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1. Intro 2:25 1. Intro 2:25 1. Intro 2:25
2. To forget 6:23 2. To forget 6:23 2. To forget 6:23
3. This is where I am 5:45 3. This is where I am 5:45 3. This is where I am 5:45
4. The fall 4:48 4. The fall 4:48 4. The fall 4:48
5. While the world sleeps 5:01 5. While the world sleeps 5:01 5. While the world sleeps 5:01
6. Futile 6:46 6. Futile 6:46 6. Futile 6:46
7. Someone I don't know 7:42 7. Someone I don't know 7:42 7. Someone I don't know 7:42
8. About leaving 8:01 8. About leaving 8:01 8. About leaving 8:01
total time 46:51 total time 46:51 total time 46:51

1. Intro


2. To Forget

Please fade away
My stillborn dream
Still you sink into me
And still I breath
Deeper and deeper from what I had of you
If I only knew
What was to come
Would've ended it all
Now it's just too much for me
Everywhere I see you
Scraping my skin
I'm forever lost
In my intoxicated me
After everything is done
I feel good letting go
Maybe forgetting is easy
But everything is too silent
And the colors are all gone

3. This Is Where I Am

My mistake was letting you know
Sharing all that I had
With someone I never knew
In the end
I'm hearing voices
Of people thought long gone
Once again I fear
I'm losing control
In the end
Everything's inside
Every disease I hide
Bleeding and in pain
Cold and tiredly giving in
Come and burn with me
Slit open my world of pain
Sometimes at winters hour I feel quite dead
Just like in the end

4. The Fall

I see it's time again
As the night's cold sneaks in the day
And here we lay down
In this purest white
Impervious grey
As summer lay dying
Falling, falling
And leaves us alone in this grey
A silent season
The falling year
This coldest of feelings
A sound that creeps over me
The thirsty earth
A fevered slumber
Creeping over me
Forever circle
Forever it creeps over me
As the year decays
And I fall

5. While The World Sleeps

Early morning rain
An eternal sleepless 4 AM
Waking up to silence
Into a slow gray whatever
Everything's blind
In the sleep of the lonely
In a quiet blue current
That's slowly creeping
Getting used to seeing
Just trying to keep moving
Is it really this cold in here?
Or is it just me?

6. Futile

Again I opened my day
Again it seems so far
Moving away
Keeping me inside
Trying to tell me
There's nothing left of you
Bury me inside of me
What's left of me
Let me be alone
All alone
Tell me
That there's still something of something
Which isn't here
Never again
Let me be alone
All alone

7. Someone I (Don't) Know

An empty word
Falling from inside
My empty head
Inside I think
Everything finally comes and goes
And nothing leaves anymore
falling deeper into someone else
Falling deeper into someone I (don't) know
One way or another
I seem to have lost my place in this world
I feel as if things around me
Suddenly lost all meaning
All relevance
I don't know where I'm going anymore
Wish someone could tell
I must be blind or asleep
All I think I see is no one

8. (About) Leaving

Feeling lonely in a crowd
Forever passing a thousand
Nameless homes and lights
I tried closing my eyes
I hated my reflection
Those bitter eyes
And their thousand hates
This life is slowly killing me
Stealing me of every breath
In the end I couldn't care
All I know
Is that I hurt
Tearing me from my waking hours
Is the sweet misery
Of a dark day
No matter how long this will last
I know for sure that one day
I will leave with a sad smile on my face

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Line up

Petri Eskelinen - vocals
Tomi Ullgren - lead guitar
Jarno Salovaara - rhythm and acoustic guitar
Jani Öhman - bass
Samu Ruotsalainen - drums
Sami Karttunen - keyboards



Recorded 4-15.10.99 at Walltone Studios, Savonlinna, Finland
Engineered by Tuomo Valtonen
Mixed and produced by Tuomo Valtonen & Rapture
Mastered 18.10.99 at Finnvox Studios by Mika Jussila


Mostly when I get to hear the debut cd of a new band I think "nice, but it's all done before much better" or "Maybe with some more practice and experience they'll get there", but every once in a while I get the pleasant surprise of a debutcd that immediately impresses me. "Futile" by Rapture is one of these gems. They play a melodic doom death a bit in the vein of old Katatonia / Opeth, but definitely have their own sound. The compositions and atmosphere on the album is amazing, with a sadness that appeals a lot to a doom metal fanatic like me. So another band I can add to my list of all-time favourites.

Rating: 8 out of 10

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