1. 2econd skin 4:54
2. Erotic alkemy (per-version) 5:56
3. Sacred (Depeche Mode cover) 5:14
4. Second skin (video edit) 3:59
--- Disk two ---
1. Opium (live) 3:58
2. Awake (live) 3:13
3. Herr spiegelmann (live) 4:55
4. Of dream and drama (live) 3:59
5. Ruin & misery (live) 4:16
6. Mephisto (live) 4:49
7. Alma mater (live) 7:25
total time 52:38

1. 2econd Skin

Crawl me into your second skin
and teach me everything

Second skin

Through your eyes a voyeur
Through your veils of a visionaire
talk to me about those things
no other soul would care.

Outcast all the colours that I still have
Camouflage me so I can fall and stand
somewhere between an underrated angel
and all those citizens marked with an X-Sex.

Second skin

Tissue apart and right to the heart
teach me the wonders of your moral blade
so I can stand still while you have to kill
all that was yours before and now has to fade away

Draw me the fine line between religion and crime
You are one more son of God you can never be wrong
but aren't we all?

As we sit and wait
for the serpent to bite our very own tail.

As I sit and wait
for the serpent to bite my very own tail.

Second skin

2. An Erotic Alchemy (Per-Version)

Queen of all my sleepless nights
For whose beauty I, Faun,
have played my pipes with heart
Queen in white silk, skin like milk
Horns of Faun, lips of dawn
You are now honoured you with me presence
As I'm honoured by your sigh
I crown your perfection
The predator in you breast, I devour

"Tempted is now my light body"

From where it burns, spirals of exotic scents
Rose, sandal, jasmine, all kinds of incense
Aged fragrances only dreamed of once
Dragons do dream far beyond the sense
We make love in the dusty throne
of a Modern Sodoma

"Come to Me, step further into my nakedness,
Caress me in your breasts of Fire"

"Breed my flame, have no fear of weakness
I welcome you in my hole of desire"

"Have me now Prince, have me there"
You beg still whispers in my ear

Daylight has broken into a strange nostalgia
Night tired candles seem like two lovers
Melt in an embrace of conspiracy
Between us there is this strange chemistry
but would you die for me?
would you die for what I've longed to be?

"Imperious, choleric, irascible, extreme in everything,
with a dissolute imagination of the like which has never been seen
atheistic to the point of fanaticism, there you have me in a nutshell
and kill me again or take me as I am for I shall not charge".
De Sade

"Breed of a nameless force, origin of our Sin
We are as large as Gods, we are their tragedy
We are the four arms of the solar Cross
Lighting in incredulous faces the flames of Uthopy"

Would you die for this?

3. Sacred

[Originally performed by Depeche Mode]

To put it in words
To write it down
That is walking on hallowed ground
I'm a missionary

So here is my confession
It's an obsession
I'm a firm believer
And a warm receiver
And I've made my decision
This is religion
There's no doubt
I'm one of the devout
Trying to sell the story
Of love's eternal glory

To put it in words
To write it down
That is walking on hallowed ground
I'm a missionary

Spreading the news around the world
Taking the word to boys and girls
I'm a firm believer
And a warm receiver
And I will go down on my knees
When I'll see beauty
There's no doubt
I'm one of the devout
Trying to sell the story
Of love's eternal glory

To say it in words
To write it down
That is walking on hallowed ground
I'm a missionary

4. 2econd Skin (Edit)

5. Alma Mater

Mother Tongue speaks to Me
In the strangest way I've ever seen
I know that she sees in Me
Her proudest child, her purest breed

She speaks to Me in colour
That I can't really understand
I only know that they are ours
And to those I'll proudly bend

For I am your only child
And you my desert mystery
From an ancient throne I defy the world
To kneel before the Power within

For I am your only child
And you my desert mystery
World can't you see it?
Am I alone in my belief?

Virando costas ao Mundo
Orgulhosamente sos
Gloria Antiga, volta a nos!

Breaking waves announce my bride
It is the only way the Sea could sing
Legends of Lusitanian pride
He sings the words I can not spring

At the Moon Mountain six wolves cry
Your lost glory we'll regain or die

For I am your only child
And you my desert mystery
Pagan Gods in conspiracy
For the sword of Tyranny

Mother Tongue speaks to Me
In the strangest way I've ever seen
World can't you see?
Am I alone in my belief?

Virando costas ao Mundo
Orgulhosamente sos
Gloria Antiga, volta a nos!

6. ...Of Dream And Drama (Midnight Ride)

You've no mother to feed you
or to lick your so deep wounds
nor Earth where to lay your father
and even the Moon lies to you
When she shines

The seduction of an altar
Is a weakness in her movements of Death
It is a mere vanity of Woman
to delay her midnight ride
Suicide... Midnight ride...
Beautiful dagger you may now leave your case
Wild red tears at the lady's hand
Kissed were her breasts with your sharpened face
Given is now what Love had taken
Death and Love, they together danced

Yes, the flames did smile to her
Invited her to their fiery peace
To a funebre dance around a bonfire
Where all Women are naked and alone
Immolating their pride
May they forever ride. Far, in a midnight crime
Midnight ride, Suicide, Midnight ride...

7. Awake!

Awake... for all is dying, even the dead

We are our Past failing to come back

All of us visionaires
with a rope around our neck

8. Opium

Opium, desire or will?
Inspiration bound from an elegant seed
Subversion, through smoke I foresee
Erotic motions of lesser gods in ecstasy

Opium, bring me forth another dream
Spawn worlds of flesh and red,
little jewels of atrocity
Opium, I sleep in debauchery
And burn with you
when you burn in Me

Opium, we fantasise
as we fuse with your root
You are a strange flower,
we are your strangest fruit

Opium, it burns in me and you
Opium, it burns for me and for you

"Por isso eu tomooacute pioteacute um remeacute dio.
Sou um convalescente do Momento.
Moro no reacutes do chatildeo do Pensamento
Ever passar a vida faz-me teacute dio."

9. (Herr) Spiegelman

Look Me in the eyes and drown...

"Everyone considered the man in the blue jacket
as the most beautiful human being they have ever seen:
nuns saw on him the Messiah in flesh;
Satan's adorers the lustrous Prince of Darkness;
philosophers the Supreme Being;
young females an enchanted prince;
Men an ideal reflection of themselves".
Patrick Suumloskind: The Perfume ("Story Of An Assassin")

Look Me in the eyes and drown...

I am your vulture, your immoral sculpture
Mirrorman, who understands
I am you, I know you
Your fantasy and reality
I wait for you to welcome you in my dreamworld
My water-eyes

Look Me in the eyes
Touch me in the eyes and dream...

10. Ruin & Misery

In each of your failures
I saw my victory
And each time you fall
A knife tattoos a smile
On my lips
You are now empty of life
And we are drunk with death

Raw models
Ruin & Misery

I can offer you a hand
To help you hold the dagger
A perfect jewel for
Our perfect end

And as we lay, we kissed
Fingers wet with poison
Thinking to each one
There is beauty in death

Raw models
Ruin & Misery

Allow me to doubt
We were lovers who could really share
The only love between us
Was hate

Without hope we could not fear
And silently we disappeared
Hand in hand, we took our lives
And together stopped being
Raw models on a novel of Ruin & Misery

11. Mephisto

As madmen, some hung head down
From a long dead tree
Some discuss, all at once
For no one to hear

Variations on emptiness
Great themes on vain glory

And as some go feral in strange performances
Dressing customs that are metaphors
Of your disease
Hungry eyes are looking for Me...

Laughing, I feed you
With meaningless games, tricks and philosophies
Whose answers you would die for
In your hunger to believe

How it does amuse Me
And makes Me wonder
For how long that it was Mine
Because now it does really inflame Me

As if ignorance was my secret desire...

I am an angel who dresses in red
Riding above you, etching fire rings
I have learned to fly
Don't you remember?
While you still have not come down
From your long-dead tree

I can teach you wonders if you give me your soul
Marvels and wild dreams can be yours
I can teach you how iron turns to gold
And how life can grow so old

But I am a demon who dresses in red
And I do not hope you will understand...

Lyrics in plain text format

Line up

Fernando Ribeiro - vocals
Mike Gaspar - drums
Ricardo Amorim - guitars
Pedro Paixao - synths and samplers
Sergio Crestana - bass



2ECOND SKIN was brought to life at the WOODHOUSE STUDIOS (21st july / 19th september)
Under the attention of Mr. Waldemar Sorychta and the group known as MOONSPELL
Mixed with the precious help of Mr. Siggi Bemm.
All stuff was recorded in the studio sessions for the forthcoming album SIN [PECADO] (January 1998)

Miss Miriam Carmo stars on the cover of this EP. Photographed by Mr. Rolf Brenner.
Layout and artistic design by Mr. Carsten Drescher from Media Logistics and MOONSPELL.

2ECOND SKIN is dedicated to the memory of William S. Burroughs (1914/1997)

"Crawl me into your second skin and teach me everything."

Wolfficial Internet Page:

All music by Moonspell, all lyrics by Fernando
except "Sacred" by Martin L. Gore (Depeche Mode) (c) published by Grabbing Hands / Sonet.

Captured live during the Perverse almost religious tour year 1997
Mixed by Pit Bender and Moonspell at Minga Studios (Summer 1997)

Live crew 1996/1997: Pit Bender (front of house), Paul "Asti" Bond, Kevin Papsworth (guitar techs), Markus Freiwald (drum tech),
Chris Hogdekinson, Sabina Woyda (lights), Jens "Bobo" Bornhöft (tour manager), Mari Waagemans (Foh Sep.1996).
Live pictures by João Nogueira 1997.
Alma mater announcement courtesy of Kevin Papsworth at the Metalmania / Poland 1996.
[Bass overdubbed by Sergio - Alma Mater]


This cd is a bit of a weird edition. Two minicds together in a fold-out digipack. Looks nice but I have no idea why they didn't just put the two minicds on one cd. Ah well, first minicd is the single for Second Skin, one of the best songs from their forthcoming album Sin / Pecado. It also includes a remix of the Wolfheart song "An erotic alchemy", but it's much softer and nowhere as good as the original, a cover of the Depeche Mode song "Sacred" which is also okay but a bit too soft for my taste and a video edit of the Second Skin song which is just a bit shorter version of the original. The second minicd is a decent live album with lots of songs from the Irreligious album and two from Wolfheart. All in all an okay package but just weird that they didn't either put all songs on one cd or else make the live album a bit longer than 30 minutes.

Rating: 7 out of 10

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