The Haunting

1. Tunnels of vision 8:12
2. Hell within 5:59
3. Land of silence 4:34
4. Unholy dance 8:30
5. Soulless 4:38
6. The haunting 8:03
7. Left in the dark 6:01
total time 45:57

Tunnels of Vision
(lyrics by Attila Halász)

I hear the languages of south
as a dark angel accepts me
under her wings,
with dry skin and soft eyes
I head into oblivion
through this tunnel of light.
My heart appears new and unaccessible
in divine blood.
I lived without victory until now
but right here in the milky light
among monsters I thrive.
I'm dying in joy.
It's pure violence in my mind
when I take account of the past
I am handsome in my death, really beautiful
soothed by my departing soul.
Shifting away I don't care
as it is no longer mine.
I have a vision and now
I step on to the bridge to learn
the horrendous wisdom of life.

Hell Within
(lyrics by Attila Halász)

Snow falls into her open coffin
I'm looking at her frozen face
someone has painted a smile
on the face of death.
Unprepared to her sudden exit
the fast arrows of my imagination
are flying through the air,
Confused in this madness of the flesh
I feel I've been tricked.
Who holds the answer to this?
Sweeping rain of tears pounds the earth
and echoing cries reach the universe
Misery descending on my days
I'll pay whatever price
I have to pay.
Go now, get prepared
so you will be able to understand
this internal hell

Land of Silence
(lyrics by András Nagy and David Bowers)

If these trees of old could speak,
... oh the stories they could tell,
a time when might sat high upon its mountains
Those days of pride blew away with the wind

But now silence rules this land
and everything seems to be mute
Only the streams are weeping mournfully
but if you listen their cries you can hear they're whispering and say:
"We will conquer what once was ours"

Centuries pass and the trees of the forest have grown thicker and stronger,
the snow sparkles in the winter sun, a raven perches high upon a snowy branch
to view the landscape.
As I walk along this winter path I think to myself will it ever be as it was
when mighty people of long ago roamed these lands.
When I cupped my hands to drink at a pool of water near a stream,
I realized the answer was yes, for the wind blew the trees so the sun shone
against the water and I saw my reflection,
... I saw the portrait of a heathen.
And I hear as the stream whispers...

Unholy Dance
(lyrics by Attila Halász)

As the hour comes
She opens up
like beautiful rare flower
Blood offered, desire taken
She looks through blue glass
A white witch of my spirit
bathes in the black river
of her blood.
I feel sacrificed
She feels only the night
that turned into a dance.
The key to immortality
falls into my hand
My whole existence
is taken by this scene.
Unfulfilled souls gather
to watch as she bites
my feeding hand.
We unite in the sweet
tasting dream of enlightment
Dawn find this world quiet,
cold and unbearable...

(lyrics by András Nagy)

I see your star...shining
Far away up in the high...

Someone calls me higher and higher
I fly up

Someone strews my wings with lead
... I'm falling ...
... I can't see you ...
... and I ...
fall into the dust.

The Haunting
(lyrics by János Barbarics)

Your memories torture you with pain
They hurt you, don't they?
Spasm of pain, are you sweating?
They don't leave you alone
with the loneliness of your mind.
Who is that? Who does speak?
You could embrace with one movement
but it has gone!
Your brain, in front of your body.
Do you feel your consciousness in your hand,
and the similarity with one movement?
It has come back! It speaks!
Everything is moving again!
Are you growing weaker?
Its face has been satanic!!!
But the Dreamsoul strikes down
Your living wraith.
The world ebbs, abates, calms down
What's going on?
You seem tired and confused
but tomorrow is already near!!!!

What is this silence?
You will never know...
What tries to stay in silencearics...

Left in the Dark
(lyrics by László Fodor)

Centuries pass slowly
I'm looking at the appearing memories in silence
There is no existence, only the neverending flotation
In the sempiternal dark of cosmos

The path has come to an end
I've broken free from the earthly bound of my body
That was a heavy stone on my soul

I'm travelling in space
I'm lonesome but not alone
The stars are my companions
They call me with their icecold brightness

But they are far away from me and I'm suffering
The permanent coldness shackles me
Another dimension of existence it is
As I am left by myself in the dark

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Line up

András Nagy - Electric bass guitar and vocals
János Barbarics - Rhythm and acoustic guitars
Viktor Max Scheer - Rhythm, lead and acoustic guitars
Zoltán Schönberger - Drums and percussion
Gergely Szücs - Trumpets and keyboards


Recorded and mixed at Beaufort studio, Holland, August 1997
Produced by Han Swagerman and Viktor Scheer
All songs by Sear Bliss
Lyrics by Sear Bliss except:
"Tunnels of Vision", "Hell Within" and "Unholy Dance" by Attila Halász,
"Left in the Dark" by László Fodor.

Cover artwork by Kris Verwimp


After the Phantoms album this is the second real New Sear Bliss album. It still has the typical Sear Bliss sound, black / doom metal with trumpet and keyboard, but also a lot has changed I think. The songs have gotten more complicated, more difficult. This cd really had to grow on me since I kept discovering new things in it. At first I thought "nice, but nowhere near Phantoms" and now I think it's at least as good, maybe better. Sear Bliss developed in a good way, they discovered more of an own sound and it's quickly become one of my all-time favourite bands...

Rating: 8 out of 10

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