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1. The spectral sorrows 1:44 1. The spectral sorrows 1:44
2. Dark day 4:28 2. Dark day 4:28
3. Livin' hell 4:19 3. Livin' hell 4:19
4. Lost 4:35 4. Lost 4:35
5. The masque 6:38 5. The masque 6:38
6. Blood of my enemies (Manowar cover) 3:29 6. Blood of my enemies (Manowar cover) 3:29
7. Jesus cries 4:49 7. Jesus cries 4:49
8. Across the fields of forever 6:07 8. Across the fields of forever 6:07
9. On the other side 5:43 9. On the other side 5:43
10. Sacrificed 3:51 10. Sacrificed 3:51
11. Waiting to die 3:11 11. Waiting to die 3:11
12. Feedin' the charlatan 2:45 12. Feedin' the charlatan 2:45
13. A serenade for the dead 2:23 13. A serenade for the dead 2:23
14. Bleed 2:08
total time 54:02 total time 56:10


Music by Axelsson * Keyboards by Dan * Dubbed lead vocals by Dread

Whispers, Travelling with the wind
Like fragments of unbecoming, the
gathering of our sins.
Crying, tears from the blind man.
Now you see so much better without eyes,
when something dies.
He sees the unbecoming.
The one's nevermade.
The unmaking (of worlds) he knows them.
This man now weeps and prays.
No. This wasn't meant to be.
In all the dreams that I have dreamt
this wasn't our destiny.
As explorer of earths
and adventurer of the stars I know that
I should've known.
Now the sorrow spectrum
grows and the world will stay unsaved.
I know that I should've seen.
I know the unbecoming.
The worlds nevermade.
The unmaking, I know them.
And now I weep and pray.
Whispers, Travelling...


Now, the darkday has come.
Now O know, now I see, that evil
never dies, it just sleeps.
It just sleeps...

Livin' hell

Music by Swanö/Axelsson * Lyrics by Axelsson * Arranged by Swanö/Axelsson/Larsson * Keyboards by Dan

Twisted mind, malesting your own seed.
Yeah, bastard father you make me puke!!
"Your own flesh and blood"
You're killing your own breed to satisfy
Your macabre needs. She's afraid to tace
The outside worl. A well-known hell before
an unknown paradise. She's trying to kill her
memories, but she ain't got no weapon!!
YEAH! She lives awaiting the end.
Livin' hell
She's doomed to descend!

Chorus: LIVIN' HELL!

The way she's living, the way it is.
She doesn't know anyother life.
Don't tell anyone "Be daddys little girl"
Scared to silence--scared to talk,
noone listens, noone hears.
They won't believe their livin' lies...
She only knows one way to end it:
To stop to funktion, to make it end


Music & Lyrics by Swanö * Arranged by Swanö/Axelsson/Larsson * Additional guitars by Dan *

I have seen eternity
I am the king of time
I am off the Edge of Sanity
My living ain't no crime
A soldier of existence
chosen to be
Protector of the earth
I'll last eternally
I awake into another sphere
reborn into the neverwhere
All alone in this space
There's no love nor disgrace
My body aches, I tremble with fear
The sky, the last I saw is no longer clear
Water and ice cover the ground
I can face reality, the world has drowned
I try to move but I am caged in ice
Floating bodies looking for their paradise
But the truth is no longer fantasy
in this world I am the only man to be.


We melt away and I feel the mud
that once was land for all
the sea of ice that used to be
the home of humanity
My soul is frozen, longing for fire
I barely believe I see this sight
All I can face is eternal night.
The sun awakes and shine on all the remains
The ice that encaged my body now flows in strains
Soon I can move, and walk away
What the future brings, who can say?


Eternal eyes, I can see the sky.
My lonely cries, I want my soul to die.
I am all alone, the world will now reform.
I'm born again, once cold sun now keeps me warm.


The Masque

Music by Swanö * Lyrics by Swanö/Axelsson * Arranged by Swanö/Axelsson/Nerberg/LArsson * Keyboards by Dan

Behind these eyes lies a mind
controlled by the thrill of a kill.
They've put a price on your head,
you don't mind you got a dream to fulfill.

It satisfies your every need,
there's no way you will stop.
A normal man in a normal world.
A disguise that you'll never drop.

Chorus: Belated you lie
Innocent, innocent you die.
As sure as sunrise, as sure as tide
new blood will flow before the old has dried
Helpless you cry
Innocent, innocent you die.
The living nightmare has been released
His evil forces have been unleashed.

Another scene, the truth is so mean.
You blow out another human candle.
To dissevere a dead cold body.
To dominate, to devastate, psycho!
Do you love to twist their dreams?
Do you come when you hear their screams?
Do you covet their lifeless limb?
The world is shocked, the cage is locked, forever.

The dismal truth, so hard to face,
we're running out of time.
He loves the world, where he is king,
where he does whatever he pleases!

In his mind, he is God.
Sacrifices in human blood.
His sickened art is holy deeds.
Examined piece by piece.


My face looks so much stronger now
My ashes all decayed
I'll put you six feet under
And make you fucking stay

My anger, leaves the ground
Spiritualize, I'm lost then found
The Masque will always symbolize
The states of him, and in their eyes

In silence we all drown
In an ocean so red
The beauty of my killing
Behind the needs you had

It causes fear. It causes pain.
It drives us all insane.
Stay grey that we must pay
Dominate, To devastate, Psycho!
Abuse, before you lose
You must never give it chance
Is it right?
Eternal hate
Sins in blasphemy


Belated you lie!
Innocent, Innocent you die.
As sure as sunrise, As sure as tide.
New blood will flow before the old has dried.
Helpless you cry.
Innocent, innocent you die.
The Masque will always symbolize,
The states of death will end their lives

Blood of my enemies

Music and Lyrics by MANOWAR * Arranged by EDGE OF SANITY

Three sons have I, and they
ride by my side--The fierce,
The black and the wicked are
their names--we ride down my
enemies on their half-hearted flight.
No voice of mercy--no evangels of light.
Mighty messengers--heathens rage
Witness our coming--gods of the dead.
I ride through the air--
I laugh as I die--with powers of evil
Dark knowledge is mine.
The ride of the wicked.
The 1st sin was trust--
Kill without warning--for blood now
I lust
Strong winds--magic mist
To Asgard the Valkries fly
High overhead--they carry the dead
Where the blood of my enemy lies
Three sons have I, and they
ride by my side--The fierce,
The black and the wicked are
their names--we ride down my
enemies on their half-hearted flight.
No voice of mercy--no evangels of light.
Strong winds--magic mist
To Asgard the Valkries fly
High overhead--they carry the dead
Where the blood of my enemy lies

Jesus cries

Music by Swanö/Axelsson/Nerberg * Lyrics by Swanö * Arranged by EDGE OF SANITY * Additional lead vocals by Dread * Hammer by Dan * Screams by Dread

In the beginning there was light.
The world could feel his holy might.
Born into a world he soon would leave.
People would not listen, people would decieve.
He tried to bless, he tried to heal,
he told the mighty powers to conseal.
The disciples of his father, born of God,
they believed that they would bleed the holy blood.

Chorus: My God, my God. Why have you forsaken me?
I am nailed to this cross, but spiritually I'm free.

For God so loved the world, that he gave us his only
begotten son and that whosoever believeth him
should not perish, but have everlasting life.
Jesus cries...
Jesus cries...
The star upon the sky, is it just another lullaby?
What a world do believe could be all a fucking lie!
I'll never serve in heaven. I rather rule in hell.


Jesus cries
A blessing from the skies
Jesus dies
A holy sacrifice!

Across the fields of forever

Music by Swanö/Axelsson/Nerberg * Lyrics by Swanö/Axelsson * Arranged by EDGE OF SANITY * Keyboards by Dan

It all began with the shades of what we never thought existed.

The vision of the distorted views was no longer an illusion.
It was the plain and bitter truth. My divination that I never
was now to become. Th pseudo silence an all I have unseen.
Life is a darkened silent barricade between all I am and ever
wanted to be.

We're soon to die...
Inherit the wisdom of the earth
Who has struck the bell?
That leads us into hell...

I explore myself with my inner eyes, the prodigal son dropped
his disguise
I stalk through the fields of my forsaken memories. Fading
away like
withering travesties. My inborn lust for adventures of sharpe-
less nature and
kind. I lie here clutching at straws, the dream savant chose
me blind

and then we die...
Inherit the sadness of the truth
Erupted are the seas
The epitaphs written in the breeze.

Eradicate our bounds from the earth
Internally, eternally never to emerge
Torment--Death on holy ground
Carnage--In blood we drowned...
The world cracks and we fall into decay
The waves of Styx sweeps the dying as I caress their souls.
My knowledge tickles as I cry, the sorrow spectrum grows.
I weigh my anchor and sail thru the rainbow... There's no
future to alter
I enter the other side...

and now we're dead...
Inherit the secrets neverknown
Explore the universe
Behold the ancients' curse
The Dead shall walk the earth.

On the other side

Music and Lyrics by Swanö * Arranged by Swanö/Axelsson/Larsson * Keyboards by Dan * Additional guitars by Dan

Behold the light, dividing the sky in two.
The mountains might, you'll never make it thru:
To the other side.
The night so cold, you suffer from thirst and hunger.
Recall the stories told, that haunted you when you were youn-
Wolves are howling in the dark
Evil leaves unholy mark.
As scar too severe to be healed
Rebuild the soul that have been peeled.

Chorus: There is nowhere you can hide
On the other side
The wise man never lied
Unholy soldiers ride
Thru the forest wide
Here Where brave ones died
Like the light of day
you should have stayed away!

Behold the sky, the dawn of burning mist
as the ravens fly, a sight you cannot resist.
Evil rules your mind.
March with fear, the only way is ahead
Your final tear, to evil you are wed.
Demons crawling on your way
Ending, silently you lay
Presence of unholiness
The proof of your excess


Leaving the real world behind
as you enter the one never seen
The darkness will rock you to sleep
In the cradle of evil you dream.


Music & Lyrics by Swanö * Arranged by by EDGE OF SANITY * Backing vocals by Dread * Keyboards & Programing by Dan * Created in 1993

There's an evil wind blowing through my soul,
a firestorm that makes the mountains roll.
I can feel his might from day to night.
The fires of hell I can see them burning bright.
The time has come to take me away.
Way down deep to where the demons stay.
This day I see is my last up here.
I have no guilt and I have no fear.
I am off the earth. I am off the border.
I am never to return.
Victimized, I am his chosen
In hell I shall burn.

Deeper down down deeper down down deeper down.
Deeper down.

I seek for cold in this world of heat,
no longer a man in this world I am meat.
I have to pay for all human sins,
in this world where only evil wins.
Where evil wins.

I am off the earth. I am off the border.
I am never to return.
Victimized, I am his chosen.
In hell I chall burn.


The thunder strikes much louder here...
The rain is boiling tears.
You can never guess what hell is like.
Until you're lying in his hearse!


Waiting to die

Music by Swanö/Axelsson * Lyrics by Swanö * Arranged by Swanö/Axelsson/Larsson * Backing vocals by Dread

Born into this world like any other child,
the years went by and you were young and wild.
But deep inside your body there was a secret
that soon would be unveiled.
You don't know what's waiting for you,
it's something you won't believe is true.
A disease so hard to cure and you will suffer
like never before!
Afraid of life--Because death is near!
Destined to die!--Time is your seer.


Walk across the burial ground where you will rest,
disbelief in God--You will die unblessed.
Descry your future in the world below.
You will be welcomed when you decide to go!
Cross the bridge of sorrow and fear,
say goodbye to those that you hold dear.
Life may have mercy but death has none.
Descend inte the netherworld, all time is gone.


You dream of life without the pain
but in the castle where your anguish reigns
there is black, there will be no light until
the hour comes when your body will ignite!
When you body will ignite!

Feeding the charlatan

Music & Lyrics by Axelsson/Larsson * Arranged by Axelsson/Nerberg/Larsson/Swanö * Lead vocals by Dread * "We're back" by Sami

"We're Back!!!!"

All your life have been living lies
Locked inside your false paradise
Your problem is you're too blind to see
You have false illusions of being free
Catch up on reality
You're living in a dream
your mind is twisted,
Nothing is what it seems

Chorus: It all comes slearer as the smokescreen falls
You open up your ears
to hear my calls then you'll know what you need
Can't tell that the dust of angels leeds you straight to hell

To play the game you must pay the cost
But you'll be long gone before you're lost
Then you'll be trapped in a giant web
And some sunny day you will end up dead.

A serenade for the dead

Music by Swanö * Arranged by Swanö


Lyrics in plain text format

Line up

Dan Swanö - Throat
Dread - Rhythm / lead guitars
Sami Nerberg - Rhythm / lead guitars
Benny Larsson - Drums & cymbals
Anders Lindberg - Bass*
(does not play bass due to military service,
all bass on this record is played by Dread.)



Produced by Edge of Sanity
Executive producer: Börje Forsberg
Recorded on 16 tracks in Unisound Recordings, July/August 1993
Mixed & engineered by Dan Swanö
Mastered by Peter in de Betou - Cutting Room
Artwork by Dan Seagrave
Photos by Åsa Jonsén
Layout & Graphics by Maren Lotz, Berlin

Sami uses Fender guitars, Yamaha pedals and Yamaha amps
Dread uses Fender guitars, Boss pedals and Yamaha amps
Benny uses Tama drums, Paiste / Zildjan cymbals, Camco pedals and any sticks
Anders uses Maison basses, Dan uses his voice exclusively!!


Actually I don't really need to say a lot about this album. Anyone who's only a little bit into Death Metal is bound to know Dan Swanö and Edge of Sanity. And The Spectral Sorrows I think is one of their best albums. 13 songs of good death metal with cool riffs, grunts and everything. And it's so varied that it never gets a bit boring. They even step away from the death metal sometimes, like "Blood of my Enemies" which is a Manowar cover, and "Sacrifice" which sounds more like an '80s gothic song. Conclusion: This rules!

Rating: 8 out of 10

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