Original Version Promo Version
1. Last Stand 7:40 1. Last Stand 7:40
2. My Journey To The Stars 6:50 2. My Journey To The Stars 6:50
3. She Will Return 5:11 3. She Will Return 5:11
4. The Vanishing 9:54 4. The Vanishing 9:54
5. The Forsaken 6:28 5. The Forsaken 6:28
6. When Death Comes 6:53 6. When Death Comes 6:53
7. Eternal Battlefields 7:23 7. Eternal Battlefields 7:23
8. Enthralling Mystery 4:34 8. Enthralling Mystery 4:34
9. The Hour Of Burning 8:33 9. The Hour Of Burning 8:33
total time 63:26 total time 63:26

Last Stand

A battle cry for the very last time
My enemies must all face me and die
The circle of fire will consume them

I will point the bone and release the magic

Prepare to fight and loose it all this time
We are standing in the circle of fire
Destiny brought on and will end this war forever

I will look you in the eye
Break your will and destroy your weapons
I will bury you under earth and ice

Fire brought heroic inspiration to fight
Unmarked graves will hold our enemies forever

Demonic fear squeezes hearts
We bring darkness and weaken the soul
But the face of death
Advances on me
Steel or armour
No longer protect me

But no fear in me as we clash!

My Journey To The Stars

Am I ruling in hell?
Or is it just a dream so cruel
I have taken the hands
Of the most magnificent doom
Blindly I'm seeking for the wisdom of truth
With persistence untold
I'm standing in a lake of warm blood
Yet my visions are cold

I see cliffs and peaks licking the sky
And deep cold lakes
With the universe their bottoms unite
Cosmic forces gave me the strenght
To take my journey
And to be one with the stars

I was a demonfaced man
But now I'm a manfaced demon
Look at me and this face
Bathed in the silvery moonlight

I admire its splendour
But it's getting pale as I leave it behind
Now the sparkling stars are the only light
But their shining still as cold as ice

I died a thousand times
Yet I believe in thanatism
So I avoid the realms of bliss
In the search of utter end

May the darkest space be my tomb
And may my blood paint the stars
Lifeless I drift far
But I reborn in the shape of emptiness

She Will Return

Through the night
Dreams elude me
Wide eyed, alert and sane
I stare into the heart of darkness

Waiting, inhaling
Exhaling, dying

She will return to me

I live colourless days
The sky lightless and pale
I envy the living
The star-crossed lovers
Of hope and life

Waiting, inhaling
Exhaling, dying

She will return to me

Lying here motionless
My eyes wide open
With a torn and naked heart
I long through the threshold of pain

I left open the gates of hate
Allowed emptiness to come in
Desperation weigh me down
Falling like an angel...

The Vanishing

Still I feel lost
In this chaotic world of hypocrisy
The memories still haunting me
And the voices echoing between
The grey walls of my mind

With a bleak smile on my face I feast
As I still mourn the past
I watch as the naked leaves fall
And rigid branches crackle under my feet

I will return to the peace I so long forgot

Regression and progression are the same
In this state of suspended animation
Heartless I lie on the coldest ground

...Night is too bright for me

I learnt much of the lies
I have seen witches burning on stakes
I will never smell the fresh air again
My vision is blurred with fine hoarfrost

The horrendous truth
It blurred my vision
I glance (at you) with empty eyes

As I vanish into thick fog
I realize that
Night is too bright for me...

The Forsaken

...In the coldest chamber
Of my mind
A place
Which never saw
The beams of light
Never felt the touch of sun

I am aware what dwells within
I faced the impossible
Thus an eidolon I became
Transfixed with the blade of immortality

I am inaccessible
Roaming upon aeons
Holding the secret of ages
And the ageless wisdom of eternity

I take a look at the past
All I feel is bitterness
Emptiness surrounding me
Is this grand destiny?

When Death Comes

I beheld an awful sight
With abysmal woe in my heart
Into blackest mystery I dive

Among fools and in despair I lived my life
Now I'm longing for the time to come to depart

The years rolled away
Now my days are numbered
The hours vanishing away
Soon I will visit that place below

Among the living I have nothing more to experience
With profane rites I enhance my longing and willing
Gates are opening in the gathering darkness
I leave this mortal coil to enter the endless depths

I behold a grim sight
Forgetting the taste of pain in my mind

Everything came to an end
All I hate in this world is over
No more lands, religions, kings and boundaries
The battle is for eternity now!

No more years, neither days nor hours
Time has lost its meaning

Eternal Battlefields

On the battlefield
The carnage is done
Heroes, broken and dead
Lying in the mud

But I look up to the sky
Ready not to die

The sky above me is gray
My blade is drawn

It's getting dark
I see the shades of my enemies
They gather by the thousands
Darkness encircles us all

My sword is drawn
For the very last time
They're sharpening their claws
Screams and thunder

Their claws ripping my flesh
It is the greatest day
As I won't retreat or surrender

My body falls to the ground
Their teeth tear my flesh
Eyes, burning with madness
Teeth bloody, I've heard
The crunching of my bones
I die!

Enshrouded in fog I'm marching
With great warriors of past

Among the slain I wander
I look up to the sky
Filled with stars
I became one with them

Enthralling Mystery

Between two worlds
Here I'm standing in a shower of arrows
Watching as my spirit departs
As though I walked the path of inferno

(you can) Take my soul, take my life
My spirit with the cosmos unites
I feel the blackness devouring me
I see my destiny clearly

I remained all alone
With my odium unfathomable
I soar high on the stellar vault
Towards a mystic vortex I flee
Where I'll be engulfed
By the most sombre gloom I've ever seen

I'm bleeding from a thousand wounds
I cannot hide, I will look you in the eye

My blood gushing forth
The time has come to the last sacrifice

Storm of blood, storm of wrath
There are things no one could understand
I'm facing demons surrounding me
They eat my flesh, eat my soul
I'll be one with them

I see planets with stars collide
The immensity of its power enthralling me

My path has come to an end
Future holds nothing for me
I've seen everything I had to see
I've been everywhere I had to be

The Hour of Burning

Threatening clouds darken the sky
The air's filled with infernal heat
Wicked flames are longing to taste
Her witching body

Ghastly voices echo in the dusk
Faceless demons waiting for their feast to come
When the dark sky is about to open

Despair and horror everywhere
The terrific visions became reality
There's no way to escape
It is the utter end

Memories fade away
Like when mountains disappear
In thick haze

Despair and horror everywhere
The time has come to understand
The lethal wisdom of hell

The angry flames like hungry wolves bite the flesh
They're licking her with ecstatic lust
Time passes slowly when she is devoured by fire

Only fine ashes you leave
But your spirit unseen flys away

Time and space do no more restrain
You step out on the way of stars again
Step out on the way of stars again...

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Line up

András Nagy - bass guitars and voices
Csaba Csejtei - guitars
István Neubrandt - guitars
Zoltán Schönberger : drums
Zoltán Pál : trombone and barytone
Olivér Ziskó - synth



Forsaken Symphony was recorded and mixed at Home Studio during March and April anno 2002
Engineered by Bertalan Domby
All music composed by Sear Bliss
All lyrics by András Nagy except "Last stand" and "She will return" by Atilla Halász
"Eternal battlefields" by Atilla Halász and András Nagy
Tuba in "The Forsaken" and "Eternal battlefields" by Árpád Lóránth
Cover artwork by Kris Verwimp
Booklet artwork by Péter "Flynn" Faragó (


Again there's been changes in the line-up of Sear Bliss since the last cd, but this time the original guitar player Csaba Csejtei is back in the band. I guess his influence in the band is pretty big because this album sounds a lot more like their debut Phantoms again. More black metal with a much rawer sound than their Grand Destiny album. I think this is the perfect sounding Sear Bliss album. Raw yet very melodic, with the nice brass instruments from Grand Destination. Also in addition to the usual great Kris Verwimp coverart, the inner booklet now looks even better due to Flynn's art.

Rating: 8 out of 10

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