Runemagick - Darkness Death Doom

Original Version Limited Version
1. Intro - Cdxliv 1:42 1. Intro - Cdxliv 1:42
2. Ancient Incantations 7:37 2. Ancient Incantations 7:37
3. Eyes of Kali 8:48 3. Eyes of Kali 8:48
4. The Venom 9:00 4. The Venom 9:00
5. Darken Thy Flesh 5:57 5. Darken Thy Flesh 5:57
6. Doomed 5:52 6. Doomed 5:52
7. Eternal Dark 5:12 7. Eternal Dark 5:12
8. Ddd 2:11 8. Ddd 2:11
9. Winter 7:06 9. Winter 7:06
10. Outro - 444 5:18 10. Outro - 444 5:18
--- Bonus disc: The Pentagram ---
1. Part 1 - The Pentagram 37:55
2. Part 2a - Landscape of Souls 2:27
3. Part 2b - Moon of the chaos eclipse 3:46
4. Part 2c - Darkness death doom 2:54
5. Part 2d - The secret alliance 3:29
6. Part 2e - Piece of Magick 2:01
7. Part 2f - Preludium 0:59
8. Part 2g - ...of darkness 0:47
9. Part 2h - Mlbeg 2:22
total time 58:43 total time 1:55:23

1. Intro - CDXLIV
[Miscellaneous chanting, no lyrics]

2. Ancient Incantations
Prophecies from the ancient days
...the dark ways
Unleashed from beyond our time
...the dark shrine

The words of wisdom were the truth

Ancient Incantations

The lord of darkness and the empress of the abyss
Now fly through the gates of the dark mist

Darkness - Death - Doom

Prophets of the weak enemies
...die on their knees
Unborn force from the past alive at last

Ancient Incantations

3. Eyes Of Kali
Your cold eyes
In a world of lies
Freezing my steps
In the halls of the dead

Walking the path of the dying souls
Your eyes are lurking through the eternal dark
You can't capture my soul in your cage
You can't find the heart of darkness

Eyes of Kali
Your eyes are almost killing me
Eyes of Kali
But I am one with the dark

So your funeral will come first

Your dying eyes
In your world in nothingness
Freezing your own soul
In the halls of tragedy

Walking the path of your own death
Your king of apathy can't give you life
You have captured your own soul
You will never be one with the heart of darkness

Eyes of Kali
Your eyes will never kill me
Eyes of Kali
I am one with the dark

4. The Venom
Like a snake from the underworld
Filled with venom you rise
Awaken by rituals unknown for man
Your secret past is hidden for all time

Your tongue licks me in temptation
Your teeth are shining black like death

The Venom
You are the venom

One day you will bite your own tail
One day you will die by our own venom
Your death will not be remembered by many
Your breath will not be forsaken by any - one

Your tongue licks me in temptation
Your teeth are shining black like death

The Venom
You are the venom

5. Darken Thy Flesh
Deep in the black star abyss
Where the citadel of doom rests
In the Green nebular halls of chaos
The Dragons of apocalypse dwell

Darken thy flesh
Sacrifice your soul

There's a gate within the citadel
It leads to the dark red crystal realm
A place for your sacrificed soul
To gather strength for the coming...
Cosmic funerals!

Darken thy Flesh
Sacrifice your soul

6. Doomed
Evil spirits crawling in the graves of the deathless
Lurking in the dark like venomous demons
With false whispers they devastate and desecrate
Their twisted minds are possessed by Doom

You're walking on the edge
Infiltrate the weak
Sucking their blood
Awaiting your next sacrifice

For what purpose do you live?
You are doomed

Whose veins are you cutting now?
Destroyer of minds, eater of souls
Seducing the sons of high fire
The false one you are, gambler of souls

Who are you to condemn
So scared what to find within your flesh
Sacrifice your own offspring
Unholy lust with the fallen angels

For what purpose do you live?
You are doomed

7. Eternal Dark
Unknown dark realms
Hidden beyond the gates
You are the chosen one
To enter the dark

The key to eternal dark power

Now you have the key
Grant it to the beast of fire
Worlds are burning down
While new ones arise
Inhale the haze of death

Spread your dark wings
Behold the caravan
Of corpses reborn
All the horizons are Burinn

The key to eternal dark power

8. Darkness Death Doom

9. Winter
Enchanted by the burning skies
We rise
Captured in the haze
Of the funeral pyre


We drink to death from endelss wells
A challenge for the ancient gods
Condemnation, a black celebration

Winter of the moribund

Embraced by darkness
We dance
A feast for the fallen
Raptured the chant of death


10. Outro - 444

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