Christ Agony - Condemnation

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1. Devil's invocation 6:06 1. Devil's invocation 6:06
2. Psalm Ov Livia Khao'tsu 4:48 2. Psalm Ov Livia Khao'tsu 4:48
3. Condemnation Part I 4:17 3. Condemnation Part I 4:17
4. Temptation Ov Lost 6:13 4. Temptation Ov Lost 6:13
5. MarchManifesto 5:30 5. MarchManifesto 5:30
6. BloodSeedNation 4:30 6. BloodSeedNation 4:30
7. Condemnation Part II 4:15 7. Condemnation Part II 4:15
8. Cult Domination 5:38 8. Cult Domination 5:38
9. The LevithaSuite 12:13 9. The LevithaSuite 12:13
10. Purgatory Beast 2:20 10. Purgatory Beast 2:20
total time 55:50 total time 55:50

1. Devil's Invocation
In condemnation we last
Losing our hearts in blood and fear
Still faithless is our journey
Without thoughts we last

Blood on my heart
Blood on my conscience
Condemned and far from the world
Condemned and far from faith

Shame deep frozen in your throats
Hatred burnt in your hearts
By a symbol which is on fire

The condemnation of loneliness
Of minds and bodies
And no delight will ever heal
The suffering and the wounds

Do not raise your hands in prayer
Do not call his feet's holy marks
In vain...
Do not bow... you damned dog

The condemnation that is in you
All your cries will not help
For created from nothingness to nothingness
Another ashes running through
The hour-glass of suffering

No light
Only the path

Celebrate union with god
- that is ridiculous...
Embrace in your suffering
- stand there mute
That is ridiculous
Cry until your sorrow
Burns all your condemnation

Suck the poison of reality
Rot thrown into a church
Do not speak... do not look...
Remain unwritten 666...

2. Psalm Ov Livia Khao'tsu
You would be too beautiful to die in my arms
But what can you do, when the body is weak and mind too sick
You cannot desire warmness
When you feel only the coldness of body
Chilling senses, longing for ecstasy

But what can you do, if body is only
A reflection of senses
I only crave for one thing
One mind
One ecstasy

Perhaps I'm only nihility in fog of Your Values
Nothing can I do -- I'm only Nothingness...

Without craving -- I'm nothing
And the hub of the Universe...
For what is Nothingness if not the Grandeur of all
My World
My Existence...

3. Condemnation P.I
Open the book of your thoughts
They are all already there
As in my memories
In my past
In the book of the one...

Devilish vision of union
Is something that hurts...
And cursed we last
And so as to forget the important -
We do forget...

We forget to plunge our bodies
In ecstasy and in madness
Falsely changing our faces
For the others...

And cursed we last
And the space around us
Is real...
As my eternity be the curse
And fire in my veins

Marking symbols, spelling curses
I summon rocking hatred
To my senses
Amongst corn and semen

Born of sin
Free from chains
Like a dog... like a wolf...
You walk through the flames...
To see your own face...

Your mirror is not the reflection
That you create in your thoughts

Swim and use your powers
Swim and swear
You shall reach the pain...
You shall feel...
You shall live...

4. Temptation Ov Lost
So cold without you
So empty...
Only lonely memories
Remaining in the mirror

Tattooed with looks
You wear a smell of yearning
Driven by memories
You walk to the river
Dressed in ecstasy
Showering sensual charms...
You await...

Pan-existing clocks measure time cruelly
You do not give up...
With your proud look
You smile towards the stars
Snow smells so beautifully with the past

This penance has no end
Without your breath
Without your desire...

I cannot do anything about it
Only the withered river awaits me
One of her banks so lonely
Like the uneven space of boundlessness and chaos...
You dance to the words
You exist in the spells
Taste of thoughts and smell of jasmine felt right next to you...

Dispassionate is the time
Like grath of red rose
Living just in your mouth...
This penance has no end
Without your breath
Without your desire...

It is so beautiful to exist
On the other side of the mirror
Only there your spells may be felt...
Only there we find ourselves...
This penance has no end
Without your breath
Without your desire...

5. MarchManifesto
This is my secret...
This is my secret land...
It is me among them all
Wonders of the world here I stand
With my own desire
Of your existence...

This is my kingdom
The fortress of my marks
This is my secret world
And my words like tears
Reflexing the light
Into the non-existence of your world...

This is the manifesto of the sin of mine
Hidden deep down the bleeding heart
Hidden deep down in eyes
And full of poison
Hatching to the world therough the night

This is the manifesto of sin - the manifesto of lies
And truths of all kinds...
Care of domination over the world
In silence and curse we are free...
We care about our beauty
Living just our own lives
We find ourself and our hope...

6. BloodSeedNation
Dead signs in blazing stars
Eternity and heart...
Dead symbols in seeking
For true freedom...

You hug your ashes at night
And shower your fate
From hand to hand
All these ashes are just a small part
Of the great power
Unfathomable... and dreamt about...

This symbol allows to survive the night
Allows to live and curse...
All this power of eternal might
Shall be found deep inside of you

Blood trickles nations
In degradation of their brains
Rotten hatching spell - driven away only by witches...
The coming of an end is the endless time
The endless chaos...

Mankind is guilty...
Their humanity tested
In chaos we find power, in anarchy we find life
Destroy the walls with fallen symbol
Crash stained-glass of many meanings
Crash every prophecy...
Be individual on firmament
Of meanings of your own...

7. Condemnation P.II
I see pain of existence
In your looks...
Like a curse
On your faces...
Marked with Christ
For ages
Follow empty path in blindness...

All the lies of this miserable world
Inside of you...
No stars, no truth
No freedom...

Truly blind
Feel no hope
For endless horizon
Of true freedom...

In hypocrisy your home and day
And in ashes is this night...

You sip the blood
Through closed lips
And forget
The destiny...
Who is cursed ?
You, them or I ?
Who is cursed ?

The lonely answer shall be found
Half the way
Half the time
Half the space...

8. Cult Domination
Thy hands seek no love
Thy lips feel no words
Thy eyes see no stars...
Thy womb sin and lies
Right there hidden is the condemnation...

Let us drink one too many goblets...
There are the memories
Smelling with first blood...

For these moments - drink!!!
For that time - drink!!!
For the chaos - drink!!!
His majesty lets us feel
The true colour of the night
This first night
This first fog
And virginity turned to blood...

Let us drown in desire
Let us drown in freedom
Somewhere among the roses
Blooming on your grave...

Let us drown in desire
Let us drown in freedom
One too many goblets to live...
One too many goblets to die...

Let us remain free
Possessed and innocent in the truth

9. The LeviThan'Suite
There is no place for good and evil
But ruins and non-existence...
There is no place for love and mercy
But ruins and non-existence...

Only pain and suffering
Allows to feel truly
For there is no place for hope...

Possessed, condemned, barefooted
I stalk through the burning land of beauty
Far beyond howling of wolves...
Far beyond your breath...

Fog above me...
Rain and another step...
I leave the hollow land behind...
Hell may be my blessing
Dawn's possession may be my blessing...

Nobody there is truly herself...
Fake is every cry
Every suffering is just a substitute
Of true suffering...
I stand among the stars
And from them i lick
Divinity given only to the burning angels

Fallen, naked, barefooted
Among many suns
I find my own sadness
And the cause of the end...

10. Purgatory Beast
Behold, I am the Beast
Behold, I am the Only One
Chosen by the Abyss
And messenger of Truth...

With Cleansing Force
I restore the Universe
Building Order
New World...

Behold, I am the Beast
Inscribed Mark
In the Book of Khao'tsu
Ashes shall I leave behind
And confusion...
Because Nothingness fills
My heart for the God of Cross...

Damnation flows in my Veins
Marked with Fire
And Fire I Rule
Because Nothingness fills
My heart for the God of Cross...

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