Sacred Sin - Anguish... I Harvest

Original Version Rerelease Version
1. Ghoul plagued darkness 4:23 1. Ghoul plagued darkness 4:23
2. 13th moon 2:24 2. 13th moon 2:24
3. Lead of insects 3:18 3. Lead of insects 3:18
4. Firethrone 4:11 4. Firethrone 4:11
5. Profane 2:56 5. Profane 2:56
6. (Hope) Still searching 4:38
6. Hope (Still searching) 4:38
7. Aghast 3:53 7. Aghast 3:53
8. Astral 4:42 8. Astral 4:42
9. Feathers black 4:22 9. Feathers black 4:22
10. Seel of nine 6:24
10. The Shinning Trapezoid / Seal Of Nine 6:21
11. Enraptured 6:58
12. Feathers Black 4:02
13. Beyond The Shadow Gate 4:48
14. Aghast 3:26
15. Wyvern 4:07
16. Astral 4:12
total time 41:11 total time 68:36

Ghoul plagued darkness

Face the ghoulplagued darkness
Set forth the secrets from conjuration
To attain the amstery of the holy
And imperial art
Wandering nature of mind it self
The art of meditation
Constant practice and experience
The act may come fruitful in magic
Thy light shall come
Set forth the rain
And never to rise again
Face darkness plagued of ghouls
Angels to is brethen
Let him bring light
Enjoy his realm
No eye shall behold him unblasted
Let him strike the necks of ungodly
Let him be a mighty light of confort
And the father of all creations
Face darkness... plagued of ghouls
Let thy light come, send forth rain
Let the earth grow green
All flurish in it's coming...
Let the planets whirl send forth comets
Angels to his brethen
Enlight all his realm
No eye behold him unblasted
Let him strike apon the necks of ungodly
Repeat I & II

13th moon

In saphire skies we succumb to its charms
In darkened maze we are swarned
Paralized in its magic blaze

By all names of spirits (we salute you)
By the air earth & light (we conjure you)
Flame of serpentine

By the 13th moon
Flame of serpentine
Symbols and signs to guide us by

Even in death you give us strength
When nothing left remains
The infernal path of dark
Inheritance of night spirits

By the 13th moon
Flame of serpentine
Symbols and signs to guide us by

Lead of insects

Crown me crown me with gasoleene
I own you own you with such an ache
Deep within the oiled fissured skin
Born to rule I am slaghter king
Reign the asphalt sky
You will not survive me
I'll hunt you all the way
Like a hell hound born of fire
I am the cry rapture in unstained flesh
Into dreams of boundless terror
I take the lead of insects
I am the blood wept
Ever flowing stream of pain
From your eyes stitched
See the wrath of the insane
I am the crucifixion nail
Who rips and conquers
Watch me breathe the flames higher
By the wings of purity
Crave the flesh
The stabbing shall never rest
Sheer horror is real
Taste the bitter kiss of steel
I am the cry rapture in unstained flesh
Into dreams of boundless terror
I take the lead
I am the plague and anguish I harvest
From the dying and the insects I rule


With the dark starring ot a distant shape
Behold its light shall carry forth
and never fade
Faint the eyes can never see
Into the sphinx of their hypocrisy
Unleashed the will to rage
in the quest
And vox to follow you till rest
Hail the firethrone
Firethrone the quest for the ancient deceased
The sceptre from where came all belief
Firethrone just an enchanted loom
Strength beyond strength in the flames of doom
Go to the deepest cave into the deep abyss
Couple with the worms of the earth
And rejoice as demons rebirth
The gleam of flames shall show the way
In which we went and burn to clay
The sphynx of the sun is the entity
Captive in spell for all eternity
Hail the fire throne
Repeat I
Repeat II
Straight to the heart unfaithful
shall perish in flames
All torn apart smashed by the daggers blade
Realm of the dark where all my dreams unfold
Mysteries of the art behold the shant
of the ancient stone
Hail the firethrone
Repeat III


Profane darkened words, black is my name
By the six six six, the twisted sign of the crucifix
By the pale light of candles burning churning
In evil swamed fantasies that blackened my eyes

Profane devilish words death is my name
In blasphemy vomit upon the prophets fee
desecrate the holy cross turning and yearning
You weaks and fools can only follow the book of lies

I profanate !!

Burning faster a consuming impulse
Feel it bursting inside the bowels
I await and expect
The flourishing of a new dark age

Embrace the dark to regain new life
Behold the flame against you all
Reverie take the penance
Your pain shall make us stronger

Profane insane words hate is my name
In ecstasy driven by the demons in me
In laughter we watch the churches burning
We make of all fools and priest of lies

(Hope) Still searching

When I touched her hand
Knew it would be the last time
And I I never understand
As I hold youi for the last time
Caressed her face now it feels so cold
Could I embrace, hold you forever
Caught by the blaze, caught by the pain
Left in sorrow ever restrain
The tears I hold, the tears I hide
It took too long to realize
Will I ever see you again
Will I ever forget the pain
Remembrance never fades away
Know I'll find you, find you some day
Resting in silence, resting in peace
Now awaiting to be unleashed
Caught my heart and will never fade
A stronger link shall find the way
But im still, still searching
I'm still, still searching
--- Interlude ---
Repeat II
Life goes on but nothing feels the same
Thou it feels like youre always around me
Repeat IV


This means war
Dusk falls behind the valley
Where deceased scattered remains
Eyes stalk the unrested plains
At helms deep await to strike

Stillness before the battle
The shameful defeated
They shall be staked

Sharpen the razors blade
Tighten the armours
Scream their war shouts
Thus aghast unstaineth

March in fierced fight
Enjoy the violent clash or raging steel
Thus aghasat unstaineth
Clouds of flaming arrows
Ride by the flight of waging spears
Thus aghast unstaineth
Shmashed by the battle axe
Screams from behind the iron mask
Thus aghast unstaineth
This sweet restlees anger
Taste the bitter end
By the kiss of my sword
Thus aghast unstaineth


The frozen hands from a hidden ghost
Between the dark and in my sleep
It touched me and I awake
Alone in the dark without a trace

An ancient dread still unburied
Taken in heart can never dought

Fell my life in sudden tight
By a string of inner thoughts
To some spectral shape
Guiding me through the dimensions


Death is just the turning of the road
Just can not see
I listen I can hear your steps
Existing just like I am

Twisting swarm watching my sleep
Like the unbound
Cross the air as a dream
And I know I know I'm there


Nothing inside but a pale shadow
Something that hunts like a cold abyss
Astral corpse erranting

Feathers black

Spread my wings over misty woods flown
Between grey clouds and deep scarlet sky
Catch my heart a strong breeze
Cold and sweet memories brought

Glittering vision in thine dressed
Like the gleam of my feathers
My feathers black

Show my claws to tear apart retribute
In their souls my suffering anguish
Oh sweetest is the taste of revenge

Dark is my Princess
In her shadowed throne
Dark are veils in which she's showned

My screams echo through
The deepest canyon
Its song of my sorrow the rime of my grief

My frozen darkened heart
Like moonless night
As black as my feathers my feathers black

Catch my heart a strong breeze
Cold and sweet memories brought
Glittering visions in thine dressed
Like the gleam of my feathers
My feathers black

The Shinning Trapezoid

Journeyed cast forth the jackals of time
Hear the deathless ones the deep ones
Who walked upon and beneath the earth
Darkness boils in a world of horrors

Callign the eternal serpent who sleeps
Amist the chasms of the abyss by the
Seal of nine where the trapezoid is shinning
And flutes shriek through the deepest pit
Across the threshold

Seel of nine

Hail Cthulu who's art all know
Powers unveiled beneath the seed it grow
Lord of the abyss for you is our cry
To sleep in your dreams we choose to die
From the sea call the ones of the deep
From the earth summon the ones who sleep
Bring forth the ram of the sun
Eternal serpent shall raise upon
The land drown by incessant rain
Unspeakable words summum thy names
The old ones are the old ones where
The old ones shall be again
Repeat I
Hail Cthulu!!
Call the ones of the deep summon the ones
Who sleep the lord of the abyss
Bring forth the ram ruller of the sun
Let thy flames burn
Eternal serpent rise from the sea rule the sky
To thy dreams we die
In the seal of nine where the trapezoid shine
The old ones we shall find

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