1. Ancient 4:54
2. The pagan winter 4:24
3. ...Where the darkness always reigned 7:20
4. Twilight 4:34
total time 21:12


The forest is dying
In the heat of the sun
The countryside is burning
Dying birds on dying trees
They sing their last song.

The sky turns dark, the sun
Falls apart.
Full moon shines.
The sky opens up
From the next world arrives Vata.

Icecold fire burning in his eyes
Awekening, from the other world
Into this real one.
Wolves licking my body, frozen in ice
Desire grows the desire of....

It brings eternal winter
Onto the sizzling countryside.
The mourning is still painful
My soul frozen in ice.

ADRAMARAH calls me again
I stepped into his dream
Piercing coldness embraces me.
I feel the power of the next world
I feel the power of the Lord of emptyness.

Now I think back
A strange feeling, as I lie buried
In the frozen ground, I feel the coldness
Of hte sweeping winter storm

The Pagan Winter

Awesome power
Spiritual journey
On the edge of the horizon.
The moon projects dream images.

Frozen mourning calls
On the eve of the pagan winter

On a November night
Dreamworld, in the frozen
Reflection of the sea.
Internal powers draw me in
Inside my own self.
Paralysed voices
In a virtual reality.

Frozen mourning calls
On the eve of the pagan winter

....Where the Darkness Always Reigned

The pentagram is frozen, in your dark dreams
There are butchered christisn priests
Falling in the common grave
Blood of christ paints my face.

Disgraced godly thoughts,
Thousand believer's souls
A burning church brings me jyoy,
Many believers affection burns in there.

My dark spirit purified after an unholy blasphemy.
Frozen pentagram shines on the night of the massacre.


My body is plit open
At dawning of pain.
Come, step inside and dream on.
Beautiful suffering it is
On the other side of an other dimension.

"With dead bodies we hug each other
I touch you with my ice cold fingers."

Do you feel it?

"We dance together, on the horizon
Of eternal sadness,"

Winter veil covers us.

"Wake up, on the day of your funeral
Praise the Lord"

For this beautiful night.

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Line up

Winter - Keyboards
Gergely Szücs - Trumpet
János Barbarics - Guitar
András Nagy - Bass Guitar
Zoltán Csejtei - Vocals
Csaba Csejtei - Guitars

Session drummer : Balázs Bertalan



Recorded at LMS studio, April 1995
Produced by Bertalan Domby & Sear Bliss
All songs by Sear Bliss, lyrics by Winter

Cover illustration by Zoltán Máté
Logo by Winter

Contact: András Nagy
P.O.Box 440
H-9701 Szombathely


This demo is the best example that good music can be quite independent from good sound quality. The soundquality is isnt very good and the vocals are just plain bad, but the songs are so damn good that it's a great tape to listen to. No wonder that Sear Bliss quickly grew out to become one of my all-time favourite bands with these four songs of excellent mid-tempo black metal with keyboards and trumpet. The tape of course is quite impossible to obtain but it's also released on cd with an excellent bonustrack. Recommended!

Rating: 7.5 out of 10

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