1. Fire in the winter - Lord of the Stone 5:28
2. Above azure oceans - Celestial Season 7:26

1. Above Azure Oceans

away from this planet
onwards to a second earth
the destination of this flight
or is it a bad trip?

hiding in the shadows of life
and far away from the light of doom
passing into surreality
into a paradise never explored before

a part you are in the chain, the chain of angels
that seek the night, the night sky

miles, hours, lives away from here

above azure oceans
through landscapes of forgotten times
in mountains of mist you fly, you fall

yeah, my child you'll come back sometime
oh my precious, you'll come back to me

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We are the music-makers
We are the dreamers of dreams
Along the desolate shores we wander
We are the bearers of passion it seems
Bearing no grudge... we ride...
Into the battle of centuries

Celestial Season
Booklet 116
1271 LW Blaricum
The Netherlands


The Celestial Season song 'Above Azure Oceans' is a song I like very much. It's in the same style as 'Solar Lovers' which I think is great... The song 'Fire in the Winter' by Lords of the Stone I like less. It's a bit in the same doom style, only the vocals are clean sung in a bit irritating way I think. So if you like Celestial Season it's a good record. If you just ignore the other side...

Rating: 6.5 out of 10

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