was he, that crazy man
Just a loser, to the end

Der Überlebende

I'm alive and I'm bleeding for everyone
Pull me down from this mire
Hold me 'till I'm home
I believe in all of me
So I'll always live on
I have seen them
I have watched them fall
I have been them
I have watched myself crawl
But I'm alive
And I'll be singing for everyone
Did you see them
Did you watch us all fall
Did you save them
No you watched as we died
Will you believe in me
Because sometimes we never die

Heroin Chic

Falling flat, falling on my face
Up yours you fucking basket case
Come on, come on, take a shot
Kick me, kicking me, kick the lot

Talk to you with a frightening blade
Hear me stalk though the 6th fucking grade
Ear wax clogging up your head
Maybe you're dumb, maybe you wanna be dead

Take a ride through the city tonight
Or we can stay here smoking shite

Fear grabs like a falling man
Unforgiven in its choking hand
Come on, come on if you've got the guts
Kill me now cuz I don't give a fuck
In, out, baby I don't mind. Nice cunt. Nice behind
Groping around like a stupid kid

Bastards fucking everywhere
It's all I see. I can't help but stare
Talking crap and looking like a twat
See the blade. Feel the blade in your back

This night. This night is hot
Hope it rains. Hope it rains a lot
Everywhere suckers stop and stare

Fucking city's just a fucking mess
Up to its neck in fucking piss
Children playing with broken glass
Kill themselves for a laugh

Tired of being sold as meat
Whores give up beating on my meat
Actually, you know, I don't really mind
Too many scabs. Flesh is hard to find

Crime is here. Here to stay
Under pressure to admit you're gay
No money. No love. No luck
Tough shit. Stupid worthless fuck
Say you will. Say you won't. Say you will

Shit and scum. Fucking pigs everywhere
Harassing me but I don't fucking care
I'm not free. They're always tying me down
Taking me. Taking me down town

Bitches. Yeah. I fucked my share
And their mothers cuz I don't care
Say you will. Say you won't. Say you will
Talking shit. You want it up the hilt
Always feeling sick and always drunk
Raining at last, thank christ you cunt
Do me now with your heroin chic
Say nothing more. Do not fucking speak

Calmly walk from slut to slut
Up everyone. You know I don't mind a fuck
No protection baby, who fucking cares
Take a look. Come on. Everyone stare

Life for life is just the way its at
I don't remember last time I laughed
Call my woman but she's never home
Killed everyone to use this fucking phone
Eye for an eye and all that shit
Rip you off cuz I need a hit
Sit down now I've had enough

Apocalypse Woman

I am a victim of his endless faith
He is a killer
She gives suffering
She is a walking tall saint
I am you're stalking cruel fate
He licks the face of your god for nothing
He's coming closer
She shows no fear
But she will seduce him
She gives suffering
I am a hopeless witness
He is the falling worlds tears
He knows the way to our heartland
She's coming
Through my short life I've been given no reasons
I've looked but all I found was treason
I've become lifeless so I'm taking you with me
Why should I suffer for my gods own misery
Kindness is always going to evade me
I'll will is all I want you to see
Life is a war that you must win outright
Leave nothing standing in a show of your might
Draw upon him my sighing breath
And I will love him to my wicked death
There is a song they sing her
A sad war like murmur
She leaves the crying with nothing
Then takes that too
Now I'm a killer, and I have no faith
You are the victim as I come for you
We're all the same little losers
But we fight like hell
So come on, drop your guard now
I'm coming through

Base Level Erotica

What do you see
What do you see when eyes are closed
What do you feel
What do you feel when shes below
Who do you want
Who do you want her to be. A star
What do you see
What do you see when eyes flick open
Take her clothes off
Down to the bone now
Shes looking dirty
Shes taking you. You're losing control
Youre going down
Youre lying naked
Youre underneath now
And looking dirty
Youre taking her and youre going down
Tasting her, tasting you
You feel like the god of all love
Young women fell and die at your feet
One by one you will savage them all
She licks you hard
She will swallow it all
And then want more
The heat is on and youre dripping wet
On the floor

Under Your Wings & Into Your Arms

I need to see a sign
Will you take me away?
They come. They go. Will you stay here?
I need to see a sign
You need me
Who wants more?
I need him
Find my way
Be there now
Feel them
Be my call
You sing the songs
Of one hundred nights
Bring them to me
Because I know I'm right and I will
Take them all away
Never to be seen again
I'll take them to the sea
Leave it all to me because I'm
Feverish, devilish and irrelevant
You need me
I want you
I need, I need, I need
Are you there with me
Be there now
Feel me now
All my world

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Line up

Ade - Bass

Andrew - Guitar

Aaron - Vocals

Bill - Drums

Calvin - Guitar



Recorded at Academy Studios
Dewsbury, West Yorkshire
Englang, Engineered & Produced by Mags.
Assisted by Calvin
Mixed at Chapel Studios
Lincoln, by Mags and Calvin
Summer 1998
Asstistand engineers Stevie Clow
and James Anderson

In memory of Richard Jackson
for his fatherly guidance and love

We would like to thank all our families and
friends for their undying support

Contact us at "Angels of the Dark"
PO Box 777
West Yorkshire

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I wasn't sure if I should buy this new My Dying Bride, because I've never before heard such bad critics of one of their albums. But I got it anyways, and I don't regret it. I also think it's not as good as their others, but it's still a good cd. My Dying Bride changed their sound again a bit, most importantly the songs are their usual long-length again. They're also a bit less melodic and a bit more depressive now, and on the first song the vocals are even a bit grunt-like. So overall I think the first song alone is worth buying the album for, and the rest ain't bad either...

Rating: 7.5 out of 10

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