Dark Fortress - Séance

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1. Ghastly Indoctrination 7:39 1. Ghastly Indoctrination 7:39
2. CataWomb 6:41 2. CataWomb 6:41
3. Requiem Grotesque 6:51 3. Requiem Grotesque 6:51
4. While They Sleep 7:11 4. While They Sleep 7:11
5. To Harvest The Artefacts Of Mockery 4:12 5. To Harvest The Artefacts Of Mockery 4:12
6. Poltergeist 5:57 6. Poltergeist 5:57
7. REvolution: Vanity 5:15 7. REvolution: Vanity 5:15
8. Incide 5:20 8. Incide 5:20
9. Shardfigures 6:24 9. Shardfigures 6:24
10. Insomnia 6:32 10. Insomnia 6:32
total time 62:02 total time 62:02

1. Ghastly Indoctrination
In mysterious ways your soul sinks down
As eerie constellations told of it before
This time you cannot hide
A maelstrom of inhuman fears
And the only way goes down... down... down...
Gone days of phantasmagoria
Welcome to the necromantic gallery
Where nightmares become so real
And souls are stigmatized with the sign of impurity
Misshapen silhouettes so awake
Black faces and only shades of grey
Distorted incarnations
And prayers for aeons unheard
In wastelands of delusion
Desolation all around
Welcome to the promised land
Where no single beam of light ever touched the ground
Life eternal in a traumatic fade
Believe me this is not a dream
These dead eyes you are gazing at are yours
Call it heaven, call it hell...
This is where the restless dwell!

2. Catawomb
O the ruins of Utopia once again
Subterranean elegy, anthem from beyond the grave
The elements in change, everything is lost
Bound onto the aevum, the empty space my host
Bemoan the loss of life, but the end just stays the same
For this pathetic path I walk awaits you all one single day
The aftermath of death, the loss of body and soul
Life... the epitome of affliction
Nihil Ex Nihilo
Life without end?
Postmortem empiricism, the only thing that remains
Life is paint, but death betrayed me just the same
13 candles on my grave but the memory is gone
13 candles flickering in the distance
As emptiness melts with my soul
Death is just a different path, but the pictures stay the same

3. Requiem Grotesque
"De profundis clamavi ad te domine
Domine ex ordi vocem meam
Tianc auris ture e intendentis
In vocem deprecationes meae
Requiem aeternam dona eis domine
Et lux perpetua luceat deis
Requiescant in pace"

Grotesque visions of paradise
Death bells chime for my soul's demise
Sharing eternity with the parasites
All alone with my cries
Embedded in silk my corpse,
Enshrouded in silence my soul...
Is this your god's paradise?!
Thought death may heal the wounds
But nothing can ease the pain
As I linger in my casket
Dreaming of death's domain...

4. While They Sleep
Life - capitulation
Death - salvation
Welcome to the nightmare
Twenty four / seven
Numb reflections of a dying mind
The will to exist long before declined
Thus I leave this mass grave earth behind
When everything seems so trivial, I take a look at you
Children of scorn... when souls search for their haven
Your dreams become the portal
Beyond the corridors of thoughts
I languish, downcast... somehow dying, laughing
Beyond the subconscious realms of the beyond I linger
Once mourned, now forgotten
Life - capitulation
Death - disconsolation
Whenever I thought "there's a light below"
The night became darker than ever before

While you sleep, the dead whisper a lullaby
Deeper into the night I go
Suicide was the key
For sure, this must be
The way to Hell
While they sleep, I whisper a lullaby
Suicide was the key
For sure, this must be
The way to Hell

5. To Harvest The Artefacts Of Mockery
The innocent skies torn asunder
Again the clock strikes 12
Opened the channel to your mind
I am the voice of egoism
The icon of arrogance
It's the devil inside of me
Celestial apostasy
I am the one fallen from grace
Unleash sadistic retribution
Reminiscence of cvhaos now revealed
A spiritual vacuum can't be broken
But an angstridden soul can be dejected
Until there's nothing left of it
Every night a part of you is dying
Paranormal obsession... this is the art of taking lives
Every night your soul is crying
Paranormal oppression... this it the way of sardonic tyranny

6. Poltergeist
Face my shadow on the walls
A phantom of despite
The 4th dimension terror
I am the one denied
I am the nightmare knockin' on your door
Cursed for aeons, death's disciple
I am the eerie cold touchin' your skin
Cursed for aeons, life's denial
I am the phenomenon from beyond
I am the light leading your through the dark
I am the dark leading you astray
I am the complex voice inside your head
Have you ever wondered
Why all this has got to be?
Have you ever wondered
Why you shiver at night?
Have you ever wondered
Why the invisible makes you afraid?
This is when our worlds collide
This is when I crush your soul
This is when souls can't rest at night
This is insanity incarnated

7. Revolution: Vanity
Submissions of the 4th dimension machinery
Key to my soul's tranquility
Archetype of my ascendancy
Relinquish evanescent structures of humanity
Shapeless, into a darkened spiral I fade
The ignorance of man my masquerade
Metamorphosis of a stillborn creation
Opened wide my soul for spiritual illumination
Flesh, the quintessence of vanity
Spirit, the ultimate evolution of sanity
I am the secret, isolated in worlds beyond
I am the horror, the art of demand

8. Incide
"The last horrendous error of a soul tortured irretrievably into insanity by
A horde of disembodied demons: rather than being the last desperate way out
The granted death wish removes the last physical protection and renders the
Soul completely helpless in the demon's own astral territory..."

9. Shardfigures
All my life I searched for thee
To make me feel complete
But only bitterness spoke to me
In a language I had to learn throughout the years
All my life I was wandering through the dark
Without any spark of hope
Never knew, where I belonged
Weary of life and jaded
It was just too late to turn around
All my life I felt alone
No matter where I've gone
There's never a place for someone else
In the portrait of a lifeless soul
All my life I searched for death
To make me feel alive
Now as he came for me
I've realized, that I was just too blind too see
In the I search again for thee
To erase this painfully memory
These words of disconsolation
For they shall be my legacy

10. Insomnia
I drown...
For too long I felt the winter's breath
The rain keeps falling down into my soul
Thorns cover my grave... they hurt within me
I wonder how death shall be eternal sleep
When I cannot close my eyes
I wonder how death shall ever set me free
When there's even in this darkness no place for us to be
Wish I could kill myself again
The spectral lights would fade away
And I...
A thousand voices in my mind
A thousand empty faces starring at me
A thousand lies I can't forget
And one single life.
A thousand lies I can't forget,
And one single life I do regret.

The only thing left of me... an aura cold and blue.
As the banshees embrace me,
Embrace me with a sigh.
I do regret.

I am gone...
The autumn's song is guiding me
With the sound of the weeping rain I fall asleep
And the thorns, that cover my grave? They hurt no more

I wonder how death shall be eternal slave
When I cannot close my eyes
I wonder how death shall ever set me free
When there's even in this darkness no place for us to be.

The only thing left of me... an aura cold and blue.
As the banshees embrace me,
Embrace me with a sigh.

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