For Lies I Sire

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1. My body, a funeral 6:47 1. My body, a funeral 6:47 1. My body, a funeral 6:47
2. Fall with me 7:15 2. Fall with me 7:15 2. Fall with me 7:15
3. The lies I sire 5:28 3. The lies I sire 5:28 3. The lies I sire 5:28
4. Bring me victory 4:08 4. Bring me victory 4:08 4. Bring me victory 4:08
5. Echoes from a hollow soul 7:19 5. Echoes from a hollow soul 7:19 5. Echoes from a hollow soul 7:19
6. Shadowhaunt 4:36 6. Shadowhaunt 4:36 6. Shadowhaunt 4:36
7. Santuario di sangue 8:27 7. Santuario di sangue 8:27 7. Santuario di sangue 8:27
8. A chapter in loathing 4:46 8. A chapter in loathing 4:46 8. A chapter in loathing 4:46
9. Death triumphant 11:05 9. Death triumphant 11:05 9. Death triumphant 11:05
total time 59:51 total time 59:51 total time 59:51

My Body, A Funeral

The ruin of your face
Pours down like lead tears
As you sit by my side
Confess to me your fears
Drink deep the wreck of me
My body is a funeral
I fail to find comfort
In your pale cold eyes
Worn loosely about me
You hang there dying off me
Deep in the misery
Of my long arms, weeping
I cradle your tired head
This moment for the keeping
Her hand raised from the shadows in silence
Like a dying victim of a biblical plague
A strange mix of innocence and horror
Gushed from her red rimmed and swollen eyes
Resentment conquers sympathy and I turn my back
Her burning stare, like a minute blazing suns
Roars into the back of my head
And I simply move away
I will sing you this song of
All my pain, so listen
Great roaring, tears pouring
Down unto me from my lover
The winter in your soul
Has frozen me forever

Fall With Me

Our great god lies naked next to me
I witnessed death in his beauty
I feel him when he breathes, as we fall
and I clasp him to me as we fall
Shouldering your sadness unto me
The great caldera moon to the east
The annihilation from your eyes
Flowing deep into me from your eyes
You wallow in your suffering
and swim in your senseless grief
The shadow of your body
Is cast upon only me
Goodnight my love, goodnight.
I fall upon your body
Fall with me into my frozen flesh
My hungry death
You tremble before me
and swallow my dying breath
Caress me, undress me, forget me
As winter comes
Your pale skin, crystal eyes
I will weep forever, oh my god why?
As fire fell upon great Alexandria
Our arms were close around us
Forever gods turned away
Give the word and down comes beautiful rain
glorious pain
Armies of salvation laid to waste
The host lifts its desire from it's face
In a memory from a past life leaps the beast
Devouring all around, the colossal feast

The Lies I Sire

Before it lies
The story of invoking joy
Endless love
Given to me through a dream
A following from above

I couldn't help myself
God walks by my side
Within my limbs burns hate
Believe me how I cry
The tremble of my hands
Blinded by my tears
But I stand heroic
The holy words I heed

With glory and blazing eyes
I rise into bloody skies
Myself a storm, ravaging
The wrath of God, down I bring

With mercenary's smile
I rise up from the shade
As the king of all souls
The pounding of my wings
Tearing through the night
Death's taking his toll

The sear in heat
Burning eyes
Fury and fire
A forest gone
Torn victims
The lies I sire

My work is done and I leave none
The passion in my dying worth

The grief I leave is meaningless
The lies within these ancient words

Bring Me Victory

Is there anything left
Left of me to save
My life is like a carnival
My body a sunken grave

It's what I have to do
To distance me from you
Lays a suffering inside
And my veins are showing through

A man becoming child
Are you happy with your cries
With haunted looks of fear
I stab the wing from your side

My mind a fractured ruin
The crushing of my soul
It is time to spread my wings
To fill this empty hope

It has now begun
The force fed sun beneath
Will conquer all before
And bring me to my victory

I've seen them before
Down from the fall
And now standing tall
I've seen this
I have been this
And now I am my own man

No more misery
Look outside and see
What are you waiting for?
Pick yourself up
Get up off the floor

Echoes From A Hollow Soul

A boy so young upon the gallows
Gazing down like a saint
From the church of children cries
He awaited one anticipation

Pictured from her mouth
A further request
The sons of Adam
Put her to death

A voice is heard
Echoes from the hollow soul
A golden word
Wrapped in books of skin and blood
From harmony lives a vision of your guilt
And treachery smiles, oh so very sweet

The last whisper from a dying heart
Lifts away through the night
Chased by angels falling through the sky
As the snow, oh what a sight

This closing river takes all away
Daughters of Eve slowly fade (fade away)

Give him a word and the movement will begin
If it's unheard, the message must be sent
So slowly now, like the early morning bloom
And this is how the perishing will come


She already knows how this will end
The wounds of memory she tends
Ghost and strangers
She flees her own grief
Forever running
Haunted she sleeps
In shadows she lays all alone
Remembering her lover gone
Through forests she walks every day
Through winter storms, every day
She looks through dark eyes
Over her shoulder
She already knows when it will find her
I'm coming, keep running
Tormenting you!
Hastily do you flee
I'm coming!
I'm coming!
My dear, I'm here
All shadow and sorrow
I have thee, final ly
Embracing you!
Young lover, it's over
together and never!

Santuario di Sangue

With your baronial motif
Mankind at your feet
and your opulent guests
With whom you do test
The whisper of your blood
The call to those you loved
Who lay down for you
For you to run them through
Carelessly dressed
I grovel highness
Beneath your stars and your moon
and your feminine doom
Beneath the shiver of your sea
and the gold that you bleed
On the wings of your charm
A promise of great harm
The light within us fades
As we shy away from day
The passion of her bite
and the glory of her sight
In a hive of open lore
We await the call to war
In an issue of drying blood
Lies the victim of our love
Regale me with lies
and punish me outright
The crisis of my empire
The volume of your desire
Your enfolding dark
Your beauty and your mark
I give you my veins
As we lay down in pain
I couldn't help the things we did
No matter where or how I hid
We live for every single night
Victorious in every fight

A Chapter On Loathing

As darkness stole me away
One evening of sober grey
She alone did not laugh
As I walk the devil's path
Without your moon and your sin
I could not find my way
Though I fight and I fear
I will never ever pray
In a tower he sits
Aged with despair
His anger was poison
and fire and pain
Torrents of tears
Echo his dark reign
The great beast of religion
Sears me
Thy chaste breast, a ruin
Thy silent mind, closing in
His son, rampant
and gorged with blood
His face - behold horror
Armed with eyes of terror
Taking - shows no mercy
Each one of us

Death Triumphant

I have a eulogy pouring out of me
A coldness pouring out of me
Come hither to me, as I preach to thee
So wake up, as I preach to thee
If I can't conquer the atlas of your body
Then help me lord
Reach for me
I raise my arms up to thee
I love you with the tears of all my sorry life
Thy sunrise gushes into me like burning gold
In moonlight I see yourself
Naked, for me to hold
You have a eulogy for the world to see
Up there with the stars, for mankind to see
I was cynical
I was beautiful
The deep secrets in my eyes
There was something there
That made me aware
A drop of passion in your eyes
Where she lays free
There's a portrait there
That looks just like me
In great Babylon
Right down by the sea
Fear keeps on coming on
Take me far from this dark
Enslave all for the world
End this now, close us down
There's a portrait

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Line up

Hamish Glencross - Guitar

Aaron Stainthorpe - Vocals

Dan Mullins - Drums

Katie Stone - Violin & Keyboards

Andrew Craighan - Guitar

Lena Abè - Bass



Music and Lyrics - My Dying Bride

Recorded at Futureworks Studios,
Manchester, England
April 2008 - November 2008

Engineered and Mixed by
Mags And My Dying Bride

Mastered by Sean Magee
at Abbey Road Studios, London,England
December 2008

All Tracks Published by Vile Music
( A Division of Imagem Music Limited )

Art, Design and Photography by
Rhett Podersoo at Machine Room

At a time when there is a trend for playing
guitars with buttons rather than strings,
we hope that some may find the interest
and inspiration to actually pick up a
stringed guitar, and perhaps play some of
the songs found on our new album.
For you, here is a selection of songs off
"For Lies I Sire" tabbed out for 6 string

We employ a different tuning to the
standard "concert pitch" in that we tune
down to C#. The tuning for each string
is indicated on the corresponding line
transcribed, and as you can see, the
divisions between strings are in the
"conventional" manner, I.e. we do not use
a dropped chord tuning as favoured by

So whether you want to play along with
the album at home or jam with your own
full band, we would consider it an
honour to have you too playing the riffs
we have poured our efforts into.



As a big fan of My Dying Bride, I'm wondering with each new album whether I'll like it as much as their previous albums, or if they'll finally mess up. And their latest work "For Lies I Sire" again does not disappoint. There have been some line-up changes again since "A Line of Deathless Kings": Dan Mullins is the new drummer, Lena Abč took over the bass from Ade and Katie Stone plays the keyboard and violin on this album... yes, violin. Many an old-school fan will rejoice in the news of its return. And it's used very effectively on this album. The violin is not just added in everywhere, but used quite sparsely in combination with the keyboards. Even my least favourite song on this album "Bring me victory", which is the most commercial sounding song, has some quite cool violin parts making it sound nice. But there we also have the biggest flaw of this album: All songs sound nice, quite easy to the ear. What is missing to me is the more extreme emotional outbursts. No song drags me in with its depressive or aggressive emotions as My Dying Bride often does. It also holds for my most favourite song of the album, Death triumphant. With the long running time it has the potential of one of their old-fashioned epic songs, but it never gets quite interesting enough for that. Even the most extreme song of the album, A chapter in loathing, which follows up on the fast outro of the last albums with a Primordial-like layered guitar riff and the only grunts of this album, feels weirdly out of place on the album. Overall it's by no means a bad album, quite nice to listen to actually, but that's not why I listen to My Dying Bride. Who knows, with all the beautiful girls in the band now, maybe they're not depressed enough anymore to write typical My Dying Bride songs ;)

Rating: 7.5 out of 10

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