Original Version The Crestfallen EP + Pentecost III Version Pentecost III + The Crestfallen EP Version
1. ...And I lust 5:47
2. The sweet suffering 6:42
3. Everwake 2:41
4. Crestfallen 10:17
5. They die 7:59
1. Kingdom 9:31 6. Kingdom 9:31 1. Kingdom 9:31
2. Mine is yours to drown in (ours is the new tribe) 5:40 7. Mine is yours to drown in (ours is the new tribe) 5:40 2. Mine is yours to drown in (ours is the new tribe) 5:40
3. We, the gods 9:59 8. We, the gods 9:59 3. We, the gods 9:59
4. Pentecost III 3:54 9. Pentecost III 3:54 4. Pentecost III 3:54
5. Memento Mori 12:18 10. Memento Mori 12:18 5. Memento Mori 8:12
6. ...And I lust 5:45
7. The sweet suffering 6:41
8. Everwake 2:40
9. Crestfallen (7" version) 6:59
10. They die (7" version) 10:14
total time 41:22 total time 74:44 total time 69:33


There is a whole mountain
And a river runs through it
If you split my mountain wide
You would find many rivers

Among flocks of non-white doves
And non-temptable mortals
The kingdom is much more real
And the beauty is endless

Only when tightened beyond recall
Is your necklace a blessing
Leave your pearls in the sea
You undeserved bitch
You are not worthy of such a treasure

My hand on your heart, I know there is a beating
In this oh so bleak landscape
There are many mountains
.........but not do much water.

My Kingdom

Mine Is Yours To Drown In (Ours Is the New Tribe)

Be smothered in life
Listen, listen, listen
The written word will devour you
And burn your mind
I'm burning your mind
I am entering your soul
My promise to love and caress you
Mirrors destiny and breathes the universe

Before Tomb ........

Taste me
Let the angels wings close
And shield you
I bleed for you

In the shadows and the recesses
You'll find dark
Yearn (me)
>From the dark all is revealed
Light sheds through

Bleed with me
We will share the light and dark
Together and more

We, the Gods

How can you climb a mountain to kill a God?
Why do you cross unknown lands, to kill our Gods?
Why do you build walls.... to starve our Gods?

Is it for the same reason you blind us?
Is this why you punish our children?
And rape our sisters?

When will we drown?
When will we burn?
Will you die with us? I think so

You are slicing your own wrists
You are tearing out your own hearts
And you are drowning your own children

So you can end it
....... Or we will

We are telling them the truth
And revealing all your lies
We do not need to climb a mountain
Or to cross unknown lands.....
....... Because we are Gods
And we will drown you
We will burn your homes

We the people, we the spirits, we the Gods.

Pentecost III


Memento Mori

My life's minds plagued by lyssophobia
In a cage solitude locks me in
As the dar blackened walls close in on me
Dementia strikes, there's no turning back

Drowning in the stygian sea
As those voices repeat to me my malediction
Memento Mori
Remember you must die

A gratuitous wraith of violence
Blots out the light of my mind
For on this night someone must pay
For the cost of my life

For me to escape the curse of perdition
This poor, weaker being must receive pain
As you wince at the actions of my sadist ways
And cry at the throes of your moribund state

A Daemon issues your last rites
Pater Noster Upto In Terra
I break, I twist, I burn, I destroy
Memento Mori

As the candle of life, that burned in your heart
Is doused by the grip of death's hand
Asmodeus, the spirit of lust
Bears his necrophile ways
For the wishes of the demon in black
My largesse in life should be immortality
Dislike the weak, mortal humans

But in life there's always death
A multitude are born to be damned
His perdisized body will burn forever
In the scorching flames of Gehenna.

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Line up

John J Douglas : Drums
Vincent Cavanagh : Guitars
Duncan J Patterson : Bass
Daniel Cavanagh : Guitars
Darren J White : Voice



All Music by Anathema.
All lyrics by Darren White.
Recorded in May 1994 at The Academy, Yorkshire, UK.
Produced by Anathema.
Engineered by Mags.
Mastered by Transfermation London,
by Noel Summerville and Richard Dowling.
Cover by Frederic Lord Leighton.
Layout by Anathema.
Photography by Darren White.
All tracks published by Vile Music
Coming soon: "Rise Pantheon Dreams"

For information on Anathema
send SAE / 2 IRC's / $1.00 to:
Anathema F.C.
PO Box 666
UK. Phone & Fax: +44 (1) 484 547224

Front cover picture "Perseus and Andromeda"
used by permission of The Board of Trustees of the National Museums
and Galleries on Merseyside (Leighton).


It would become clear later that this is the last Anathema CD with Darren White on vocals. And he couldn't have left with a more worthy farewell, as this cd is truly brilliant. Songs that completely engulf you, each a work of art in itself. Only pity is that the cd isn't very long. Though too long to be called a mini cd I think. So everyone who likes doom metal should really get this one

Rating: 8.5 out of 10

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