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1. Malkavian twilight 0:39 1. Malkavian twilight 0:39 1. Malkavian twilight 0:39
2. A mad blood scenario 4:24 2. A mad blood scenario 4:24 2. A mad blood scenario 4:24
3. The draining 5:25 3. The draining 5:25 3. The draining 5:25
4. Um sonho psychodelico 4:01 4. Um sonho psychodelico 4:01 4. Um sonho psychodelico 4:01
5. Sleeping princess of the arges 6:32 5. Sleeping princess of the arges 6:32 5. Sleeping princess of the arges 6:32
6. Her northern majesty 5:51 6. Her northern majesty 5:51 6. Her northern majesty 5:51
7. Blackeyes 7:22 7. Blackeyes 7:22 7. Blackeyes 7:22
8. The emerald tablet 7:13 8. The emerald tablet 7:13 8. The emerald tablet 7:13
9. Willothewisp 7:22 9. Willothewisp 7:22 9. Willothewisp 7:22
10. Neptune 2:37 10. Neptune 2:37 10. Neptune 2:37
11. 5 4:10 11. 5 4:10 11. 5 4:10
12. Hecate, my love and lust 6:04 12. Hecate, my love and lust 6:04 12. Hecate, my love and lust 6:04
13. Vampirize natasha 2:34 13. Vampirize natasha 2:34 13. Vampirize natasha 2:34
14. Black funeral 2:50 14. Black funeral 2:50 14. Black funeral 2:50
15. Morte el potere 5:08
total time 67:04 total time 72:12 total time 67:04

Malkavian Twilight (intro)

(music by: Aphazel)

A Mad blood Scenario

(music by: Aphazel & Kaiaphas, lyrics by Kaiaphas)

Gaze into my broken eyes, where laughter and sorrow collide. Scattered are the pieces which time forgot. See the cracked mirror walls, emerald mist flowing
down the halls. Shattered pieces of a forgotten puzzle. Feel the shaking of my room, welcome to my most humble tomb. Lay your head upon the crimson
velvet pillow. Relax as I tell you a tale when lunacy reigned and madness prevailed. Long nailed fingers run through silken hair. Our poison tongues now
dance, wet with entrancing liquors. We drown in burning ecstasy, but you seek something more than this. Tonight another looking glass will crack. My
promises too broken, did you believe what Iíve spoken? The echoes shall splinter your mind like they did mine. Prepare my darling, for the nocturnal

(Solo Ė Aphazel)

Gaze into my broken eyes where a deranged love rises, to greet your lovelorn flesh. Hallucinating like undead shamans, You feel the rapturous sting of first
death and collapse into lonely arms. Look now with night piercing eyes, not quite broken, but time shall remedy. Lick my blood-soaked lips once more, taste
the stain of wondrous insanity. The constant shrieking in your mind drives you crazy. Yes, my darling, I can hear it too. The answers you seek lie in the
reflection. Be still, allow the images to caress you, here everything is upside down. Cackling like undead hyenas, you feel the boggling slap of dementia and
collapse into delighted arms.

My little pet, how foolish youíve become. Yesterdayís sweet dedications of love are part of an infantile dream fading fast. You raise your vampyrie eyes to
consume my heart. But since itís been viciously torn apart, you see, a time will fortunately come when you realize our kind cannot stomach Ďtogethernessí, for
love is but an arduous game mortals play. So from this day you are mine, to be my immortal concubine.

The Draining

(music by: Aphazel, lyrics by Kaiaphas)

(Solo ĖAphazel)

How deep is your sleep? That I may not interrupt your turbulent dreams? Disrupting the sanity of slumber, the vile and wretched creature from the astral realm
stands right before you. Purple mist slips through window cracks hovering above your miserable shape. "What turmoil spoils my evening bliss?" A turmoil
savor permeates your nostrils.

Horrendous fright upon awakening your frigid cast paralyzed and spellbound. Fiery eyes piercing through your alarmed soul, as ethereal tentacles penetrate
the energy shield.
Itís the Draining, Itís the draining, draining, drainingÖÖ..

How does it feel to be drained so feverishly? Fear carries a rather exquisite taste. I only take as much to leave you terrified. My victims shall become my
bounded disciples.

(Solo ĖAphazel)

"As the satiated vapor disappears from sight, know that I may come again some other dreary night."

Um Sonho Psycodelico

(music by Aphazel, lyrics by Kaiaphas)

From the north, from the south, and from the east and from the west, we invoke our ancient gods and goddesses. Bless our conjuration, for we have gathered
from lands afar. Enhance our perception, through these enchanted plants bizarre. Let us see the ganja kingdoms. Let us dive into hash clouds. Use our
(psychedelically) tainted tongues to caress Shivaís writhing marbled body.

In this sacred desert ground, our tribe surrounded by purple shroud. Ram-skinned drums stirring ghosts. The time has come to welcome our host. Deeply
breathe the magickal incense, of grounded opium and frankincense. Let the smoke take you to fluorescent fields, where magnificent creatures lay down their

An orgasmic celebration of flesh ensues. Our eyes luster with desiresí hue. Copulation grins upon my face, as we cum all over this fuckiní place.

In the sky the dragon flies. The fabled reptile with ruby eyes has come to take us for a ride across the phantasmagoric astral sky.

Mystical secrets from the past, answers for questions from the centuries asked. Reach out to touch the universe, embrace the beauty beyond this earth.

And we rode the cosmic snake past the gates of mortality, among the gods and goddesses, shall we spend eternity.

Sleeping Princess Of The Arges

(music by Jesus Christ!, lyrics by Kaiaphas, August '94)

Tonight the moon is full in the land beyond the forest. The howling of Wallachian wolves, a serenade to the dreariest soul.

Iím alone, within the confines of my barren home bereaved, left behind, grieving for the one, my ashen bride.

A host of ravens hover from majestic winter mountains. Into my ears they whisper, a sullen song of melancholy.

Five hundred years have passed since the flowers blossomed. Green meadows now benighted and shadows embrace the frozen sun

Iím aloneÖ

"I remember the glorious storms, the wrath of the heavens upon the shores. The erotic winds and their symphonies, resounding above the elegant trees. I
remember the nights spent in thine arms, while making dark love with bestial charm. A setting provided with incessant rain, sipping the blood from each others

As mist, I travel the dismal skies, feeding, my ravenous appetite. Dreaming, of candles and gleaming stars. Bleeding, from my lovelorn scars.

Once I was a blissful delighted man, residing over a splendid land. Now a beast of nocturnal guise, bent to cease my immortal life.

"I am longing to touch thee, my love, to bake in the warmth of the skies above. Marveled by landscapes so picturesque with the nestled brow on my nurturing
breast. I yearn to taste the sweet tongue of thy kiss, to dance in the halls of the fiery abyss. Vanquish thy curse and come set me free, awake me, my darling,
from my tortured sleep."

As mist, I travel the dismal skies, feeding, my ravenous appetite. Dreaming, of candles and gleaming stars. Bleeding, from my lovelorn scars.

Once I was a blissful delighted man, residing over a splendid land. Now a beast of nocturnal guise, bent to cease my immortal life.

"Through ethereal dreams I convoke to thee like a gentle breeze upon a reposing sea. Let my waves wash away thy grief, and convey thy shadowless soul
back to me."

I've renounced the ways of christ. Iíve spat on his throne and scoffed at his lies. Iíll install a new kingdom to which there will be everlasting indulgence for you
and me.

Soon we shall stroll through the spellbinding mark. My time has come to relinquish this earth, with cascading tears of horizons unseen, Iíll be reunited with my
pallid queen.

"Through ethereal dreamsÖ

Together weíll drink to our undying love. Absinthe shall lift us on the wings of a dove, and transport us to places beyond our dreams, where graceful nymphs
dominate the scene.

And so I forsake my ancient abode. My calamitous fable of woe unfolds with valor, I face the sweltering sun. In thy pale reflection of death, we are aloneÖ

(Solo: Jesus Christ!)

Her Northern Majesty

(music by: Aphazel, lyrics by Thorne)

Her majesty is crying tears of ice cold rain.

I see my brazen brothers come to claim their hill and plane, They take my hand and guide me to the walls of Stortinget.

Angered by the weak and ostentatious actions of leaders of our land. Spitting on the vainglorious proclaimers of freedom to all that be as they hold a
worldwide banner shouting come and follow me.

Norway is the star to be followed. Her symmetry plain to see. We shall not let her father into the popular amorphous sea, and with these words spoken the
end befell the lies.

And the promises have awoken the Northern sonís vengeful eyes. I see the promises begging on their knees in guilt and shame. So swiftly were they silenced
and once again the Vikings reign!

Now we shall live as one, brothers and sisters of pride. As we watch our enemies sail away forgotten with the tide.

Her majesty shall raise her head, a beautiful example to all. The sons of North have Norway in hand and never shall she fall!

(Solo ĖAphazel)


(music by Jesus Christ!, lyrics by Thorne)

A beginning brings forth questions.

Answered are these with lie upon web.

Shiver, does the child draped in itís disgrace.

The web grows like a poisonous vine fed by storybook filth, tangling itís hypocritical mass around the throat of human instinct like a self-perpetuating noose.

The one dangling in rage, refusing to choke, gains a dagger to sever all ties to the vine of self-deceit. Consuming the melody of shrieking horrorÖthe blade
penetrates as he becomes in harmony with his action. The constant twilight of the forbidden is unveiled, revealing darkness to be ravished forever by the
intellect of BLACKEYES.

Disgusted by the pathetic pleading swollen holes of the "holy"


Prepared to protect any path he hath chosen.


Contempt for all benevolent spinners now clinging to the vine.


Lift your sword, slice the vine. Feast on pleasure, swim in lifeís wine. Take your vengeance now and rise, torment those who fear BLACKEYES

All who waste life on bended knees are begging for death to take them, so be it go humbly to your god in white. Look to my Blackeyes for a reflection of
your fright.

Run christian soldier, for our army approaches!

Smile christian daughters for the snapshot of your annihilation.

Know this slaves of christ. Our pulse quickens with the thought of your death. Prey pawns on your knees! Prey to the god you fear to protect you!

Blackeyes bring forth hell inside catacombs of a web now sighing with the weight of heloís drenched in blood of a million spinners.

Join us little children, or be sent to your empty promise land in tears of RED

Lift your sword, slice the vine. Feast on pleasure, drink lifeís wine. Take your vengeance now and rise, torment those who fear BLACKEYES.

What be is FREE

Join us little children before itís to late, and we shall send you in tears of red straight to heavenís gate.

The Emerald Tablet

(music by Aphazel, lyrics by Thorne)

Innocent games of unwritten spells as a child, animals are companions and mentors, and the moon my night side mother.

No one understood them, few comprehend nowÖ

She awoke with eyes of fire to a world demented by spinners feeling, smelling, tasting all before her made her live. Growing, walking, talking, power taking
form, ignoring all beneath her refusing to conform.

"My innocence was a time of feeling pleasure in the rain. I learned from all creatures of instinct the magic within joy and pain."

Now she swims to the watery depths of darkness unreachable by most. Forever mocked by an angry mob like parasites on a new host, for the one who
strives to reveal all aspects of life is hated, hunted, by those who fear themselves.

"By the time I was one with the moon and tide, I was detested for not having banished my pride. Being strong in my age of circle and seas I raged against all
on bended knees!"

Her fall is one of beauty revealing colors undistributed by a storming sky. With skill and patience learnt from Crane she drips blood of her veins to bind what
she claims, power beyond wisdom, faces without names.

"My chance for smoke and mystery so close to earth am I. My time is matched by wisdom and I am not afraid to die."

The crisp clean winds of the old man have come for her at last. He loves her with his mighty heart and plans to take her fast.

Most run from old man winter for fear of growing cold. So set in the reality that they have bought and sold, not this grand lady she flies away with a smile. You
can hear her singing beyond a year and past a mile.

"My time has filled the circle. The Sunís inside the moon. My essence is free to breath, as my body decays in a tomb."

Spring, fire. Summer, water. Autumn, Earth. Winter, Air. Daughter, killer. Mother, blood. Wolf, salmon, deer, fox. Pauperís princess. Christís desire, Live,




(music by Jesus Christ!, lyrics by Thorne)

Nights spent succumbing to the brilliance of Blackeyes, feeling the warm embrace of your hand, memories like salt on a wound, dominate my new found spirit

Seeking wisdom in the darkness hovering helplessly around our pain crying with absence of real tears, like a child born in vein.

I can no longer bear to watch you cradling my form. Wrenching out bloody drops of desperationís futile storm. Welcome to the Willothewisp my love. Deaths
arduous game. Mocking times insanity foreshadowing years of reign.

Oh my perfect princess, hard and cold as stone. I shall trace your lips with crimson. Iíll protect you; they canít have you to bury, to leave me. Slay all who
dare touch my pretty doll, it will be bloody paradise, a misanthropes ball.

I hear you and beseech you, find a way to understand. Kill them for my body and be left with grains of sand. Do not waste your life in vain, protecting that
which feels happiness nor pain.

Willothewisp my love, is forever now what be. Willothewisp my darkened darling can not be taken away from thee.

I feel your essence all around me, and see you dead on our floor. Realize it would kill me to see you dragged out like a rotting whore. The dead are not theirs
to take, fuck their reality. I seek revenge. Fuck their stupidity, your death will be avenged.

My princess is not their dead slave, to tear apart and fit inside a holy lonesome grave.

Ahh! You torment me with endless worry. A doll is what is left of me, to kill it, insanity! Wake up live your life. Do not waste it in my name.


No! Why? Your body comforts me. Please understand. It is a Willothewisp my love, but at least I would have command.

Help! Help! Ahh! I can not take this, my heart was black to all but you, and now youíre dead. I need you in any form. I want you. Separation is what
permeates the fear of death. Ahh! Ahh! Come back!

My essence is always with you. Hovering over you and what was I of my love and perfect self, I never meant to die.
Itís all right, do as you wish. I want my body to be with you.

I see them coming, my pulse quickens, my long blade smiles. Get away from her! Bastards, pawns! Die, you are worth nothing, Die!!

They are dead as well, now bags of worthless flesh. How dare they try and take you, Ha! Ha! Ha! We are free together.

You shiver like a broken child before me, clutching my cold hand wet with tears, you kiss my hand and lips, and I feel nothing.

A presence looms about me, whispering like morning dew. My perfect death doll princess, I stay here forever with you.

He has won my body, but now he is insane. I reach out to dry his tears, only to find I am like wind to rain.

Willothewisp is torture, deaths arguous game.

Willothewisp is hidden boundaries, foreshadowing years of pain.

Neptune -Instrumental

(music by Aphazel)

5 - instrumental

(music by Kaiaphas)

Hecate, My Love and Lust

(musc by Aphazel lyrics by Kaiaphas)

Oh, thou enlightened lover, come roll with me. Oh my fiercest lover, come roll with me.

All my life Iíve searched for thee. The wonders you hold are pure ecstasy. The greatest pleasures you give are most divine. I shall love you Ďtil the end of time.

The sensations I feel when you touch me burn stronger than that of the ones before thee. The volcanic shivers you give when we fuck, reminds me that
mandane females do suck.

Through you, I have found the philosopherís stone. In you my penumbral heart has found a home. And as you whisper sweet wisdoms into my ears, the
power of cunnilingus brings you to tears.

I smell your hair, red as the brightest rose. Intorication sets in and my desire grows. We dance until the moon bids farewell. Never shall we sleep into the fires
of hell.

Iíll build you a throne in the heart of my mind, where everlasting love ye always shall find.

Thy temple adorned with fidelity, where Iíll worship thy essence eternally.

Oh thou enlightened lover, Come roll with me.
Oh my fiercest lover, come roll with me.
Oh my denoted lover, come roll with me.
Oh my faithful lover, come roll with me.

(Solo : Aphazel)

Thou art the answer to all my dreams. Thou art the bringer of organisms supreme. And I shall shout to the false god above, Hecate, thou art the one that I

I love you!!

Vampirize Natasha

(Music by Aphazel, Jesus Christ!, & Kaiaphas, lyrics by Kaiaphas)

Look at you, fastened by sheltering blanket. Did you think Iíd forget how sweet you taste, nay my umbrageous heart still yearns for you, and still to peruse
your love is such a waste.

You lie there a vision of immaculate purity, yet your eyes reveal the insatiable whore and now Iíll love sucking your vitality with you, my pretty. I just want

First, Iíll tear asunder thy mortal garments, unmasking your pale delicate flesh, then, I shall ravage your lovebroken body. Sinking my teeth upon your tender

Violently, Iíll fuck your pernicious cunt, while consuming the precious life-force, thoroughly enjoying the sweet flavor. Iíll vampirize you, Natasha, with no

Until you shrivel into your casket, I shall continue to vampirize NatashaÖ

Black Funeral

(King Diamond/Hank Sherman)

Morte El Potere

(sorry this track will only be avaliable on the japanese version.)

Lyrics in plain text format

Line up

The Ancient blatant demoralization consists of:

Aphazel: Guitars, bass & keyboards

Kaiaphas: All male voices, drums and assorted percussion

Jesus Christ!: Guitars, bass, keyboards, cello & piano

Erichte: Female voices



Recorded, mixed and mastered in Cue Recording Studios, Falls Church,
Virginia during September 1997
Produced by Aphazel
Engineered by Doug Johnston
All photos by Nicholas E.W. Syracuse
The Ancient symbol is drawn by Craig Johnson, original concept by Ancient

Support our baphomet brother, The Goat, call the Animal Realm at 1 607 583 2224 (New York)

The Ancient official web page:

Band address:
P.O. BOX 42


The first thing I noticed when I listened to Mad Grandiose Bloodfiends is the bad production. It's not vague like Svartalvheim was, but it has a clear sounds with very little bass. At first, this is irritating, but once you get used to it you have a very cool black metal album with very much songs. Again half of the line-up has changed, so it's quite different from The Cainian Chronicle. I think it has a bit more heavy-metal influences. But not too much, though. The only problem with this album is the same as with Cainian, that at the end the songs start to sound a bit alike. Maybe they put a bit too much songs on this album... huhuhu...

Rating: 7.5 out of 10

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