Behemoth - Grom

Original Version Picture LP Version
1. Intro 1:36 1. Intro 1:36
2. The Dark Forest (cast me your spell) 7:07 2. The Dark Forest (cast me your spell) 7:07
3. Spellcraft and Heathendom 4:51 3. Spellcraft and Heathendom 4:51
4. Dragon's Liar (Cosmic Flames and Four Barbaric Seasons) 5:56 4. Dragon's Liar (Cosmic Flames and Four Barbaric Seasons) 5:56
5. Lasy Pomorza 6:26 5. Lasy Pomorza 6:26
6. Rising Proudly towards the Sky 6:54 6. Rising Proudly towards the Sky 6:54
7. Thou shalt forever Win 6:38 7. Thou shalt forever Win 6:38
8. Grom 5:28 8. Grom 5:28
total time 44:56 total time 44:56

"The Dark Forest"

Darkness spread its dark wings
Whispers of woods were growing
With every moment
I felt them paying enormous tributes
Powers, which were still alive at night
In the battle of light with dark earth
Spirits of their own nature fight proudly
Live by my side, feed young heart of mine
But I cannot ever see them..
I don't know her powers, but I know it's great!
Loves, gives birth, kills - it's powerful!
She raises beautiful monuments by the Baltic
Lives when I sleep and lives in me..
At night raises over dreaming forests
She awakes Gods and Goddesses, unsilently
The nightcock she is, whispers wolfish spells
The chants of bard she knows and hums them
Goblins of oaks and denizes of darkness
Bathed in the wine of a delightfull night..
And lives there, but dies at dawn..
Dies in me with barbarous voice
The dark forest enchant me!

"Spellcraft and Heathendom"

I've met in surrounding me nature
Spirits and deities wielding the element
In a field
In a forest
In rocks and caves
And I won their goodwill with sacrifices
Horses carried me to the skies
White, beautiful steeds.. beloved
I was attacking brushwood violently
I touched motherland..

Percus! Magic cirkles and black stones
Percus! Forest spells and damned souls
Percus! I find worship in you

They will return, dance like fire, as before
They will return, to the trees
To the forest of mine.. to the kingdom!

The thunderer demons
Guards the sacred spot
During those cold nights
They found peace and consolation

I rediscover the power and charm
To defeat like a sorcerer
Like thousands years ago
Oaken castles from millenium before
They will rise once again.. as a sign..
Percus !

"Dragon's Lair"

Where the magic stream flows
Through the shining woods
Blue grass of wisdom grows
Around the oaken roots..
Where golden dragons fly
And the sorcerers gather
Four wooden statues stand
And the fog lays thick
Dreamthrone of amber cosmic source of might
Reflection of wisdom, Power of the darkside
Ceremonial steel drinks the blood
Painting pearls and gold
Mystic flames burn bright
Around the oaken lord..
Forgotten sorcery storms from the skies
From the golden hall of the ancient ones
..The Pagan awaits for the equinox..
Cosmic sorcery - The gift of the skies
Magic nature - Stronger than your lies
Stone demigod shines proud..
..The cult of the barbaric seasons
Pagan pride forever
Born todie in honour
Not to serve on knees
Snowcovered, wild vastlands
My beloved fatherland..
I see the tears of the oaken one
My heart is like a stone
My sword became sharp
Crosses to break
Bodies to dismember
Flowers to burn..

"Rising Proudly Towards the Sky"

Fallen into oblivion..
The last view inside my mind
Silver walls ofg the castle
Risen proudly towards the sky
The rebellion failed..
Many brave ones went down
Hung on black trees they are
Blown by the four winds
I've been waiting for years
Growing stronger
Blazing weapons,eyes burn bright
In the dark - as a King I shall return..
Horns sing in the woods
Hordes gather
Ancient gods of war
Ride on the sky
Old kingdom will fall
Like a moondust..
Reflecting down the walleys
So pure, hungry for blood
The hearts of the dark ones
Thunders strike..
Dancing on the black mirrors
The bards of war and venegeance
Came from forgotten realms
As a King I shell return..
To proclaim my victory
Return of ancient pride
Laws of steel..
Cold steel..

"Thou Shalt Forever Win"

I break the chains of unbelief
Burden of millenial slavory
Forest, eternat wander
Extending beyond earthly dimensions

Gods will return to their graces together with me
They'll find their oaken kingdoms as before
I free my powers when yelling silently
When I fight... thousands of demons, follow me!

And my strength, and my spell..
And my beautiful pride
Will find and wrap you will raise majesty to the skies..
From the depths of the earth, deep and black
Through the forests, woods and shadows
(It) Will penetrate lakes and wolfish mountains..
On the wings of demons to skies!

I denude golden gates of my Nawia
Shrouded in thick smoke of burnt bodies
I show my love.. I praise the might
..And destroy with the power of thunders
constantly destroy

On my right hand - Fire, eternaly devoted
Together with the strength of thunders
Will dance as before
The conflagration, death and misfortune
Let it beget
Rebuild what was ruined
Destroy what was created by the cross
And my strength, and my spell

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