Colosseum - Chapter 3: Parasomnia

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1. Dilapidation and Death 21:39 1. Dilapidation and Death 21:39 1. Dilapidation and Death 21:39
2. Questioning Existence 3:52 2. Questioning Existence 3:52 2. Questioning Existence 3:52
3. Passage to Eternity 15:40 3. Passage to Eternity 15:40 3. Passage to Eternity 15:40
4. On the Strand of Nightmares 11:58 4. On the Strand of Nightmares 11:58 4. On the Strand of Nightmares 11:58
5. Parasomnia 10:16 5. Parasomnia 10:16 5. Parasomnia 10:16
6. Aesthetics of the Grotesque (demo 2006)
total time 63:25 total time 63:25 total time 63:25

1. Dilapidation And Death

Trying to separate the outside from the inside
Trying to remain calm, 'though they mix in subtle manner
Chaos inside, losing all hope, basking in pain that seems endless
Alone in this life and its futile signs of malignant forms
Silent hatred for nothing, weakened for everything

Gloom is no more the same, light increases the pain in this suffering
Feelings have shriveled to death, awaiting to die with no idolatry
Believing in nothing at all
These bleeding veins are as indifferent as existence in itself
No sorrow behind these wounds, just hatred and pain
Reaching the end for good

I might as well just sleep and awake no more to watch the dilapidation of all
I might as well just dream there would be a life instead of growing nothingness

"Who told you that I wouldn't come back to you
I am inside and growing, destroying your mind and your worthless dreams
Corrupting your senses, erasing the reason and all that's left of you
You can't escape for I've become you - forevermore!"

The sight is darkening and chaos reigns in here
There's no more explanations for this seems like the end
All your precious memories and wishes are gone
The swirl of damnation furls you to this nightmare

Touching the cosmic horror beyond the space and time
Reaching for inhuman experience, the journey to afar
The limits of mind are gone, hallucinating the death of the universe
Vortex of chaos and hell leaves only ash and dust

There was none to witness the death of a man who saw it all coming

2. Questioning Existence


3. Passage To Eternity

You have become a foe to your own existence
Slave to your own nightmares, reality is fading away

Like a wretched curse the shadows crawl over you
The temple of echoing thoughts where your tortured self is punished
World is only a distant shade of a dream long lost
Mirror escapes your image as you've killed yourself with shame

You have become an epitome of guilt and fear
Carrying your own hearse to a place where you'll bury yourself alive

Human existence is nothing from universal perspective
Human existence is nothing compared to a weight of centuries
We'll die in our time

All the values are degraded and laws wiped away from dust
Every little gleam of hope is vanished before our eyes
We'll live while being dead

Searching for answers, but they'll remain hidden from you
Searching for comfort, but all the keys are lost
Searching for painless moment, but everything remains the same
Searching for divinity, but all the gods are dead
Searching for justice, but its door is closed from you
Searching for light, but darkness is impenetrable

Is this life only illusion and vast torture chamber as reality
Behind closed doors you writhe not knowing the reason why you suffer

Is this life merely a shadow of death where living dead wander
Is the only salvation to flee from the hands of time
You've already faced your enemy

4. On The Strand Of Nightmares

Towers stand tall reaching the grey skies
Seen the weight of the years untouchable
Sleeping waters returned you from their depths
On the strand of nightmares you've become rotten flesh

Air has become a poison making our lungs to bleed
Choking to our own wishes to flee
Dreaming no more

Once you thought you've seen all the world
Thought you'd conquer the supremacy of your sanity
Without single drop of sorrow you left from here
Ending your way - ending your days

You never could achieve being part of humanity
You never saw a beauty in all the laughter and joy
Like unfinished novel you wasted all your ambitions
Sold your blackened soul and got nothing back

Pictures lie torn and loss is perpetual
Mirrors lie broken and wounds will never heal
There will be no grave for your memory
All the struggle was worth nothing at all

There will be nothing for you in all eternity
The memory of all that was meant to be worth cherishing
Will soon fade away like a dying flame
The flame that was already stillborn in its birth

All you thought as noble and great
Has long gone and entered its grave
The storm will come and hurl us all to flames
Towers still stand invulnerable and gazing to vast horizon

Enter the collective brain - Enter the universal truth
See the chaos and macrocosmic lunacy
Written beyond the timeless stars
Written beyond the perception of mind

5. Parasomnia

Still vast desert of being
Roaming and crawling through this empty field
Last autumn for somnambulist to drown
Aimless and forgotten, restrained and aching

Thoughts echo in parade of unforgiveness
The invisible dead march in solemn torment
Painful mirage strikes through your blinded eyes
Cranny for your disease - All you failed to achieve

Lungs are bleeding black
Nightmares are coming back
Awake from your illusions of hope
Mistaking for your surroundings in black empty space

You have not sensed the world for ages
You have not ever been present in this harsh reality
You painted your world to invisible cloath with grey and black
You have been the last drop of water in this now broken glass

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