Enslaved - Eld

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1. 793 (slaget om lindisfarne) 16:10 1. 793 (slaget om lindisfarne) 16:10
2. Hordalendingen 5:19 2. Hordalendingen 5:19
3. Alfablot 6:33 3. Alfablot 6:33
4. Kvasirs blod 7:52 4. Kvasirs blod 7:52
5. For lenge siden 8:09 5. For lenge siden 8:09
6. Glemt 8:04 6. Glemt 8:04
7. Eld 6:37 7. Eld 6:37
total time 58:44 total time 58:44

(Music: Ivar Bjornson 1995/1996, lyrics: Grutle Kjelsson 1995/1996)

Strokes from oars could be heard, beautiful ships gushed through the sea
Like a wind from the north, our ancestors reached the shore
Men from Hordaland, Rogaland and Agder gathered for battle in common
Proud men with no fear
Strokes from the sword crushed the skill of the christian

A long time we ruled, kings of the north
Many battles we won, at the shores of Midgard
But, betrayed by our own brothers we were forced down on our knees
Now, when the wind once again is howling, the thoughts finally goes forward home
We shall rise in our glory
The white horde will for sure shiver

"We died like men
Therefore we never vanished
Weak is the one the enemy loves
Never betray your origin"

(Music: Ivar Bjornson 1995, lyrics: Grutle Kjelsson 1995)

Waves are cutting like a knife of time
On the slippery rocks that still stands besides the shore
Two eyes are eyeing the seas
Towards the seas that once brought his ancestors glory

A lonely mind is longing
For the raising of sails
A swordarm is longing hungrily
To cut the throats of cowards

A forgotten treasure is now recovered
Brought out from the darkness of Midhard
Its powers will never again disappear
It is guarded by a man from Hordaland

A night of sorrow will soon be over
Memories from ancient times will glow
A wind blows away the dust from an ancient sword
Two ravens will predict his return

The sun sets in the west
He lifts his proud face
He looks towards the North Star
The Man From Hordaland

(Music: Ivar Bjornson 1996, lyrics: Grutle Kjelsson 1993/1996)

Bring forth your sacrifice
The winter can last for long
Show them honour
Servants of Frey
Let the blood flow
On his pride
Until they are pleased
To provide our magnificense and growth

Our king will show his wrath
If we do not honour our promise
Poor the harvest will be
Without seeds in earth

Don't spill the finest blood
Strong sons will not be born too often

"Oh, wise Volve, when shall I get to see fields of growth?"
"When shall I once again feel the light touch from Freyas hands?"

Death comes fast
If you do not honour
The people below
The friends of the Vanirs
Bring forth
The holy boar
Then the sun will shine
And we can still breath

We didn't wish to die
We didn't wish to awake
The wrath of the elders
Bring forth the holy boar

Dont spill the finest blood
Strong sons will not be born too often

"Oh, wise Volve, when shall I get to see fields of growth?"
"When shall I once again feel the light touch from Freyas hands?"

(Music: Ivar Bjornson & Grutle Kjelsson 1996, lyrics: Grutle Kjelsson 1996)

A war ruled in ancient times
Between the holy races, the vanirs and the Ases
When peace came, the deities united
From a bowl filled with spit rose Kvasir

"Wise he becomes, he drinks the holy mead,
the blood of Kvasir, but not he who drinks
from the spilled mead that dripped
from the falcon"

Kvasir the father of poets
by dwarfhands he died
From the blood of Kvasir they made the meads of poets, the holy drink
Fjalar and Galar once murdered Gilling the Giant, the father of Suttung
Enraged, Suttung demanded justice to be fulfilled
The blood of Kvasir become the mead of Suttung

Grimne flew out from Valhalla
In the shape of the falcon
To the Home of Giants and to Nitberg
Bauge was deceived, and Gunnlod betrayed

Out from Nitberg the falcon flew
Finally Kvasir should return to Aasgard
But, when the mead disappeared, Suttung became furious
Out in the shape of the eagle he followed
Sadly, Grimne had to spill from his valuable treasure
Which led to the making of the false poets
The falcon flew home to his domains
And Sutting flew into the flames of Tjalve

(Music: Ivar Bjornson 1995, lyrics: Grutle Kjelsson 1995)

Hymns were sung
In the times when our people still were proud
In the long gone past
A long time ago

Then came the disease
The disease from south
Deception and false knowledge
Infected our minds

Survival of the fittest was forgotten
But still it didn't disappear
Beneath the layers of a thousand years of deception
Burn the ancients northern thoughts

Fight! Don't let your powers disappear
Our sunset shall also be our dawn

They burned our temples
They killed our men
We shall take back
What once were ours

Fight! Deny not your mind
Our sunset shall also be our dawn

We shall once again sing
Hymns from ancient times
Like we did in those days
A long time ago

(Music and lyrics: Ivar Bjornson 1995)

The silence inside this place is screaming
Here, were the roses never wither, as they never bloomed
Here the sun never shone
Even the darkness never came in

No hope, no fear
An ocean of tears that never fell
Tomorrow brings remembrance of opened wounds
The light inveded the endless darkness

A soul, which birth was denied
A soul that became forgotten

The darkness fades away even the brightest colour
The street is empty, and leads to nowhere
A shrilling scream, that no one heard
Who cares? We can all be free

"Tomorrow is a new day,
But today was new as well...
...For only thing is fear fealt
The fear of life"

Fallen asleep, wrapped in a blood red blanket
Two dead eyes are staring into emptiness
From a soul, which birth was denied
Death greets the one life forgot

(Music: Ivar Bjornson & Grutle Kjelsson 1996, lyrics: Grutle Kjelsson 1996)

Born in flames in the time before time
In the sparkling embrace of Muspellheim
Born to be your souls darkened depths
Before Audhumia, our ancient mother awakened

When your eyes are glowing with hate
A hate older than both men and gods
Then you see the light of Muspell
To strong for any man to tame
The oldest force will man never understand
In the deepest domains of fire, man can never reign

Stronger than the grip of death
Mightier than the lights of the Noms
Wise than Fimbul-Tul
More betraying than the son of Faarbaute

That, who once brought forth life
And gave us Mother Earth
Shall return in the flames of Surt
Our flesh shall burn at Ragnarok
Our souls shall be united in FROST & FIRE


Recorded & mixed in Grieghallen winter 96/97. Produced by Pytten & ENSLAVED.
Engineered by Pytten & J. Traeen. Edited and samples added at Traeen Turbo
Sound. Logo designed by J.W.H. Band photos by Karl Henrik Nymo. Booklet
photos by S. Johnsen & G. Kjelsson. Outfit designs by Margit Brekke.


Typed in by Lobotomy (lobotomy@kirahvi.joensuu.fi)

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