1. Seven dreaming souls (intro) 0:45
2. Gateways of bereavement 8:16
3. In silence enshrined 6:31
4. Without god 6:52
5. Elohim meth 1:42
6. Velvet thorns (of drynwhyl) 13:57
7. Tomb of insomnia 13:10
8. Dancing december 2:18
total time 53:31

Gateways of Bereavement

I stand as I cry
Mourning in the silent rain
Death will light my burden
Endless is my sorrow
Gateways so dark
All these years of dying

Gone are dreams of velvet choices
I am you, we were one
Vast are fields I walk
Where sorrow never dies
The sky unites with the blackened rain
Summon with my tears
Now descend on winterwings
My withering soul

Let me die
Gateways of bereavement
A temple of guilt
Falling deep
Embraced in grief
My withering soul
Let me die

Farewell life and all I died for
Now my time is over on earth
Another journey has begun
Alone I died, not praying for mercy
Nor praying for salvation
A lonely journey in a darkened dream
Time has come to spread my wings

Descending from a silent sky
Death comes to take me away
And from the gateways you hear me

...I love you...

In Silence Enshrined

In silence enshrined through ages
A dying beauty on a journey far
Fading roses enchants the garden
Sleeping, dreaming of my bride

In quiescence faces borders the path
On the shore of no hope I am stranded
Fading roses enchants my grave
Sleeping, dreaming of my bride

Lift my remains from water violent
Unite the body with a serene sky
Enlight my wounds with healing tongue
The portrait is kissed in a solemn night

In silence enshrined through ages
A rotten beauty on a journey far
Blackened roses celebrates my death
How I never could reach my bride

Putrid faces engulfs the path
To the shore of no hope, a bridge
Blackened roses in the cradle of sleep
Whispers: "Our death is eternal"

In silence I fall through sorrows
A dying lord on eternal journey
Your face is torn and lifeless
And the passage is locked now forever

Tearful my face borders the path
Sleeping, dreaming of my bride
And freezing my soul is praying
"Take me the way through the night"

At last I found I found the throne of bereavement
Grim and bleak raised to the sky
The velvet thorns of Drynwhyl are mine
And so are death and sadness

My final sacrifice
In the trees you will hear my voice
Ever calling ever falling

Ten strings of darkness on a violin sad
Flowing tunes on autumn funeral
Ashes spread in the northern storm
I can fly

Without God

Human Birds watch the sky
Where dark formations sail
Infecting the area of god

I am God creator of life
I am God enchanter of death
Death - that now marks you
Life - that slowly pass away

Screams of fear, dismembering the wind
Helpless souls drowning in pain
But storms of dawn...
A dawn without God

My spirit filled with hate sets free
The force of the golden dawn
Without god
Entomb your fear

The spirit is free
Jhva Elohim Meth
Satan laughs
Jhva Elohim Meth

I raise my fist
To the sky
Swear the ancient oath of black
The lambs shall bleed
Eternallly bleed
God is dead and shall forever be

Velvet Thorns (of Drynhwyl)

Ten strings of darkness on a violin sad
I watch the mountains where the frost begins
The northern storm is guiding me
To the forest

Silently the nightbirds fly
Their last scream my eternal dirge
Under the fullmoon a funeral
In the forest

Still I walk with open wounds but the third is now rising
Through the ashes of a dying love a new soul is born
I watch the feathers like snow in the winter
The angels that fell, so splendid to rape

Tall are the shadows that dance before me as they
Shows the way to the dawn
An autumn forest that never reach
Condemned to sorrow

Chasing the wind / like a spirit fly
Through the autumn trees / Towards the sky
Hoofs are pounding / in the clouds above
The chariot of sorrow / watch me die
Hear the violin / so sad and blackened
Like a breeze / the songs of drynhwyl
Chasing the wind / like my spirit die
Dreaming of the queen / the queen of roses

Now they die, pure sorrow flow
My souls funeral, too close to the end
Now they die, purest blood pours
Forever die, but I must...

I must die
Through the sky
And the forest

Follow the wind, go north my child
To the purest of winters
Go to the forest that never ends
There you'll find your fate

And to the north I rode, on the coldest of winds
I watched the mountains where the frost begun
Where no angels ever dare to tread
Where death is all mine

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Line up

Blackheim - Electric and Acoustic strings of sorrow

Lord J. Renske - Drums, percussion and voices

Israphel Wing - Bass guitar



Recorded in Unisound Studios 4-9 april 1993
Produced by Dan Swanö & Katatonia
Mixed & engineered by Dan Swanö and Day DiSyraah
Mastered at Cutting Room by Peter Dahl
All keyboards by Day DiSyraah
All music by Blackheim
All lyrics by Lord J. Renkse
All arrangements by Blackheim and Lord J. Renske
Cover design: Tom Martinsen, Cover Me
Photos: Lennart Kaltea, TOm Martinsen

Katatonia Horde of Sorrow
Hagagatan 17 L, 113 47 Stockholm, Sweden
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When I heard this cd for the first time, I didn't thought it was that much special yet. But after listening to it some times, it really began to grow on me. It has a nice atmosphere, I think it sounds a bit older than it really is, the sound is a bit trash but very melodic black / death metal, really hard to put a label on actually. Ah well, just listen to it and judge for yourself...

Rating: 7.5 out of 10

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