1. Eerily Howling Winds 3:36
2. Call Of The Absu Deep 5:22
3. Det Glemte Riket 7:24
total time 16:36

Line up



All music by Magnus
All lyrics by Henrik
Logo by Hilde Skauge

Recorded at Verftet lydstudio August '93
Mixed by O.A.Haus
Produced by ANCIENT

For evil logos&gfx call Hilde at 47-5-31-59-43


Due to bandwith problems I unfortunately cannot host samples anymore...


This is a nice first output from the norwegian black metal band Ancient. The songs are the same as on the debut album Svartalvheim only a bit rawer and a lower sound quality. Nice to hear how the band started but other than that it's not a really special tape. Only recommended for the collectors.

Rating: 6.5 out of 10

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