Old Forest - Into the Old Forest

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1. Grond (Hammer Of The Underworld) 4:32 1. Grond (Hammer Of The Underworld) 4:32
2. Death In The Cemetary 4:59 2. Death In The Cemetary 4:59
3. To Haunt The Old Forest 3:41 3. To Haunt The Old Forest 3:41
4. Hymn Of The Deep 5:21 4. Hymn Of The Deep 5:21
5. Glistening... 3:37 5. Glistening... 3:37
6. Where Trees Are Withered 4:08 6. Where Trees Are Withered 4:08
7. Shadow Whispers 4:23 7. Shadow Whispers 4:23
8. Become The Gods Of War 4:22 8. Become The Gods Of War 4:22
total time 35:03 total time 35:03

1. Grond (Hammer of the Underworld)

I explore the forgotten worlds,
Land of forests and caves.

Bleak is the winter here,
that which bites my soul.
Enshrouding the enchanted land in black
Deep are the caves, cold is the earth.

Hammer of the Underworld,
Grond is thy name.

My magic grows stronger,
as I come closer to Grond.
Forged in the darkness below,
in the fires of the dark ones caves

2. Death in the Cemetary

A landscape of tombs,
bearing forests and caves.

Damp is the soil in this silent place,
as I come closer graves appear from the fog.
Black clouds hide away the sun,
the wind sends chill and the moon appears.

Far off, in the distance,
I hear wolves baying.
Creatures of the night,
that smell my blood.

The screaming gets louder,
and I see their eyes.

I run to my grave

(repeat all)

3. To Haunt the Old Forest

Alone, I turn to the old woods,
To paths of despair, darkness and hate.
Here, I shall ascend to darker realms.
The night, it consumes my soul.

(to haunt the old forest)

The reality of time disappears,
As the moon shines through the trees..
Branches, like arms of night,
Reach out to take me away..

(to haunt the old forest)

Black coven's chants echo in the woods,
Hymns of darkness to night immortal.
Alone, I enter the circle of ghosts.
I am the only black witch left
to haunt the old forest.

When the night descends, you can hear my chants..

4. Hymn of the Deep

Unchained, my soul lets loose from the depths,
Coming to daylight with howls of despair.
Fleeing the hate which bound me in chains,
I must return to rejoin the earth.

Emerging from below the grave,
My apparition appears into the air.
The setting sun has no power over me,
As I explore the many graves.

I call the other ones, who I left below.
And the ground starts to tremble...

The chains are broken,
Ad we return to haunt the world again...

5. Glistening...

Drifting towards me without steps,
I feel your presence like an eclipse of the sun,
Your voices beckon me, deeper into your realm,
A place where demons worship the night sky,
And souls are full of woe.
My fate is now in your hands,
I have given myself to you.

(The demonic retort)

Follow us deeper into your mind,
Leave your mortal life behind...
We are the black soul of the night,
Together as one we flee the light...

6. Where Trees Are Withered

Ravens caw, wolven howls, fire brands in the night.
These shall herald my return, I, the god of war.

To meet my servants beneath a blackened sky,
To chant once more, to curse all mankind.

Where the trees are withered...(you shall find me)
Where streams run no more...(you shall find me)
When the darkness descends...(you have found me)

When we are one, beneath a silent moon,
Partake of my ancient wisdom.
We shall re-kindle the flames of darkness,
And the smoke shall fill the air.

Where streams run no more...(you shall find me)
When the darkness descends...(you shall find me)
When the light lays dead...(you have found me)

You have found me...

7. Shadow Whispers

Shadow whispers...

I listen to the darkness beckoning me,
On into this desolate place,
To meet the spirits alone,
To feed on their hate.

Shadow whispers...

Shadows whispering songs of blackness,
Hymns of night and death.
Enticing my mind to darker ways,
To make war with the light.

Shadow whispers...

As I embrace the circle of fire,
My mind is cleared of thought.
I am unharmed by these flames,
I am one with the night.
Now I see the light...

Shadow whispers...

8. Become the Gods of War

Now we are gathered once more,
We invoke the gods of war.
The ancient ones have spoken,
Beneath the ice-blue moon.

The fires shall burn bright, when the gods of old appear.

The circle is complete, when the gods of our race are here.

Advancing under darkness to the end,
We shall preserve our kind for all time,
With the ancient ones at the fore,
We shall become the gods of war!

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