Graveland - Blood of Heroes

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1. Blood of Heroes 9:27 1. Blood of Heroes 9:27
2. I Am What They Fear 6:37 2. I Am What They Fear 6:37
total time 16:04 total time 16:04

1. I Am What They Fear

My spirit travels through the night sky
My eyes see through the night
They see through nothingness and emptiness
I can read peoples thoughts
I am what they fear
and ancient fear of long forgotten past
On the mournful night of Samhain
I come back to where the stones are lined
Where phantoms dance with shadows
In the cold and foggy breeze of the night winds
i bring the dead light
feed on it - ghosts of night
Warriors of ancient battles
Priests of ancient faiths
Ancient wisdom of Atlantian temples
may the swords buried in the ground
come back to the light
I am feared by humans
because I am the master of their fate
cloaked in darkness
I penetrate underneath the nightly horizon
under the shine of stars and the light of the moon
The fire I bring erases life
Fear and suffering are my breath
I am the one that changes dreams into nightmares
Pulled by ancient powers
I rip the strings of life
I call the spirits of the dead warriors
Darkness is my ally

2. Blood of Heroes

Old Heros are still alive
their spilled blood is the sacrifice
which each warrior must commit
Victory through suffering
Gods give me weapons
so I cant stand on the battlefield
I pray to the old heros
to come back bringing hope
The Horizon covered in flames
Blood red light
mixes with smoke
within the languages of fire
Old Heros are still alive
Their deeds I follow
Their spilled blood is the sacrifice
Its the light in the darkest night
The truth among a sea of lies
I am faithful to the foundations of my blood
Conscious of its birth given worth
My fate is bonded till eternity
when i swear my faith to the calling cause
Soon my sword and my will to fight
will be tested
I walk the road of glory
following the voice of ancient wisdom
I belong to the race of Gods and I am proud
I am proud of the heros of my race

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