Almost a Dance

1. On a wave 5:51
2. The blue vessel 6:04
3. Her last flight 8:45
4. The sky people 4:26
5. Nobody dares 3:31
6. Like fountains 7:39
7. Proof 6:16
8. Heartbeat amplifier 4:51
9. A passage to desire 6:44
total time 54:07

On a Wave

I have an injunction, don't look surprised
Time to get even in this unproved life
Questions all over the years I live
Time for some answers, beware of my drift

So on, be true, denial won't work
And there is nothing you can't do
A feast arises, be glad you're invited
The future has no past, pass the wine

All those worries about all those dreams
All those nights when I screamed
Captured in security, a babbling brook
Let's drop a bomb and act like fools

But a true feast arises when you're done
And you're done when prospects are gone

Cause when you're down in the mud cause
dreams won't come, pleasure is gone
what did you do wrong
And you're trying to gain the fortune
and fame of the ones you admire, don't
try to remain. Security is just a game

The Blue Vessel

Its quest around the sun
Mankind on the run
Overwhelming indifference
Destruction fills my eyes

Blue and full of life
Wandering through time
Being outer space
It looks ya right in the face

The Vessel on its way
Saving the grace
Bright gentle face
A life saving case

Propulsion a mistery
Science, the missing link

But damage they cause
By inventing machinery
Inventing my greatest fear

There's so much to discover
Blaming each other tomorrow
Hurting each other today
Fading away

Denying the facts
Turning the Vessel into a wreck
Blowing prospect away
Not trying to save the day
Tomorrow fading away
Following time makes me afraid

Her Last Flight

Can't do that, please forget
The things I need, there's more than only to breath
Twisted and dreams, crying and defeat
Love and fear, Buried beneath those facts
Which controle, it's all there
Sent me grief, sent me joy
To become myself, trying to gather the truth
Eternal faith, blame myself
Pleasing the one, from inside
Cause there is where it's at, take my breath
Wet my eyes, turn me inside out and never lie

And if you cry, I'll take the side
That needs in the first place
Be my guest, I will not push
I will not try to take more than you want
Cause what would you have done if the truth
was done wrong

And please forget, we can't have those thing
And please forget, we'll act like we've just met
And please forget, we can do it all over again
Please forget we'll act like we've just met

I don't wanna do it right
Wonder about her last flight

The Sky People

Confidence and hope
I'm looking forward to future plans
Not able to realize yet
Makes me wanna take a rope
or swallow some pills any time
But let's have a look
In the distance I see light

Gives me satisfaction
Keeps me hangin' on
When stability is gone

I take my own life
I make the decisions
I have a goal
That's worth living
Confidence in what I do
realising my hope
That's the bright side I'm looking for

But I know how to take it
In times when my life looks shattered
and I'm not feeling to well

Confused when I think
Which direction not for sure
Dreams far away
Time doesn't seem to go on

Nobody Dares

Behind those mountains is a land
That is owned by geniune men
They wear a stone around their neck
Which they borrowed from a river
That supplies them with food and nutritious minerals

And if you follow the river to the north
You find their place
Where they hide their children and women
The women who wash during the day
Are so beautiful you fall on your knees, start to pray
The children are the ones that play all day
Are happy and shining all these days

Behind those mountains there's a life we can share
Cause nobody dares
Behind those mountains there's a life we can share
Cause nobody dares

What they need you can see everywhere
An ocean of green grass, the grazing buffalo
Who they killed to have food and shelter
In the winter when the wind is cold
And a white ocean is all you see
The women are still washing
The children still play during the day
And the men wear a buffalo coat to live their land
That is cotton by frozen river
As it's spring in the mountains, I see

Behind those mountains there's a life we can share
Cause nobody dares
Behind those mountains there's a life we can share
Cause nobody dares

Like Fountains

A scar inside
For such a long time
I'll do it all over again
Can't face the wounds
Have to go on
Stop remembering

Time by time shades reach the surface
A mental breakdown, they provide
Accept, clear up, clean up, go on
and soon I'll show some pride

There's enough to go on further
Don't force to forget

Till the day I'm done with the shades
The rage I create towards myself, the hate
To claim the blame that I feel
To damage the dreams I need
Facing uncertainty
Facing the truth
Got to get on through
Blaming myself
Blame at last
...And please forget


The first (...)
Sweeter than honey
The second time
What's left
No time
A pleasant surprise
All the time

Always answers
Sharing feelings
With me
I would like to clear it up for once


Safety at last
And I think all the time
About the dawn and the night
All the answers
The wrong and right
When we kiss, when we fight
And love in its most natural way
All the time
All of my life
Till the fire's burned down again

It's all gone, Away

Heartbeat Amplifier

That poem is not funny
You're just laughing about those words
That describe my feelings, when I am hurt

But I just couldn't resist
to show you those lines
I just gave you a diamond
and you act like that's a crime

And I just got down in my soul
down on my knees
Give my permission to bleed

That look on your face makes it all clear
that my fear is not worth the tears

You have permission to go and die on the
streets where I find the words to ease my
mind that bleeds

I curse the damned who just laugh in you face
Give me permission to rearrange
Just laugh in your face

Drawing blood from people
People that are in pain
I never tried to gain the soul from the fraim

A Passage to Desire

I feel like I am hurt
Can't you see
I try to express
But I act like you're a stranger to me
I want to share, but don't know how
My eyes can't speak
And my mouth won't write it down

And there's so much confusion
as I want to clear it up
Cause when I start, suddenly,
the end has begun
Maybe if I touch, you will feel
what I mean but you're acting strange

Cause my eyes look differently
Caught by death, I do not hope
that my release is decided long ago

I try to get out
To jump at once in a place
Where it's all right or wrong
and I won't be afraid
I open myself for you
and all those others
Who cared when times were rough for me

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Line up

Niels Duffhues - Vocals, acoustic guitars

Jelmer Wiersma - Electric and accoustic guitars

Hugo Prinsen Geerling - Bass, flute

Hans Rutten - Drums

Martine van Loon - Female Vocals

Frank Boeijen - Keyboards, synthesizers, samples

René Rutten - Electric and accoustic guitars



Arrangements by Hans Rutten, except Nobody Dares, arrangement by Niels Duffhues
Produced, engineered, mixed by Tom Holkenborg.
Tom Holkenborg appears by P.I.A.S.
Executive producer: Mark Fritsma
Photography by Jack Tillemans
Lay-out by Kirsten van 't Oosten
Bookings: Background agency
Recorded live and mixed at "Spitsbergen" Studio, september '93


Of course this second cd from The Gathering can't be as good as their first one, but it's still quite good. Their style has changed a lot, especially the vocals, which aren't grunts anymore. Further the music is slower and more relaxed. Because of the vocals it sometimes sound a bit like Faith No More. So if you don't hate FNM this is quite a good doom metal cd.

Rating: 8 out of 10

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