Monolithe - Monolithe I

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Monolithe I

The wider is connected to the smaller. All is one and one is all. Maelström of connecting elements embracing absolute nothingness. Melting into useless strapes. Moving to nowhere. With purposeless destination. Through time and space. In brotherhood with an abstract presence in a sphere of absurd vacuum. It has always been a deep black hole without meaning for the ones who were once put there, trying to find an aim to all this. In presence of an alien reflection they progressed. Unconscious of a cosmic plan distant from uncountable centuries away. And the time had come... There was just nothing and then it was there... Then darkness disappeared. Far from the random shapes of nature, beyond the bounded knowledge of men. Shining in a morning sun, it was standing, beautiful. An artefact raised at the horizon of Earth, a sense and a purpose to the being. From beyond the infinite and further, a non understandable communication. Messenger of what was once, still is, and will ever be. Past an
d future at the lowest point of the scale. A sign of the watchers, kindly looking to their herds... Waiting to be reached... A clue from above. A mean of colonisation through the aeons, self confident intelligent species used like flock raised to thoughts and civilization. For an unreachable and inexorable goal. Nothing was random. A beast known as mankind. Evolution through centuries... A monolith as message... For the sake of what?

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