They Die

1. They Die 6:58
2. Crestfallen 7:09
total time 14:07

They Die

All tears, restrained for years
Their grief is confined
Which destroys my mind

An ode to their plight is this dirge

Some yearn for lugubrious silence
Serenity in the image of the coffins

Shall life renew these bodies of a truth?
All death will be annul, all tears assuage?
Fill the void veins of life, again with youth
And wash with an immortal water, age

They die.

Music D.C. - Lyrics D.W.


I cry a tear of hope, but it is lost in helplessness
The darkness eats away at the very embers of my soul
For the deepest love I had, had dissolved before my eyes
My sorrow is bleak, I beg for deliverance

Lord in your mercy, hear my prayer
All emotion is consumed by an inner silence
All grief is unassuaged by disconsulate tears
I want for nothing, I live for nothing
I am waiting to die, but I'm afraid of dying
Lord in your mercy, hear my prayer

Crestfallen emotion
Wallowing in guilt, drowning for evermore
Falling deeper, into fear
My inner self is now a sleeper of stone. Help me.

Music D.C. - Lyrics D.C.

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Line up

Vincent Cavanagh : Guitar
Danny Cavanagh : Guitar
Duncan Patterson : Bass
John Douglas : Drums
Darren White : Vocals


For gigs, demos, info correspondence etc. enclose SAE / IRC to:

c/o Vincent Cavanagh
12 Wernbrook Road, Anfield, Liverpool,
Merseyside, L4 2UH, ENGLAND


c/o Darren White
133 Priory Road, Anfield, Liverpool,
Merseyside, L4 2SG, ENGLAND


Actually pretty cool to hear how Anathema sounded in their early days. The two songs are the same as on the Crestfallen E.P., only more rough versions. The vocals are more death metal like, the piano intro from Crestfallen is missing, and They Die has yet another ending. So guess there are three different endings to that song... huhuhuhu... This is something for the fans...

Rating: 7.5 out of 10

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