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1. Beneath the burial surface 13:42 1. Beneath the burial surface 13:42 1. Beneath the burial surface 13:42
2. Moon in the scorpio 8:22 2. Moon in the scorpio 8:22 2. Moon in the scorpio 8:22
3. Through gleams of death 7:58 3. Through gleams of death 7:58 3. Through gleams of death 7:58
4. Overtune nocturne 1:19 4. Overtune nocturne 1:19 4. Overtune nocturne 1:19
5. In mourning mystique 14:41 5. In mourning mystique 14:41 5. In mourning mystique 14:41
6. Beyond the candles burning 7:08 6. Beyond the candles burning 7:08 6. Beyond the candles burning 7:08
7. Darkzone martyium 6:21 7. Darkzone martyium 6:21 7. Darkzone martyium 6:21
8. The dark rivers of the heart 7:00 8. The dark rivers of the heart 7:00
total time 59:31 total time 66:31 total time 66:31

Beneath The Burial Surface

The sky is darkening, soon the night befall
Righteously angels are weeping for my soul
All childhood dreams are soon to be lost
All innocence to be shattered

I am the fallen, from grave

Water from a thousand tears floats in streams
The feeling from a thousand years flow over me
As I once again return to the cemetary gate
I hear the dismal call from the hollow grave

My face is a river
See my eyes as they drown in black
My sacred doom and nemesis
Beneath the burial surface
To the final act of the immortal sin
I am lead by funeral winds

The life I leave to exchange with death
As the charlatan breeds with a dragons breath
Crossing the path to the world below
In a deathlike silence I chamber my soul

Ancient black, silent gloom
Cathedral bells are calling doom
In velvet dreams I am touched by sin

As night arrives in its purple shades
I drift across the shallow graves
The soul is streaming in the wind

Dark is the blessing that I am in

As darkness falls and the cold silence reigns
The nocturnal void shall become my faith
I'll transcend unto where shadows dance

A gentle kiss and like a bird I'll fly
Into the spheres of demise
Desireously in dark romance

Moon In The Scorpio

A mirror blank ocean above me decoy
Superior forces that heal or destroy
Take me astray into the moonlight above
Through twilight eyes as a spectre shadow

It is a time of great light
And a great darkness
Can't you feel the present
Of its phenomenon

In an atmosphere supreme
Forces dwells in dormancy
The essence of its spirit is evil
As a curse upon thy name

Midnight is the shepherd of mysterious powers
And moving shadows in the corner of the eye
Moon's blazing intuition
Contains what death require

Cleanse the doors of perseption
See things appear in its true art
The cold hands of divinity
Will tear thy soul apart

Behold the sky above
when the moon is in the scorpio
A cold bleak light

Through Gleams Of Death

The truth is hidden
In the cold dark water
In the drowning of procedure
The flesh gets slaughtered

Stripped from mortality
Into gleams of death
Torn from reality
Into terminal death

Death is eternal art
For whom that coldness reigns in heart

Stars of damnation
Blaze in my sight
I view the constellation
Beyond the dazzling light

From the dark aspects of life
And through gleams of death I'll rise
drift in departure
Into a new dimension

The black voyage
Into mega therion
The unseen passage
Into oblivion

Unconscious secrets
Consealed by time and space
No return or regrets
Descent through shallow haze

(Repeat chorus)

In Mourning Mystique (Overture: Nocturne)

I seek the silence that you bring
Grant me thy sacred gifts
Bestow my soul thy offerings

I kneel in front of thy altar black
Let ancient forces of nature rule
Take my blood as the sacrifice
A symbolic faithful bond of truth

When you look into an abyss, the abyss also look
into you

Tonight I enter, Into obscure dreams
In darkness shelter, I am unseen

With the esoteric, Gifts I possess
I bring damnation, By enforcing death

In the beginning of the storm
I'll come forth

An arrival into a twilight reverb
As just a shadow of the former self
Sorrow is my name
My true essence is pain

Hear the mourning of the mendacious
From thy empty halls and shafts
Of false blinding light
Prepare the last sacrifice (on the altar)
In the temple of decay
Please spare me from the final agony of shame

I am evil from the moment of conception

Human dreams are such fertile ground for sowing the seeds of torment

Beyond The Candles Burning

I am a dark star rising
on the ravenous bleaky sky
A black diamond shining
so deep within the night
Maliciously I dwell in a bluish shaded beam
With a stonecold heart into the core of my being

Beyond the candles burning,
beyond all minds eye
A vast emperic enigma awaits me as I die
In a graceful dance obscene, in a ring of fire
I obtain my majesty as flames caressing higher

Release my spirit, unleash my soul
From the darkest dungeon, oblivion call
In the phallic halls of ancient forlorn
A cold sanctuary in doom is born

Past, present and future are all the same
While the cosmic wheel is turning
But deaden dwells the eternal flame
Beyond the candles burning

Darkzone Martyrium

Dominus Spiritus Sathanas,
Dominus Virtus
Dominus Spiritus Virtus Sathanas

Cruel are the eyes of the tyrant
And his heart is abounded to pain
In pleasures of agony and torture
As he begs to bleed in vain

I perish in my own desire
I burn within lusting hate
Destructively the winds inspire
The soul to terminate

I ride the ancient overture
As life is torn astray
I glance the illusive spectrum
And all light that fades away

Black energies in the twilight space
Comes shivering through the shallow haze
Into darkness so impure divine
A bloodshed emotion to evil wine

Darkzone martyrium, endless vast mysterium
Give to me the blessing, when I meet my destiny

Ruin is all there is to feel,
and the cold reality if steel

Life slips through your fingers

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Line up

Daemon - Lead vocals, guitar, nocturnal poetry
Morfeus - Lead guitar, vocals, keymaster



Recorded at Bondi Lydstudio
Produced by Anders G. Offenberg Jr. & Limbonic Art
Engineered by Anders G. Offenberg Jr.
Photo by Morgana
Additional vocals by Morgana
Cover art by Morpheus
(c) & (p) N.A.P. 1996


Due to bandwith problems I unfortunately cannot host samples anymore...


Hmmmm... what's not to like about Limbonic Art. It's very fast yet very melodic, songs that don't bore yet go on forever, I think this is how black metal was meant to be. And that it's all done by just two guys is even greater. Some people might have to get used to the drum computer, but even this is done so great that's not irritating at all...

Rating: 7.5 out of 10

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